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After six years of spraying these toxic chemicals onto unsuspecting soldiers, the US Government denied the existence of both operations and refused to acknowledge that returning service members, were even suffering from any severe long term health issues. You know, just as they did with Gulf War Syndrome! Once again, claiming that it was all in their heads and that the US Air Force NEVER Sprayed any "Toxic" Weather Modification Aerosols over the Iraqi desert, for the purpose of gaining a military advantage throughout the Gulf Wars. It was outspoken activists that are much like Dane, who were finally able to reveal the truth and undeniable exist. (Sound familiar? Oh yeah, this guy named Peter Kawaja told us about "THE MISSION" and the 37th Battalion and those US Scuds which were ordered to be blown up "after the Gulf war when we owned the ground [which Kawaja has video footage of those scuds which were right here in the USA and NOT sold to Saddam, we took them there! "made in the USA" but claimed they were Saddam's Scuds-the US could not bring them back to the US and our Troops were told not to wear Gas Masks after they blew up the munitions depot at Khamisiyah. ) CIA publicly announced that the 37th Engineering Battalion had destroyed munitions at Khamisiyah in March 1991.

"Our own government and militaries have sprayed toxic chemicals, pathogens and even parasitic insects, onto unsuspecting citizens hundreds of times… using them as guinea pig test subjects." 





Project Jump Start

Breaking: President Trump Says He Will Mobilize Military To Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine - BUT it is already IN PROGRESS

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The Department of Defense statement

By immediately upgrading a sufficient number of existing domestic BFS facilities with installations of filling-line and technical improvements, “Jumpstart” will enable the manufacture of more than 100 million prefilled syringes for distribution across the United States by year-end 2020.

The contract also enables ApiJect Systems America to accelerate the launch of RAPID USA manufactured in new and permanent U.S.-based BFS facilities with the ultimate production goal of over 500 million prefilled syringes (doses) in 2021. This effort will be executed initially in Connecticut, South Carolina and Illinois, with potential expansion to other U.S.-based locations. RAPID will provide increased lifesaving capability against future national health emergencies that require population-scale vaccine administration on an urgent basis.

RAPID’s permanent fill-finish production capability will help significantly decrease the United States’ dependence on offshore supply chains and its reliance on older technologies with much longer production lead times. These supplies can be used if a successful SARS-COV-2 vaccine is oral or intranasal rather than injectable." [end DOD release]


Prefilled syringe with RFID chip attached
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A 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper now proposes the next phase of the solution to the coronavirus crisis – after the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Paper which predicted and analyzed the problem and reaction.

It’s problem-reaction-solution, Rockefeller-Gates style. Last month on April 21st, the New World Order (NWO) manipulators released a 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper entitled National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan – Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities.

This came after countless MSM appearances by NWO frontman, eugenicist and depopulation-via-vaccines enthusiast Bill Gates claiming you would need digital certificates and immunity passports to travel around again, and that your inherent rights such as the right to gather or assemble may never return unless you’re vaccinated.

Predictably, the April 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper is a blueprint for the creation of a colossal nation-wide DNA database of the entire US population. In a moment of raw honesty, the paper even admits that “The Rockefeller Foundation exists to meet moments like this” although to be fair it would be more accurate to say ‘The Rockefeller Foundation on behalf of its NWO masters exists to orchestrate crises like this, then pose as the savior to solve them.’ It calls for testing and tracing of all Americans – initially 1 million per week, then 3 million per week and finally 30 million per week (the “1-3-30 Plan”) until every single American is assimilated into the database.

2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper Narrative: Testing, Tracking and Vaccinating is Our Only Way to Return to Normalcy

The brainwashing is nothing if not blatant and transparent. The Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates have the same puppetmaster and thus read from the exact same script. Gates has repeated the scheme ad nauseam: no return to normalcy until you’re vaccinated … no return to normalcy until you’re vaccinated … no return to normalcy until you’re vaccinated. The foreword of the paper paints a grim picture (with propagandistic ideas of a resurgence and a 2nd wave in the background):

“instead of ricocheting between an unsustainable shutdown and a dangerous, uncertain return to normalcy, the United States must mount a sustainable strategy with better tests and contact tracing, and stay the course for as long as it takes to develop a vaccine or cure.”

COVID Healthcare Corps

First of all, check this out. The 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper advocates a military force (a corps, which is etymologically similar to corpse or a dead body) to administer “health”:

“The plan also includes: launching a Covid Community Healthcare Corps so every American can easily get tested with privacy-centric contact tracing; a testing data commons and digital platform to track Covid-19 statuses, resources, and effective treatment protocols across states and be a clearinghouse for data on new technologies … at least 100,000 people and perhaps as many as 300,000 must be hired to undertake a vigorous campaign of test administration and contact tracing.”

Notice how the plan includes a “Healthcare Corps” which funnily enough is exactly what Bill Clinton was planning a few weeks ago in his talks with the Californian and New York Governors where they spoke of an “army of tracers” (Cuomo’s words) and using the AmeriCorps (founded by Clinton) to become America’s new national contact tracing force. What is truly audacious and disgraceful about this part of the scheme is that some governors are shamelessly calling for the very people who have been put out of work by their policies to now go and sign up to be a contact tracer or contact investigator, so as to continue to enforce the same tyranny on others that screwed them over and caused them unemployment. Wow. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The 1-3-30 Plan

The next quote pushes their insidious 1-3-30 Plan which aims to test every single American within the next 6 months:

“We are proposing our nation come together around the bold, ambitious, but achievable goal of rapidly expanding testing capacity to 30 million tests per week over the next six months. This 1-3-30 Plan would be achieved by: (1) creating an Emergency Network for Covid-19 Testing to coordinate and underwrite the testing market, (2) launching an eight-week National Testing Laboratory Optimization Initiative to increase output to 3 million tests per week from the current one million, and (3) investing in a Testing Technology Accelerator to further grow U.S. testing capacity from 3 million to 30 million tests per week.”

