Desert Storm Chemical-Biological Warfare & britishNOVICHOK


The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming - New Day but same concocted B.S.- Lies

The spin today in 2018 by the British/US are just more of the same from years ago claiming the Russians gave Novichok to Saddam. 


Properly "named" Operation Desert Storm - How THE ISRAELIS, THE US, & BRITISH governments using newly developed binary weapons reigned in THE CRUCIBLE (BLOOD SACRIFICE) OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, enunciated by George Bush.



Reunited at Babylon :  The significance of the Persian Gulf War transcends Kuwait, it even transcends the concept of the new world order enunciated by George Bush. The Gulf War is significant  because the action of the United Nations to authorize military action against Iraq was the first time since Babel that all the nations of the earth acted in concert with one another (for Evil).

I find it fascinating that this took place against the very place where the nations had been divided, the successor nation to ancient Babel. It is as if some power reached out from Babel, where the first world rebellion against God was squashed, and once again called the nations of the world to unity (
for Evil).

And on the VERY DAY the unity of nations was consummated, General Brent Scowcroft, National Security Advisor to the president of the United States, longtime Council on Foreign Relations member, and former aide and business associate of Henry Kissinger, announced, in an interview with Charles Bierbauer of CNN,
the beginning of a New World Order.

Then the sixth angel sounded : And I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, "Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates."  So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind. Revelations 9:13-14.

This world horror would be motivated by demonic spirits and would be all consuming.  The result of their release would now cost the lives of some two billion people.





Headline News/Mainstream Media report: There were rumors circulating after Desert Storm that some U.S. troops had encountered a new type of chemical war gas which penetrated or compromised the current military-issue activated carbon N.B.C. air filters and masks. This chemical agent is purported to be a strain of hydrogen cyanide called, Prussian Blue. It is further alleged that it was developed in the U.S. by a company called Product Ingredient Technology (P.I.T.) of Boca Raton, Florida. This P.I.T. plant was financed and constructed by a Dr. Barbouti of Ishan Barbouti International (I.B.I.) who also built the Pharma-150 chemical-biological complex at Rabta, Libya.


(Yellow highlight is emphasis by Kawaja)


 P.I.T. exported Prussian Blue to Iraq a year or so before the Persian Gulf War. This was the Spin scripted by Jim Tuite, a Secret Service Agent who handed it to Senator Donald Riegle to enter it into the 103rd National Congress as plausible deniability - if anyone got (Chemically/Biologically) injured at Desert Storm it had to be by the Iraqis and their WMD. Senator Riegle accommodated the WAR DEPARTMENT Deep State as he was under investigation and was about to be prosecuted for his role in THE KEATING FIVE.  His bonus was - he got to be seen as a hero for sick and dying Veterans.


A half truth is a whole lie.  Here is the corrected text (by Habib Peter Kawaja)
The PIT Plant was financed by THE US CIA/DEEP STATE/SHADOW GOVERNMENT handled through ISRAELI Lawyers, Accountants, and an Israeli US Security firm (operating in the US) using a triple agent Dr. Ishan Barbouti who was the Architect, Louis Champon, a formulator and facilitator, the son of a French (let me term him) Scientist who helped the CIA overthrow the government of (redacted for now).


PS: After his supposed death, the entire Barbouti family was relocated from London to George Bush's back yard - Crawford TX where my Rapid Deployment Team encountered strange happenings and tales of dead bodies. Way too lengthy for here, and shades of 9/11 much less WTC/93. 


On the trail was Congressman Trafficant, who knew the lies behind PanAm-103. Sadly he was made Dead as a result:


-----Original Message-----
From: Boris S. de Korczak []
Sent: Monday, August 5, 1996 3:26 AM
To: Peter Kawaja <>
Subject: Dr. Barbouti

Dear Mr. Kawaja,

Thanks for your kind response. I am assisting Congressman Traficant in his pursuit in finding the truth behind the events that took place on December 21 1988/ Panam 103. I could naturally give you a long introduction but I believe that calling James A. Traficant office and talking with the Chief of Staff Mr. Paul P. Marconi will solve the problem of finding reasons of me contacting you.

I will advise Mr. Marcone about your incomming call and resend your message to him. Mr. Marcone/James Traficant office phone: 202 225-5261. 


