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11 April 2004

My name is Andrew S. Colesanti. I am a Viet Nam era through 1st Gulf War era, 100% service connected disabled U.S. Military veteran. However, I do not collect any V.A. compensation, pension, nor am I even allowed treatment at V.A. facilities.

My claim for C&P started at the V.A. in Rivera Beach Florida in 1992 for aliments that prevented me from holding gainful employment after having a severe allergic reaction to medications administered to me by the U.S. Military. Unknown to me at the time was the fact that I was one of tens of thousands who were illegally experimented upon.

I am one of tens of thousands of disabled U.S. military veterans of Gulf War One (Operation Desert Storm) era cast aside after both houses of congress enacted a law in October 1994 eliminating us from ever collecting compensation, pension, and or treatment after they learned just how liable they had become because of U.S. Military conducting illegal experiments upon its own. With a stroke of a pen those who did not serve in the theater of operations, however ill and diagnosed with GWI were eliminated from the Gulf War Registry, and not ever again to be tallied in the numbers of dead, or permanently disabled U.S. military veterans of that era. My first GWI diagnoses was from the R.B.V.A. Medical Center in 1993.

It no longer mattered that I along with tens of thousands of others had severe permanent disabilities that the V.A. could only rate at 100%, we all now fell into an empty void as collateral damage so those in both houses of congress could bring forth and spin another "Bright, Shining Lie" .

The WPBVA used terror tactics on me on a regular basis, even presenting to me an offer of 100% C&P if I took it for PTSD only, and not for the GWI they had diagnosed me with in Phase 1, and Phase 2 of their Gulf War Illness evaluations. How do you say, "Cover up" ?

I became very ill, having a severe allergic reaction to medications and shots given to me in February/ March 91. This did not matter when my C&P hearing came up in 1996, yes, you read right 1996 even though my claim was filed in 1992. During my bogus VA - C&P hearing I presented evidence from Social Security Disability award made retro-active finding me totally and permanently disabled as of March 1991 "when I was on active duty". Evidence used by S.S. to award me S.S.D. was from V.A., DOD, DA, and doctors who did S.S. disability evaluations on a regular basis. However, the V.A. using the law (Oct 1994) mentioned earlier, applied it ex-post facto to my case to deny me compensation, pension, and treatment relating to my aliments, even though they did document I had severe permanent disabilities, chronic fatigue syndrome, fybromyalgia, and severe spinal cord injury all which would entitle me to 100% service connected benefits.


Andrew Colesanti CONTINUED - By Peter Kawaja


I have known Andrew Colesanti for many years and I believe since 1991 when I appeared on ABC-Nightline, living in close proximity to him.  Like other Gulf Veterans, whenever the VA was notified that I would be attending their medical review, either it was cancelled permanently and the veteran given some service-connected rating around 35% up, or other conditions. As in the case of Andrew, he was targeted because he was one of few Gulf era service-members who went public (appeared on WPB TV) independent of/without first knowing of - Peter Kawaja, and especially because he dared to stand up and demand accountability for what was done to him. BUT, they could not acknowledge he had GWS=PGS even though he was diagnosed with it by the same military-VA early on after Desert Storm - BECAUSE HE WAS NEVER DEPLOYED TO THE PERSIAN GULF.


Andrew was special-ops, and was experimented on IN THE USA - prior to Desert Storm. In other words, his case as with so many THOUSANDS of others some who were deployed but never in the "theatre" and others who were not deployed but received "medications and shots"  PRIOR TO - Gulf War I, had to be denied because the blame for GWS was to be put on Iraq and Saddam, that it "if anything happened in the Gulf", it was the Iraqis, not the US - this is why the Reigle Report was put together for Senator Reigle, authored not by Reigle but by an EX Secret Service agent, Jim Tuite. Those who know about my history in NBC-WMD counter-terrorism know that before Desert Storm, the second in command of the US Secret Service offered to resign his post to come to work in Florida protecting "international terrorists" in a US-ISRAELI military black operations project.


This same Jim Tuite stated to Andrew (from memory) "Peter Kawaja thinks we killed his wife, no one wants to hear about conspiracy stuff,... " (take the offer)...    when he/they (the head person at WPB-VA) were trying to negotiate with Andrew after he told them I was to attend his medical review, where they offered him a 100% C&P if he took it for MENTAL PROBLEMS but not for having GWS/PGS ! (I have a document sworn to by Colesanti years ago with their names - doing this document now from memory).


Because Andrew turned down their offer he was targeted (in my opinion) as a result. His entire story is not told herein this page.  Please note the timeline of October-1994 when Congress passed this law, just weeks before Peter Kawaja filed his lawsuit (November.10.1994) against the Bush Administration and agents regarding Desert Storm WAR CRIMES.


The United States knew since at least 1993 and earlier, that I was going to file my suit. The threat was issued to me "from the hill", but also this statement; "tell Peter Kawaja to chew on it, if he comes forward, we will deny. If he takes any evidence into the courts, credible persons will be brought out to counter him". 


They would bring out their credible persons, their experts on GWS, as what caused Gulf War Syndrome. This was all documented long before today, and all these statements herein have a dated paper trail, and tape recordings, much less my law suit.  Just a few months after my suit was filed and after the US stalled for almost two months to respond, the Murrah Building was bombed by a  "disgruntled Gulf Veteran" (so they claim) who had a CHIP implant, and out of the smoke and ashes of Murrah came Joyce Thompson Riley Riddell vonKleist, with Garth Nicoslon. Riley coming to Peter Kawaja stating she wanted to help him expose the real Gulf War Syndrome, Nicolson was the one who put the "name" on GWS mycoplasma incognitus - never explaining he was involved or his actual role since the 1970's in The US Special Virus Program (communicable diseases AIDS-HIV-EBOLA).


This is one critical piece of information and background on what you now can see is FACT - that only TWO PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES have been given exclusive and unlimited media time AND PROMOTED AS "the experts" on GWS, and what they have claimed is the cause/reason, SADDAM DID IT - not the US, but promoted as anti-government, a known cover for what some of us call "the controlled opposition" mouthpieces.


You will read more on this website on what else you have not been told all these years.  


Colesanti - LOD

Colesanti - Jim Tuite & VA.  "Peter Kawaja thinks we killed his wife"

Colesanti - 1996 update














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