Please bear in mind 5 very important things about these so-called tests:

1. Initial batches of tests overseen by the CDC were found to be contaminated themselves with the coronavirus;

2. Scientific studies such as this one found the error rate for false positives was an astronomical 80%;

Trump Regime Immunity Certificates for Mass Vaxxing and Population Control

3. The tests are based on the RT-PCR or PCR test which merely isolates genetic RNA/DNA sequences and cannot prove causation or tell you if that genetic sequence has anything to do your state of health. Thus, a positive or negative result is meaningless in terms of telling you whether the alleged ‘virus’ has anything to do with your state of health or your capacity to ‘infect’ another;

4. The current tests use a DNA swab and thus are engaged in DNA harvesting. Corporations in this industry are coincidentally funded by Bill Gates; and

5. The virus allegedly causing COVID-19, SARS-CoV2, fails Koch’s postulates and has still never been isolated, purified, re-injected to cause disease and 100% proven to exist. How can these tests identify a virus which has never been conclusively proven to exist?

Real-Time Data Platform

The next quote is about surveillance and monitoring:

“Integrate and expand Federal, state, and private data platforms to cover the full range of data required to monitor the pandemic, deploy resources, and remove bottlenecks … develop and integrate a real-time data platform … monitoring the pandemic and adjusting social distancing measures will require launching the largest public health testing program in American history … coordination of such a massive program should be treated as a wartime effort.”

Notice the allusion to war (as in the new war on bioterror) and the tyrannical appeal to fear to justify more surveillance. This quote also brings to mind the late NWO insider Zbigniew Brzezinski, who wrote about the coming technetronic era as he called it (his neologism for what is essentially technocracy). He said that “Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

Unique Patient Identification Number

The 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper calls it a Unique Patient Identification Number, while Gates calls it a digital certificate or immunity passport, but it’s the same idea:

“Some privacy concerns must be set aside for an infectious agent as virulent as Covid-19, allowing the infection status of most Americans to be accessed and validated in a few required settings and many voluntary ones … Those screened must be given a unique patient identification number that would link to information about a patient’s viral, antibody and eventually vaccine status under a system that could easily handshake with other systems to speed the return of normal societal functions. Schools could link this to attendance lists, large office buildings to employee ID cards, TSA to passenger lists and concert and sports venues to ticket purchasers.”

In other words, this is going to determine whether you can travel, work, trade and partake in any inherent, God-given rights. Looks like all those biblical prophecies about the mark of the beast could come true if humanity lets these psychopaths get away with this.

A Pandemic Testing Board

This next one is about the formation of new board with new powers:

“The plan also includes … a Pandemic Testing Board, in line with other recommendations, to bridge divides across governmental jurisdictions and professional fields …”

“… with a public/private bipartisan Pandemic Testing Board established to assist and serve as a bridge between local, state, and federal officials with the logistical, investment and political challenges this operation will inevitably face.”

It is surely not too much a prediction to say that this Pandemic Testing Board may turn out to be another public-private monstrosity with way too much power, just as many Big Tech companies have become. The Pandemic Testing Board may just start in the US but what’s to stop it expanding? It funnily enough sounds just like the familiar appeals for World Government because ‘there is a big big problem which crosses jurisdictions and the only way to solve it is a big big government.’

Other Quotes from the 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper

Lastly, here is a final notable quote from the paper:

“The good news is that in the coming weeks the country could have the tools needed to allow governors and other officials to lift the most severe lockdowns and begin a phased reopening of some businesses. The goal is to allow enough economic activity to forestall a full-blown depression while keeping Covid-19 infection rates low enough to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed and thereby causing a wider and more deadly health crisis.”

The only thing which is full-blown is that this is assuredly a full-blown lie. The goal is actually to destroy as much of the economy as they can get away with (short of riot and revolution), but enough to annihilate numerous small and medium-sized businesses, and throw many people below the poverty line. This will usher in desperation, dependency and soften resistance to a UBI (Universal Basic Income), first with no strings attached, but later with conditions. The absurd lockdown policies will absolutely have the effect they say they are trying to avoid, because keeping people locked up (away from vitamin D and an active social lifestyle) lowers people’s immune systems, so when they are released, disease (and hospitalization) will increase, not from the fake COVID-19 virus, but from other opportunistic diseases which will strike those with weakened immunity. Doctors such as Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi have explicitly stated this.

Final Thoughts

Although this article has focused on plans within the USA, make no mistake about it – this engineered coronavirus crisis is a worldwide agenda. Whether it’s the Australian Government releasing creepy tracking apps (COVIDSafe) or corrupt Israeli PM Netanyahu calling for microchipping kids, the NWO agenda of surveillance, mandatory vaccination and microchipping is advancing full steam ahead around the world. This scheme is way, way beyond national borders. It affects every single person on Earth. At the rate at which this is unfolding, it won’t be long until it comes knocking at your door. Time is running out. Get informed, spread the word and gather with others who understand this nefarious agenda now. Informed and united, an awakened and determined humanity can stop this scheme and maintain freedom.