B. Korczak   < you have to pay attention to his every word all the way to the end, he gives out a few "pearls".


The five senators – Alan Cranston (Democrat of California), Dennis DeConcini ( Democrat of Arizona), John Glenn (Democrat of Ohio), John McCain (Republican of Arizona), and Donald W. Riegle, Jr. (Democrat of Michigan) – were accused of improperly intervening in 1987 on behalf of Charles H. Keating, Jr., Chairman of ...


Nov 29, 1989 ... When the reporters fail to print your tips quickly enough--as in the case of your tip on Michigan Senator Donald Riegle--you call them back and remind them how important it is to get that information in the newspapers. The story of "the Keating Five" has become a scandal rivaling Teapot Dome and ... -five-6431838


Continued from news reports:

Peter Kawaja, was raided in 1990  by eight heavily armed federal agents who removed evidence, tapes and documents not only implicating the involvement of foreign agents but also high ranking U.S. government officials. The evidence has been sealed under the guise of "US national security."

But after cease fire, why did ISRAEL make Kawaja an offer to move to/and Live in Israel to head up their largest Security Firm (?)


The October 27, 1992 edition of the Washington Post had an article which gave some new insight into the Soviet chemical warfare program: "A scientist who objected to what he calls Russia’s ongoing development of chemical weapons has been jailed for allegedly revealing state secrets. The arrested scientist, Vil Mirzayanov, had earlier stated in an article appearing in the Moscow News that Russia has been pursuing research on a new, more toxic chemical weapon." This is a nerve gas called Novichok which is five times as deadly as conventional nerve gases. It is purported that 40,000 tons of Novichok is enough to kill all human life on earth. This alleged development runs counter to the public statements of President Yeltsin, who has urged a global ban on such chemical armaments. According to the Washington Post article, this new Russian chemical weapon is "more toxic than anything in the U.S. arsenal. The new weapon was tested in early 1992 in Uzbekistan."  

[ Note: this was after Desert Storm 1991. But the US did get to test their own concoctions in a trumped-up war of convenience with a side benefit of controlling the OIL assets of the conquered Iraq]. 

So who has a deadly version of NOVICHOK? Was any used recently - certainly NOT by Russia! And if any was "really" used as claimed by the BRITS & US (2018) the now surviving daughter and First Responders would all be DEAD! 


This would turn into a book if we started down the road of the Unholy Alliance of DEMONS: 



The First was illegally suspended in favor of a Vatican “Crown” corporation in 1871




My Interpretation: "everything" that Congress has done since 1871 is void:
ab initio
It is unknown how many US Presidents actually knew  about this fraud

Two Constitutions in the United States. The First was illegally suspended in favor of a Vatican “Crown” corporation in 1871... read it again and weep.


Novichoks are nerve agents. As recently as 1990, at least three novichoks existed (novichok-5, novichok-#, and novichok-7), but whether large quantities exist today is unknown. All novichok agents are more toxic than VX. Some may be up to 10 times more toxic


Not all feared chemical weapons attack the nerves. Blistering agents, like mustard gas, blister the skin, destroy lung tissue and can kill people. But they are less deadly than nerve agents.


One of the problems with these chemical agents is that there is no easy way to protect yourself. On the battlefield, soldiers wear gas masks and complete skin coverings when chemical or biological attack is deemed possible. If a city were to experience a large-scale VX attack, people would have to be wearing a waterproof and airtight suit and a gas mask at the time of the attack in order to be protected.


The British government, on the other hand, now clearly states that “OPs”- derived from a class of compounds known as organophosphates, the chief ingredients in many pesticides and herbicides, in addition to nerve gas-were the cause of Gulf War Syndrome among its soldiers. Still, the numbers don’t add up; “only” 20,000 troops, hardly enough to account for the huge numbers of complaints from Gulf veterans-no U.S./U.N. officials or media even bother to assess the effects on Iraq’s population-were exposed to the sole acknowledged U.S. destruction of an Iraqi weapons storage facility, the one at Khamisiyah, on March 4 and 10, 1991.


Not only are there “several mysterious gaps” in the military’s “otherwise meticulous combat logs” for the dates on which the Army’s 37th Engineer Battalion blew up the depot, but the U.S. military command, including Generals Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf, refused to order the use of protective gear for soldiers in the area, claiming such an order would spread panic through the ranks. Schwarzkopf, commander of U.S. Gulf War forces, denies U.S. troops were exposed to biological or chemical weapons.