Dr. Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

Only a very small number of people are at risk of a potentially serious outcome from the infection—mainly those with underlying serious medical conditions in conjunction with advanced age and frailty, those with immune compromising conditions and nursing home patients near the end of their lives. There is growing evidence that the treatment protocol issued to treating doctors by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mainly intubation and use of a ventilator (respirator), may have contributed significantly to the high death rate in these select individuals.

By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.
Russell Blaylock, MD





California Police STAND DOWN After Marine Vet Challenges Their Integrity


It took an UNARMED Desert Storm VET to stand up against Militarized Police in Riot Gear with Weapons, to remind them that this is THEIR AMERICA they are destroying, it is their children who will live in a Police State and their children who will be VACCINE DAMAGED, their children who won't have a clean beach to vacation, who won't have a Disney World, who won't be able to play with their friends in the streets of their neighborhoods - America will become BEIRUT, AFGHANISTAN, LIBYA, and YOU THE POLICE will not have any enjoyment or peace EVER AGAIN, your wives will be SAD & ANGRY, you will never have an American life to go back to.


AND when the day comes that Bill Gates, The Deep State/ The White House, and Congress  has finally FORCED Americans to accept that VERY SPECIAL VACCINE - which YOU THE POLICE WILL ALSO HAVE TO TAKE, your quality of life will never be the same, and if you think that is when you can OPT OUT - the SATANIC CULT running the US Government will consider ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT "TO BE ARMED & DANGEROUS, YOU THE POLICE / NATIONAL GUARD will be KILLED BY YOUR VERY MASTERS, you will be replaced by FOREIGN UN FORCES, and you and your families will live in an OPEN AIR PRISON IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY - PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND CHOKE ON IT. 


NOW is the time for all US LAW ENFORCEMENT to Do The Right Thing/to SERVE & PROTECT "We, The People" because you are one of us. You are either with us as a true American or you are with The Satanic Cult of LUCIFER the Enslaver.


>> Note to the general public: Keep sending in  your videos, questions, and any Intel - and if you do not receive acknowledgement from me - RESEND because you can be sure YOUR ENEMY is the cause of any LOST emails.


Thanks to Nurse Cynthia for the above California Police video.  


TO ALL: NOW IS YOUR TIME TO STAND UP FOR YOUR AMERICA, just watching movies and writing emails or visiting FaceBook IS NOT ENOUGH, THE LIFE YOU SAVE WILL BE YOUR OWN!

Do not fear Government - THEY WERE CREATED BY; We, The People - we are their MASTERS, they have simply usurped power and it is time to TAKE BACK AMERICA. 


Do not fear if you read they have killed Peter Kawaja, or any other person, it means they fear YOU. Keep On, Press On, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Everyone needs to EARN their own Freedom.






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It was and is a Stealth Plague




DESERT STORM Veterans have been dying off in secret since 1990. You just have not been told that truth. Mystery Diseases disguised as various Cancers & other Pandemic/Plagues such as COVID-19.


 Tested on our own Military in 1990 and enhanced/complemented in 2020 as COVID-19.




Did you think the (fake) Apology by Levin was sincere? SILLY YOU. It was only because they were called out due to social media – BUT they are all LYING, Congress is lying, the White House is Lying, your Governors are all LYING – they WILL come to your door and drag your screaming wife and children AND YOU out the door at GUNPOINT. Many will never be heard from ever again. THINK I AM TRYING TO SCARE YOU? You damn idiots – you will get exactly what you deserve and your children will spit on your grave.

Dr Buttar Explains US House Bill 6666 that actually allows Government Contact Tracers to forcibly remove you or your loved ones from your home! 

Introduced into congress by Congressman Bobby Rush (Democrat from IL) introducing the TRACE Act [COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act]. 

They are going to try and come into our homes.  This will be rolled out in  Ventura County in California.  They are already hiring civilians to do this.


H.R.6666 - To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals' residences, and for other purposes.

Authorizes forcible removal from your home if they decide someone needs to be quarantined at their quarantine centers and not in your home!

116th Congress (2019-2020)     House - 05/01/2020 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce

 Now we come to the Hospice Industry's Final Power Grab over the healthcare industry and you: 

PCHETA Alert!!

Starting May 8, NHPCO reports over 1,000 contacts already made with Senators and Representatives for inclusion of PCHETA in the next COVID-19 bill!


This is a full-press court.  We need you to get involved to help stop the spread of the hospice industry's power over our entire healthcare system!

The House could vote as early as this coming Thursday, May 14. See:

Subject: Oppose PCHETA which is Especially Controversial During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Dear [Senator/Representative] ___________:


Please oppose enactment of PCHETA, especially in legislation responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Last week, hospice and palliative care organizations began sending emails to you, asking you to  support the Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (PCHETA) (S.2080/H.R.647) to “alleviate workforce shortages [in hospice and palliative care organizations] …that are being deeply felt during the COVID-19 crisis.”


PCHETA can hardly be a response to this crisis. By the time providers could complete PCHETA training, the COVID-19 crisis will be over.


While the country and its health care workers are focused on saving lives, hospice and palliative care stakeholders are looking for taxpayers to fund and expand their workforces and businesses. Hospices, the largest providers of palliative care in the country, use palliative care as a loss leader to enroll more people into hospice earlier.


PCHETA could erase hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicare fraud recoveries, often for enrolling ineligible people in hospice, by leaving the definition of qualifying criteria described as a“serious or life-threatening illness” until after enactment


In the last two years, the HHS Office of Inspector General issued scathing reports about hospices fraudulently enrolling people and providing poor quality care leading to the deaths of who could have had years to live. The bill’s Section 5 protective provisions will not stop these fraudulent enrollments, abuses and hastened deaths.

From the Wizard of Oz, we know that saying, "Don't Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain!"


That's what all the media is telling us: don't pay attention to Bill Gates, Fauci's crimes, Birx and Redfield's well-documented and admitted present and past fraudulent acts of deception, or the crimes against humanity by those who withhold effective treatments from the people while planning the distribution of very expensive medications that will make billions in profit for the drug companies.


The politicians who take lobbyists' donations to their election campaigns or political action committees are betraying the people!

Anyone is considered a "conspiracy nut" if they mention: the Bill & Melinda Gates' Foundation, the push for mandatory vaccination and depopulation, the lies of the W.H.O., the deception of the people of the world, and so much more having anything to do with the draconian policies being implemented now, the effort to squelch any cheap treatment for COVID 19.


Any information about all of this is being censored as fast as the information is put up on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and more.  Yet, anyone who bothers to look even the slightest bit into the boards of directors of these international agencies will see Bill Gates name and his foundation, and others like him connected everywhere.  THEY are the conspirators and we are their targets!

By now, everyone knows about the Event 201 in October 2019 which the Center for Health Security describes as follows (below).  The Center is part of the Johns Hopkins
Bloomberg School of Public Health, and this Event 201 was also sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (surprised?) and the Left-wing World Economic Forum.


The "simulation" is described below.  The participants didn't "predict" the current outbreak exactly, but described a scenario of how they "imagined" such a pandemic might occur.  What anyone who looks into it notes, is that their scenario was extremely similar to the current pandemic we are experiencing. 


Fortunately, the current pandemic is much less lethal than their scenario, but the planning they (and others have done for years) is eerily similar to what is being done now. And, we were originally told that the pandemic was much more lethal than it actually is, thereby enabling the global lockdown of the world economy, the people, and the "emergency powers" seized by Leftist officials around the world.

Many would say that those involved with Event 201 were just being prudent and preparing for the future so that the people could be protected from harm, but the people have been deceived, misled, unnecessarily ruined economically, and it is clear that there is much more going on ... especially when the measures implemented actually are not in line with well-established public health policies and do not avoid "total harms" to the people of the world.

At a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University at the very beginning of the Trump administration, in Jan 2017, Dr Fauci actually predicted (and it is videotaped) that Pres Trump would surely face a pandemic during his term in office.  


Were these predictions and simulations by the "Center for Health Security," and the Sept 2019 report by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (for the UN and the WHO) all just coincidences?

Does Bill Gates' membership in the Communist Chinese Academy of Engineering mean anything? Does Dr Fauci's membership on the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board mean anything? For that matter, does George Gao, Director of the Chinese CDC on the same board, mean anything?

Why all of a sudden are they so interested in pandemics, global vaccination programs, and our health at the expense of our freedom? 


Ah! But that's it: the Left has always tried to find a method of bringing about change that the people would not be able to resist.  The fear of death and disease is a powerful motivator!  The opportunity for profit also motivates those who are the "players" who sit at the stakeholders' tables!

Event 201 can't be called an exact "predictive" event, but combined with the report from the Global Preparedness Board, and the push for mandatory digital ID readable vaccinations, the "lockdowns" mentioned back in 2010 in the Rockefeller Foundation Plan, and the efforts to
encourage "global cooperation" that nullifies the peoples' rights, it's not hard to see the writing on the wall while Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other media/technology censor everything related to Gates and this agenda.

See:  Event 201 Simulation    October 2019:

"Event 201 simulates an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen and the disease it causes are modeled largely on SARS, but it is more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms.


The disease starts in pig farms in Brazil, quietly and slowly at first, but then it starts to spread more rapidly in healthcare settings. When it starts to spread efficiently from person to person in the low-income, densely packed neighborhoods of some of the megacities in South America, the epidemic explodes. It is first exported by air travel to Portugal, the United States, and China and then to many other countries. Although at first some countries are able to control it, it continues to spread and be reintroduced, and eventually no country can maintain control.


There is no possibility of a vaccine being available in the first year. There is a fictional antiviral drug that can help the sick but not significantly limit spread of the disease.


Since the whole human population is susceptible, during the initial months of the pandemic, the cumulative number of cases increases exponentially, doubling every week. And as the cases and deaths accumulate, the economic and societal consequences become increasingly severe.


The scenario ends at the 18-month point, with 65 million deaths. The pandemic is beginning to slow due to the decreasing number of susceptible people. The pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective vaccine or until 80-90 % of the global population has been exposed. From that point on, it is likely to be an endemic childhood disease."

Those who have adopted the communist ideology have been and are responsible for the largest number of murders in human history, and yet we pretend that they are people who would respect human rights or play "fair" in the world. They don't and so long as they hold to their ideology, they lie, cheat, attack, and harm any who get in their way.


That is "the Left," and now the entire world is suffering because of their lies about how the SARS CoV-2 virus was "not transmissible human to human" when it was, that there wasn't even an epidemic in China when there was.

The Well-Known Hazards of Coronavirus Vaccines
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  May 10, 2020

Behind it all, this is actually a spiritual war and for those of us who recognize and revere the God who gave us life, there are angelic and dark forces actually working in the lives of the people and our leaders, battling over the fate of the people of the Earth!