The below 37th Battalion warning was published to numerous websites in 1996

June 25, 1996


by Peter Kawaja

Anyone from the 37th Engineering Battalion out of Ft. Bragg, N.C.,
PLEASE MAKE IMMEDIATE CONTACT with Peter Kawaja (704) 349-4295.

I have received communiqués from several in your unit who are still
alive and want to make contact with you. All of you need to be in
contact with each other. The Pentagon is seeking to ask you questions
under a military tribunal with regard to your knowledge of what took
place in Iraq, "The Mission", and those spooks in white with detection
equipment - you know what I am talking about!

YOU ARE NOT SAFE. It seems the Pentagon is claiming that "THEY" didn't
know, but that "YOU" knew and have withheld evidence. This indicates
they want to hang all those who have died since the Gulf War - ON YOU.
DEALS are going to be made. Certain persons have received above average
disability ratings, etc., just recently after the recent news release.
They want to buy your silence and hopefully, you will lie under oath. I
have been asked by others in your unit to put out the word and find out
how many of you are still alive, who is sick, etc., and to arrange for
you all to communicate with each other.

of what you know, what you did, what you saw, make copies, send them to
safe places (you trust) for your protection. CONTACT ME - they already
know who you are. It is OK to CALL - just do not say anything specific
on the phone. It is the American public who doesn't know who you are,
and each of you don't know which others are sick or dead already. If you
remain silent and do not respond, you may accidentally die - silently,
and no one will know if it was from natural causes - GET MY DRIFT?

Your protection is to get in contact with each other - with those in the
37th and do it now! Those who have asked me to put this out have already
been contacted by the Pentagon and "suspect" what is up.

PLEASE let me hear from you - to know if you are alive - sick, and who
else in your family is sick or dead. Maj. Jordan just had a child born

America is depending on you to break the camel's back once and for all
in the lie that we have been told all these years by the DOD/Pentagon.
The TRUTH is your only protection - if it is made public.

Peter Kawaja
International Gulf War Illness Coalition
68-1 Dearmin Terrace Lane #11
Franklin, North Carolina (PZ 28734)
Phone (704) 349-4285 FAX (704) 369-0064

Published on my websites for over 20 years - Kawaja has video footage of US Scuds/Missiles (with appropriate colored Bands) being rolled out of the PIT Plant by US <military> Black Ops, used by our forces (unknown to them the dangers) as why when we had control of the ground after the cease fire - the Order was issued to destroy what was left at  Khamisiyah - we could not bring them back to the US, some started to show signs of leakage.


THIS IS HUGE - if you start to think with a clear mind. According to the Riegle Report, the US unwittingly sold Saddam components which "could-be" used to develop chemical weapons, UNDERSTAND this is like saying anyone can walk into a Pharmacy in the US and buy a variety of normal things for sale which if combined (formulated) could become a sort of weapon.

At the same time, misinformation stories like the missing 5 Barrels of Cyanide Waste were shipped to Iraq by Wackenhut - again a bright shining lie, and not the cause of any weapon Saddam could develop BECAUSE - REPEAT Louis Champon did not allow anyone to know the formula nor did Saddam have the "special" PLANT that PIT Had "in the United States".

Peter Kawaja ought to know - he was Champon's "personal bodyguard" as well as the Design/Engineer of the Plant's Security (Facility) System and worked in the R&D section of the PIT Plant. Champon could have killed me anytime as he enlisted my help for taste testing Cyanide and I was the one charged with installed the Poison Gases Detection System - the Manual (I had images for my law suit) where every page had the SKULL & BONES WARNING - one sniff would kill me.

Additionally IBI (which was run by Israeli Intelligence & Israeli Accountants, supervised and managed by CIA who came to Florida with Virginia License Plates - so much for covert operations) and IBI/USA  purchased THE WORLD'S SUPPLY of Apricots Almonds - pits / the same name of the plant and black project "P.I.T." which was shipped into the US and warehoused (taking up an entire large Self Storage facility which JUST HAPPENED TO BE NEXT DOOR to the PIT Plant in Boca.




In other words for those who don't still get it - SADDAM / IRAQ did not have the clone of the PIT Plant nor the ingredients nor the formulas.  Champon knew that was the only way he could stay alive.