Read the The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network plan that we have all been subjected to throughout the world and pay attention to their "lockdown" plan.  Look at the chapter beginning on page 18 entitled: 

"LOCK STEP Scenario Narratives"

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) September 2019 Report back to the UN and the W.H.O., "A World At Risk - Annual Report on Global Preparedness for Health Emergencies" that "imagined" the deliberate, intentionally released lethal respiratory virus: 

Save Yourself from Immunity "Storm" 
Russell L Blaylock, MD

The Blaylock Wellness Report Vol 15, No 4

From the Wizard of Oz, we know that saying, "Don't Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain!"


If you have visited my website lately you will see that since April 26th I have been fighting with Microsoft, Google, YouTube (and others/hosting etc) who were blocking my emails. BUT they were also blocking my ability to update my website so you did not see current info until possibly today.

I was able to use a different ID to get the word out on Social Media (I won’t disclose how I bypassed their blocks).

BUT under a different ID/NAME – VOILA the info about Ventura video went out for weeks on social media and caught on – and now  a FAKE APOLOGY is making news:

Ventura County clarifies claims it would force people from homes into isolated coronavirus centers

Ventura County officials were forced Wednesday to apologize and clarify that those who could not isolate or quarantine themselves would never be forcibly removed from their homes as part of an effort to further contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Video circulated on social media showed Dr. Robert Levin, the director of Ventura County Public Health, speaking before the board of supervisors Tuesday about a plan to hire up to 50 new “contact tracing investigators” to “find people who have COVID-19 and immediately isolate them, find every one of their contacts, make sure they stay quarantined and check in with them every day.”

Levin admitted his poor messaging during another press conference Wednesday, stressing those who test positive or who are identified by officials as having come in contact with an infected person would not be forcibly removed from their homes.

“I either misspoke or it was misinterpreted – I’ll take the blame of having misspoke,” Levin said. “Yesterday, at this conference, at the Board of Supervisors, I gave people the impression that if you were isolated, you would be taken out of your home and put into a hotel room or a motel room or sequestered in some other way.”

“If I did do that, I am very sorry," he said. "That is an option. That is possible. If you become infected, you don’t want to stay in your home, you’re afraid that you’ll expose other people, we’ll work with you to find a place to stay. And, it’s likely to be a hotel of a motel. We will desire for you to have your own room in your place of residence and a bathroom that can be dedicated to just you. Now, not everyone is fortunate enough to have more than one bathroom, so we’ll work with you.”

Levin added that out of the county's some 600 confirmed coronavirus cases, "only in very, very unusual circumstances, we’ve had to put someone up in a hotel or motel and this was for reasons which have nothing to do with your choice of staying in your household."

His apology came after several social media users, including one prominent anti-vaxxer, suggested the county would forcibly remove children who tested positive for COVID-19 from their parents’ homes and place them in quarantine centers.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if your six year old son or daughter tested positive for COVID19 and was taken from your home to a quarantine center by Ventura Health Authorities? This SHOCKING VIDEO demands that you plan ahead.


Ventura County, CA to hire dozens of Covid spies
19 residents of Ventura County, California have died so far from Covid. That’s 0.002% of the population.

Most places would consider this a rounding error. But in Ventura County, it’s 19 too many.

So the county government has now launched a ‘contact tracing’ initiative to hire 50 investigators, and perhaps more later, to track down people who might have Covid, “immediately isolate them,” and then “find every one of their contacts” to isolate those people as well.

They also state that, if someone has Covid and is living in a home with other family members, “we’re not going to be able to keep the person in that home. . .”

This is a mass surveillance apparatus that effectively amounts to a snatch-and-grab. You get a knock at the door and are forcibly removed from your home and taken away from your family because some county bureaucrat traced you to someone who might have the virus.

It’s like “pre-crime”, but even more ridiculous… I mean, look at the words they’re using-- it’s up to the government now to decide who gets to stay in their own private property with their families.




Sheriff refusing to enforce lockdown: 'This is not the country I grew up in'




DOCTORS IN BLACK - PlanDemic, global plan to take control of our lives, liberty, health & freedom




ARCHIVED HERE  IF Bitchute also disappears

ABOUT THE FILM. Truth of Doctors - Features scientist, Dr Judy Mikovits PHD. , Humanity is imprisoned by a killer pandemic. People are being arrested for surfing in the ocean and meditating in nature. Nations are collapsing. Hungry citizens are rioting for food. The media has generated so much confusion and fear that people are begging for salvation in a syringe. Billionaire patent owners are pushing for globally mandated vaccines. Anyone who refuses to be injected with experimental poisons will be prohibited from travel, education and work. No, this is not a synopsis for a new horror movie. This is our current reality.

Let’s back up to address how we got here...

In the early 1900s, America’s first Billionaire, John D. Rockefeller bought a German pharmaceutical company that would later assist Hitler to implement his eugenics-based vision by manufacturing chemicals and poisons for war. Rockefeller wanted to eliminate the competitors of Western medicine, so he submitted a report to Congress declaring that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that all natural healing modalities were unscientific quackery.

Rockefeller called for the standardization of medical education, whereby only his organization be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the US. And so began the practice of immune suppressive, synthetic and toxic drugs. Once people had become dependent on this new system and the addictive drugs it provided, the system switched to a paid program, creating lifelong customers for the Rockefellers.

Currently, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US. Rockefeller’s secret weapon to success was the strategy known as, “problem-reaction-solution.” Create a problem, escalate fear, then offer a pre-planned solution. Sound familiar?

Flash forward to 2020...

They named it COVID19. Our leaders of world health predicted millions would die. The National Guard was deployed. Makeshift hospitals were erected to care for a massive overflow of patients. Mass graves were dug. Terrifying news reports had people everywhere seeking shelter to avoid connect.

The plan is unfolding with precision. But the masters of the Pandemic underestimated one thing... the people.

Medical professionals and every-day citizens are sharing critical information online. The overlords of big tech have ordered all dissenting voices to be silenced and banned, but they are too late. The slumbering masses are awake and aware that something is not right. Quarantine has provided the missing element: time.

Suddenly, our overworked citizenry has ample time to research and investigate for themselves. Once you see, you can’t unsee.

The window of opportunity is open like never before. For the first time in human history, we have the world’s attention. Plandemic will expose the scientific and political elite who run the scam that is our global health system, while laying out a new plan; a plan that allows all of humanity to reconnect with healing forces of nature.

2020 is the code for perfect vision. It is also the year that will go down in history as the moment we finally opened our eyes. #plandemic #DoctorsinBlack #doctormovie #doctorfilm


In an interview which aired in 2014, Harry Vox shares his thoughts. The words being spoken mirror events happening today, six years later. This video is heralded or passed along in wild emails as BREAKING INFORMATION because the "scenario" video (re Rockefeller) was proffered back in 2014.

Guess all the patriots and truth seeks across America have been sleeping for the last 30 years as Peter Kawaja had actual evidence of all that is happening today and put it out as early as 1991 through today 2020. Perhaps it is because most Americans are so dumbed down (little no attention span) that READING it on a website with documentation is too hard for them, it must be in the form of a U-BOOB video of only a few minutes and VOILA - Ahaaaaa we can understand it because we are accustomed to watching HOLLY-WOOD movies.

Nonetheless, I post it here because it is on point even if it takes a wild man video as your classroom teacher to get you to GET IT - Your America is irretrievably broken and can never be fixed (by the inside the gates enemies) until the mass population feel the sting of SLAVERY, HUNGER, and ABSOLUTE OPPRESSION.

It is coming to your door as I have written, 30 years ago. ENJOY....








listen to this audio excerpt first

Dane Wigington - Thanks for confirming everything I have been saying for the last 30 YEARS.




[excerpt from 8-page document]



A nationwide/worldwide Pandemic is going to be created, of such magnitude, that it will threaten our very existence. This same government will then step in to offer a solution, they will have "an antidote" (VACCINE), BUT, only those who will accept the Medical ID (national id/CHIP) will be treated (but not-infected), all others will be considered a danger and threat to society, hunted down, and imprisoned or killed.  Americans will welcome this solution, will turn-in their neighbors and friends in order to survive themselves. At the same time, this instrument will permanently, publicly  SUSPEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THESE united STATES, to allow United Nations Rule (controlled by the shadow - Serpent People), a One World GovernmentAMERICA & THE WORLD WILL BE ENSLAVED.


They are preparing you for what they already know and have planned. It is not by an accident of nature, or foreign terrorist attack, it is by purposeful planning, and it is HERE.      

Penned in 1994 By: Peter Kawaja


Welcome to HOMELAND SECURITY - Perpetual Global War of Terror


Innoculations: The True Weapons of Mass Destruction
Causing VIDS, Vaccine Induced Diseases

(An Epidemic of Genocide)
January 29, 2005

After secretly moving to Florida to work with Peter Kawaja (everyone thought she was doing the shows with me from NY but not) doing Radio Shows several times per week, every week and spending over a year with me in Florida where she took up my mission to expose War Crimes by G.H.W. (daddy) Bush and the NWO crimes against humanity in Operation Desert Storm, Dr. Rebecca Carley and I announced we would be holding Internet War Crimes Trials ON AIR. That caused concern by The Deep State and Bush Sr. & Jr. as well as the CDC.

I had been warned by a messenger from THE HILL (who was later stabbed 9 times); "do not try him in the court of public opinion".

If you followed my documentation since 1991, you are on the same page and know these "facts".

The document on VIDS was written by Dr. Carley with my input and editing over a year's time, with the help of Chris Barr who also had a show on my Highway 2 Health and Against The Grain Radio Channels.

The CDC took the document and secretly placed it ON THEIR OWN CDC WEBSITE asking all employees and associates for feedback on how to counter the information Kawaja was to release (excerpt audio here). It took a "friend" researcher to send me the link to the document hidden and listed under my Name by Searching within the CDC domain for "Peter Kawaja".

Baby Bush went on TeeVee to do some Plausible Deniability in the form of WARNING the public America needs to be prepared for a Pandemic. Again, if you have read my documentation and listened to the audio clips on my website you know that I stated (and Dr. Garth Nicolson unwittingly confessed to me aka agreed) that his claimed (Doxycycline) treatment for Gulf War Syndrome was not a cure (but touted as such by the whore of Babylon Joyce Riley) but that it would mutate and come back with a vengeance. Without recounting the entire history, here is the relevance to today's COVID PLANDEMIC.

First - listen/watch Bush Jr. (click) here  Daddy & Script writers must have had a hand in it so he would make full sentences.