AND THEN READ THIS: Those Scuds leaving the PIT Plant wasn't shipped to Iraq/to Saddam YOU FOOLS - The bands and markings were USA all the way - READ MY LIPS, not George Bush's.   THE US TOOK OUR WEAPONS TO THE BATTLEFIELD and although we had REAL-TIME Biological Detection outfitted in vehicles, we were not allowed to take them to IRAQ!   Why?

BECAUSE - if our Troops could detect "in real time" what was happening, we would know it wasn't coming from Saddam's Scuds, we were betrayed.   AMERICA POISONED & KILLED OUR OWN.


Saddam was fooled by Barbouti who was working for the US & BRITISH/ISRAEL and the US CIA blew up Khadafy's/LIBYA's Weapons plant so only the US could produce these new binary weapons. Champon refused to relocate to another country, he was NO DUMMY, and so the US and gang had to put up with him, hence why - in the predominant JEWISH Residential civilian community of WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA, a CYANIDE BASED (but the weapon was not cyanide) another  Auschwitz (a slap in the face of Jews of WPB) was operating FOR THE US DEEP STATE & ZIONIST AGENDA.  Read it an weep!!!


This and tons more why Congress claimed they did not have the money to fly Kawaja to testify (I kid you not, have tape recordings)  - and if you read the letter from Bingaman issued to me in 1991 he stated: "If you are ever compelled to testify before a competent committee of the Congress"




THAT LETTER WAS AN OFFER OF IMMUNITY - BUT FOR ME TO SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  not for me to testify truthfully. He acknowledged there would never be a "competent committee" and the information could never be made PUBLIC!!!


You have all been fooled by US MEDIA aka US Military Propaganda Whores, No special weapon(s) were sold, transferred to Saddam for him to use against Americans. AMERICA HAS KILLED OUR OWN and is still killing YOUR sons and daughters, YOUR husbands and wives, YOUR brothers and sisters - in ongoing Global Domination Wars where Americans kill and Americans are being killed by our own WMD..   


So the ORIGINAL SIN / LIE of WMD and Gulf War I - that the American Pubic swallowed to this day has caused and enabled all these wars and mass slaughtering since 1990, which includes; WEAVER, WACO, WTC-93, MURRAH/95, WTC-9/11 and GLOBAL WARS OF TERROR all based on THE GREAT LIE..


According to one news report, in November 1991 a “tiny amount” of deadly VX nerve agent leaked from a storage tank at an army ammunition plant outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. One-fiftieth of a standard drop of the agent-approximately the volume of the tip of a sharpened pencil-leaked from a faulty valve. A single drop could kill a person in three to ten minutes. The question lingers: Why are neurotoxins continuing to be manufactured?


To understand Gulf War Syndrome and to make sense of the missing military logs, lies within lies, we have to turn elsewhere-to the chemicals and drugs used by the U.S. itself. U.S. soldiers during the Gulf War, as they have been throughout history, were involuntary victims of a massive government big-chemical warfare experiment, even as they, in turn, were carrying out U.S. policy and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.


Weapons Specialist Patricia Axelrod, who served in the Gulf, testified: “The U.S. had a perfect proving ground, a perfect enemy and a perfect living laboratory for testing new vaccines that we need for our own biological weapons industry. It’s part of the Department of Defense’s scheme to relinquish responsibility.


Thus far officials have ignored the probability that the illnesses were caused by forced inoculations with experimental and genetically-engineered drugs interacting with radiation emitted from “depleted” uranium coated artillery shells and tank armor-itself a serious violation of the Geneva Conventions. The government refuses to test Gulf veterans for radiation exposure, claiming that “without forethought and data, the financial implications of long-term disability payments and health-care costs would be excessive". 


One of the drugs administered to U.S. soldiers in the Gulf was atropine sulfate. The GIs were told that the drug would save them from Iraqi nerve gas. Not true. Although it may help ease some symptoms, atropine certainly doesn’t prevent nerve damage and is not a ‘cure’. Nor were they told that exposure to atropine in a hot environment significantly increases a person’s risk of heat stroke and could lead to serious illness. One wonders how that impacts people wearing chemical suits in the desert, and what the long-term side-effects will be.


Other drugs were administered to the soldiers without their consent. A number of soldiers report being “held down” while being injected against their will. The government has thus far refused to release all the details, claiming that wartime stress, and, as a fall back position, inadvertent exposure to chemical weapons, no inoculations or radiation, was the major factor in most of the ailments. But Dr. Katherine Murray Leisure, an infectious disease specialist at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, counters that position.

“There was an outpouring in late 1991 and 1992 of Gulf war veterans with the exact same constellation of complaints-intestinal, bone and joint, skin lesions-without having spoken to each other,’, she said. Dr. Leisure said it was clear to her that battlefield stress had little to do with the vets’ ailments. Stress, she said, “is an easy diagnosis that puts the onus on the patient.” She said that if her patients were now suffering from stress, it was the stress brought on from “having doctors say that there’s nothing wrong with you when there obviously is something wrong.”

The soldiers themselves have been able to fill in some of the gaps. They speak of being forced to take “alternative malaria pills,” and an anti-nerve gas medication called pyridostigmine bromide, sometimes against their will and almost always without their consent.

In a path breaking story in “The Nation”, investigative journalist Laura Flanders reported that according to Dr. Barry Wilson, a pharmaceutical scientist at Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories in Washington, pyridostigmine bromide “initially stimulates muscular strength and activity but eventually decreases nerve action, possibly resulting in paralysis. Side effects are known to include watering of the eyes, diarrhea and the urge to urinate, as well as allergic reactions from skin rashes to loss of hair and muscle control.”  The Department of Defense decided to use this drug even though research with mice indicated that the drug does not protect but rather works with the nerve agent Sarin to cause greater damage.

Under FDA regulations, pyridostigmine must be administered with careful monitoring, but the agency gave the Pentagon a waiver to use the drug randomly in the Gulf. As a result, the 697,000 U.S. troops who served in the Gulf from August 1990 to March 1991 were ordered not to give blood when they returned to the U.S., although the government claimed the ban was solely to prevent the spread of leishmaniasis, a potentially deadly blood disease caused by parasites and spread by desert sand-flies. For more than a year blood banks refused to accept blood from Gulf war veterans, despite severe blood shortages.




to spread contagious plague to civilians via hospitals





Take the case of Sgt. Carol Picou, who was an active-duty Army nurse for fifteen years before going to the Gulf with the 41st Combat Hospital. As Flanders reports, Picou was part of a group that came upon an area pummeled by U.S. artillery. Scrap metal and the still-smoldering bodies of animals and humans covered the ground. “I’ve seen burnt bodies,” said Picou. “And they were nothing like that. These were charred black. It wasn’t normal.” They were victims of the U.S.’s new depleted uranium weapons. Picou and her group set up camp just two miles down the road from the contaminated battlefield, near the populous Iraqi town of Basra.

“After several weeks,” Flanders says, “Picou’s urinary control had gone. She couldn’t keep food down and she was passing black, tarry stools that Army doctors attributed to `’drinking too much water” and the change in diet.” Picou had been taking the pyridostigmine bromide pills the military demanded she consume. She had also been injected with two special vaccinations: pentavalent botulinum-toxoid, an unproven drug used to combat botulism, and an anti-anthrax vaccine that can come in various forms, one of which involves a live, recombinant DNA process that is highly experimental and unlicensed.


President Bush, Brent Scowcroft (NSC, consultant to BNL, on the payroll of Henry Kissinger and formerly of DBA Systems — a defense contractor) and US intelligence were behind the testing and use of Prussian Blue which rendered our troops defenseless against the biological agents that were to be tested in the upcoming Gulf War — a war which was planned for this purpose at least two years in advance. [ Peter Kawaja intercepted the BCCI-BNL Letters of Credit ].

In addition certain vaccines were “grown” several years, again, in advance, with prior specific knowledge of the type of weapon that the vaccine was designed to protect against. (One example: horses Abe and First Flight were pastured under the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Ft. Detrick to produce plasma.) How did our military and Mr. Bush know two years in advance what weapons Iraq would use against us so that we developed a specific vaccine (antidote) for it? 

The Pyridostigmine Bromide (PB) nerve agent pretreatment pill was not to counteract Soman as stated by the DOD, but was a counteractive for the nerve agent GF. The MSDS on GF originates at the US Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command at Edgewood Engineering Center, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. The US has continually denied that GF was in lraq’s arsenal after the Gulf War, yet the Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) logs from CENTCOM (Central Command/Schwarzkopf) proves that the Israeli Military Police confirm finding GF. Why does the US continually deny it?  