Then read here: This is the short Excerpt VERBATIM from the CDC's own Website (the entire document was posted there found only by typing the name "Peter Kawaja" on the CDC website:

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Home Page

Search Results You searched for: Peter Kawaja

OCSO - OPHR - CDC's Research Agenda - Starter List Comments
Research is needed to define what structure provides the greatest positive impact on population health. 04/15/2005 08:00 PU 347 C


The most heinous, bone chilling and evil piece of this puzzle has been revealed to the world by an American hero named Peter Kawaja, who worked in the late 1980’s as a security and counter terrorism expert for the United States government (a service for which he has been rewarded with the murder of his wife, torching of his home, issuance of a War Powers Act search warrant to (they thought) confiscate all his evidence, illegal IRS liens on all subsequent income, and multiple attempts on his own life, all funded by your tax dollars). Please go to and read some of the 34 counts that Mr. Kawaja brought against the domestic traitors to America (in both their individual and governmental capacities) in a federal lawsuit in which the perpetrators, again, used your tax dollars to hire themselves attorneys from the Department of “Justice” whose defense of their war criminal clients was that they are “immune, under color of law[10]”.

These charges also surround covert counter-terrorism activities in a lawsuit brought by Peter Kawaja and the International Security Group, Inc., (1994) as Plaintiffs v. various [named] Agents (agencies/US attorneys etc) of the U.S. Government and 100 John Does (Bush Administration). The charges laid in Kawaja's suit have never been refuted by the accused. Instead, the United States Government made a determination to appoint the US Attorney's Office to represent the Defendants, thereby admitting to the criminalities (and guilt). This decision to appoint "government" attorneys and the U.S. Attorney's Office to represent the Defendants was made after an initial response to the Plaintiff (Kawaja) filing Suit, and places these individuals, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and defend against terrorists (whether foreign or domestic) into the defendant’s box as well.  

If you do nothing, before long highly trained Special Operations commandos with state of the art weaponry will be used in the U.S. to “execute quarantine and certain health laws”, including the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act passed in all states where, following another domestically perpetrated biological scare (such as the anthrax mailings to the Congress), a solution in the form of a vaccine will be offered only to those who will accept the national ID chip being injected into them. All others will be considered a danger and threat to society, hunted down, and imprisoned in concentration camps already built or be killed. Americans will welcome this solution, and turn in their neighbors or friends in order to survive themselves. This was all predicted by Peter Kawaja in 1994 when he wrote “The Saddest Chapter of America’s History”.

Explain to the public why the CDC did not educate the public on the HCV epidemic after learning of it's wide spread potential and the largest population infected were the blood transfused.
Also explain to the public why the CDC did not establish an early warning system after the HIV/AIDS
epidemic was funded by congress so that this would never happen again or if it happened again, through the early warning system we could educate the public and slow the spread and/or identify the population potentially infected?
Governments failure has cost lives and we still have no "honest" public education on this issue. Instead we do have a CDC integrated plan that would conveniently integrate HCV into HIV/AIDS programs therefore again, adding salt to the wound;
misleading the public as to their real risk factors (either a drug abuser or MSM) and turn away any potential questioning of the governments role in the spread of this epidemic.






Internet trials to be soon held against those guilty of crimes against humanity by inoculation with disease on INTERNET RADIO BROADCASTS 11P-1AM MON-FRI EST






Regardless of what management says about developing a research agenda, many laboratory researchers believe that our days are numbered here at CDC. Laboratorians are being told to stop work on innovative basic research projects. We are being told that our role is to only support epi studies. Research will be done by the NIH. In light of the dismal state of HIV vaccines, it is obvious that we need to encourage thinking outside the box to solve this problem as well as the problem of emerging infectious diseases. When you stop allowing the labs to do cutting edge research, you will loose the abiltity to respond to new threats. We must keep our labs up to date with the newest technologies and encourage basic research ideas. I think it is great to develop specific priorites and goals for research but we must remain open to new ideas as they come along. This developing agenda must continue to evolve over time. It is hard to believe that management is serious about supporting "research agendas" in light of the day to day decisions that are being made.






As before (and seems always) these strategies are exclusively “REactive” and seem to address only the known/notifiable/occurring diseases in areas where human population is already exposed and “suffering” . This is good, necessary, extremely important, but as before leaves us totally unprepared for any upcoming events and changes. What we need is a PROactive strategy that would tell us what to expect and where before humans are actually start falling sick. New lands are being developed; urban sprawl puts people ever closer to the nature (I love leaving in suburbs); large areas are being deforested or reforested; vector and reservoir species compositions are changing ... I could go on and on. If we new 20 years ago what we know today about natural cycle and foci of Lyme disease, would it have such an impact on the nation as it have had? Or would we be able to prepare for the effects of reforestation and = prevent the “pandemic” at least partially? Well, currently Amblyomma americanum is on the move and spreading allover and very quickly, exceeding in abundance the existing ticks in many areas. Do we know what these ticks carry, what they can transmit, how they affect the existing vertebrate, vector and pathogen communities? Are we prepared for a “pandemic” of STARI (or like) allover the Country? Exotic ticks (and files I am sure) are being imported into the Country, and some of those are getting a firm footing here. Are we/public/doctors prepared to prevent, recognize, and treat hartwater, African tick fever, CCHF, or is it going to be another thunder from a seemingly blue sky? And these are just the most apparent threats. In short, we need a strategy and a system (something like a network of perpetual monitoring stations) to monitor the natural foci regardless of the presence or absence of an already suffering human 

“One basic truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of lies, and if we dig down deep enough in the mountain of lies, and bring out that truth, to set it on top of the mountain of lies; the entire mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of that one truth. And there is nothing more devastating to a structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to follow, awakening even those people who had no desire to be awakened to the truth.” (by Delamar Duvaris as written in the preface of “Behold the Pale Horse” by William Cooper).