The (missing - but many a care package found their way to PK) NBC logs also prove that Schwarzkopf was given the authority to use our own chemical and biological weapons. There are Gulf veterans who were involved in shipping out our own supplies of these weapons. Most are now sick — others have died. The DOD now says that parts of the NBC logs were accidentally destroyed!

“Soon after taking the bromide, I couldn’t control my eyes, nose and facial muscles. I was overtaken with chronic sneezing, a running nose and deltoid twitching.” She tried skipping the pills to regain control over her sight, but her local health officer demanded that she resume taking them: 90 milligrams a day for fifteen days. “Now Carol Pichou is on 70 percent disability retirement from the Army. Her doctor has diagnosed depleted blood supplies reaching her left thalamus gland and neurological damage to the left side of her brain affecting her memory, vision and speech. She’s racked with respiratory problems, abdominal distention, a rash on her face and neck, and regular fevers. Unable to control either bowel or bladder movements, she is forced to catheterize herself to urinate and to wear diapers. She also wears a permanent sanitary pad-her period comes in semimonthly cycles, one week black and tarry, the next week clotted and profuse.”

Gen. Schwarzkopf himself said that when he first heard that the veterans were falling ill, he believed it was a reaction to the drugs. But he apparently was persuaded by government and pharmaceutical company officials who shuttled the blame (when they admitted Gulf War Syndrome existed at all) onto “stress” and Leishmaniasis

The role of the pharmaceutical companies is as odious as that of the government and military. One only has to look at Monsanto’s testing, manufacturing and marketing of Agent Orange, to reveal the web of lies and collaboration between industry and government. Back in the 1960s, Monsanto, working closely with the Pentagon and the Veterans’ Administration, intentionally falsified key data on the effects of Agent Orange on human health in order to sell the deadly defoliant to the government for “use” in Vietnam.  Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, commander of U.S. naval forces in Vietnam and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, charged that the government’s exoneration of Agent Orange was “politically motivated … to cover up the true effects of dioxin, and manipulate public perception [and] coincide with similar, economically motivated, efforts of chemical companies that produce dioxin.” Today, Monsanto, Hoffman-LaRoche and other manufacturers of the vaccines given to GIs, are working “behind the scenes to contain the government investigation of Gulf veterans’ health problems.” They are engaging in an enormous cover-up of genetically-engineered drugs, herbicides and pesticides, and uranium weaponry-a cover-up essential in insuring mega-profits, business as usual.

The U.S. used its own soldiers-who, for the first time, included far more Blacks and Latinos than ever before, which is not an incidental circumstance [Racially-Targeted Bio Warfare]-as guinea pigs.

[ see The US Special Virus Cancer Program by PK & Boyd Graves ]

In order for GWI HIV to kill the most number of persons, it would have been released and purposefully allowed to incubate.

We believe your inaction during the early critical part of the alleged GWS "mystery illness" was part and parcel to the government's plan to allow the synthetic microbe to seed into the human genome. The United States needed time for the synthetic microbe to reach the true target group.


From: Boyd E. Graves, J.D. []
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 1:37 PM
To: o_akkebala; Garth Nicolson; dr. robert gallo; Dr Len Horowitz
Subject: Horowitz and Nicolson: CO-AUTHORS: "VIRUS MAKERS OF THE CIA"

It is convenient for so-called experts like Dr. Len Horowitz and Garth Nicolson to gloss over the fact that the U.S. Special Virus program sought to make a lethal and incapacitating mycoplasma.


It is likely that special US depleted uranium weapons and military-administered inoculants, some genetically-engineered, combined with < redacted> to cause what we now call Gulf War Syndrome.

Clearly the horrors the U.S. military inflicted on the people of Iraq are returning as avenging specters. The slaughter that imperial militaries inflict on other people always, one way or another, comes back to haunt the perpetrator. The human cost to the U.S. of its adventure in the Gulf increases daily, as new U.S. casualties are discovered-cancers, birth defects, tumors, broken lives.




Side note: site hacked again, lots files missing, some typed over by your enemies, I'm working on it

Also: more calls being received since msm/NOVICHOK - and websites claiming Peter Kawaja is dead, do not listen to the guy who has replaced him.