{Editor's Note: This is a very important article that ought to be read by every parent with young children and while there are many important aspects to this story, I want to alert parents up front of the unrecognized DANGER inherent in taking small children-who have not yet been inoculated with vaccine poisons- to any Emergency Room in American hospitals today. Hospital personnel will ROUTINELY inquiry if your children's "shots are up to date". If you are honest and tell them no, they will insist on vaccinating your kid then and there. If you refuse, the hospital will contact the state Child Protective Services, or the State Health Department, or even the District Attorney. In a day or two, the Child Protective Service will come to your home and tell you that your children MUST be vaccinated or they will have to place your child in foster care and you will be charged with felonies, as was case with the young mother illustrated below. This is NOT an unusual occurrence in America today. It is COMMONPLACE, but you just don't hear about it on the evening news-and you never will.

In the case of Dr. Len Horowitz, when this situation happened to him and his family some years ago while visiting in New York City, the hospital personnel refused to release his child from the emergency room (called in the cops) until Horowitz agreed to the vaccinations; otherwise they were going to take his child from him, charge him with parental abuse, and arrest him on the spot.

If your have a routine, minor emergency with a small child (who you wish to keep vaccine-free), I would avoid hospital emergency rooms. Rather, go to a clinic (a small one) or see a doctor privately or better yet, learn to treat your child yourself at home. Naturally, if you have a life threatening emergency that requires surgery or other major intervention to save a life, then you have no choice, but 95% of emergency room visits are routine, minor, and not life threatening. Protecting your children from vaccine poisons is more important today that at any other time in American history. The Real Power structure in America is the Illuminati, not the puppets we call politicians, judges, etc., and the Illuminati is in the throes of a GENOCIDE CAMPAIGN to reduce the world's overall population by roughly 85%. Inoculations are one of the main vectors of that genocide campaign. ...Ken]

By Rebecca Carley, M.D. <>
Court Qualified Expert in VIDS and Legal Abuse Syndrome
January 29, 2005

The basic truth that served as the foundation for the mountain of lies known as vaccinations was the observation that mammals which recover from infection with microorganisms acquire natural immunity from further infections. Whenever T cells (the little Pac man cells which devour and neutralize viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells, thus conferring cellular immunity) and B cells (antibody producing cells which confer humeral immunity) are activated by various substances foreign to the body called antigens, some of the T and B cells become memory cells. Thus, the next time the individual meets up with that same antigen, the immune system can be quickly triggered to demolish it. This is the process known as natural immunity.

This truth gave birth to a beLIEf that if a foreign antigen was injected into an individual, that individual would then become immune to a future infection. This beLIEf, (you see the lie in the middle), was given the name, “vaccinations”. What the promoters of vaccination failed to realize is that the respiratory tract of ALL mammals (since animals are just as devastated by these inoculations with disease as are humans) contain secretory IgA (an antibody which initiates the natural God given immune response) within the respiratory tract mucosa. Bypassing this mucosal aspect of the immune system by directly injecting organisms into the bloodstream leads to a corruption in the immune system itself. As a result, the pathogenic viruses or bacteria cannot be eliminated by the immune system and remain in the body, where they will further grow and/or mutate as the individual is exposed to ever more antigens and toxins in the environment which continue to assault the immune system. This is especially true with viruses grouped under the term “stealth adapted”, which are viruses that lack some critical antigens normally recognized by the cellular immune system.

The mechanism by which the immune system is corrupted can best be realized when you understand that the two poles of the immune system (the cellular and humoral mechanisms) have a reciprocal relationship. Thus, when one is stimulated, the other is inhibited. Since vaccines activate the B cells to secrete antibody, the T cells are subsequently suppressed. This suppression of the cell- mediated response is a key factor in the development of cancer and life threatening infections. In fact, the “prevention” of a disease via vaccination is, in reality, an inability to expel organisms due to the suppression of the cell-mediated response. Thus, rather than preventing disease, the disease is actually prevented from ever being resolved. The organisms continue circulating through the body, adapting to the hostile environment by transforming into other organisms depending on acidity, toxicity and other changes to the internal terrain of the body as demonstrated by the works of Professor Antoine Béchamp. He established this prior to the development of the “germ theory” of disease by Louis Pasteur. Pasteur’s “germ theory” was a plagiarist’s attempt to reshape the truth from Béchamp into his own “original” premise – the beLIEf that germs are out to “attack” us, thereby causing dis-ease. Thus, treatment of infection with antibiotics as well as “prevention” of disease with vaccines are both just corrupted attempts at cutting off the branches of dis-ease, when the root of the cause is a toxic internal environment combined with nutritional deficiency. However, since Pasteur’s germ theory was conducive to the profits of the burgeoning pharmaceutical cartels that only manage dis-ease, no mention of the work of Professor Béchamp is made in medical school curricula.

To make matters worse than the suppression of cellular immunity which occurs when vaccines are injected, adjuvants (which are substances added to vaccines to enhance the antibody response) can actually lead to serious side effects themselves. Adjuvants include oil emulsions, mineral compounds (which may contain the heavy metal aluminum), bacterial products, liposomes (which allow delayed release of substances), and squalene. The side effects of adjuvants themselves include hyperactivity of B cells leading to pathologic levels of antibody production, as well as allergic reaction to the adjuvants themselves (as demonstrated in Gulf War I soldiers injected with vaccines containing the adjuvant squalene, to which antibodies were found in many soldiers). Note that the pathologically elevated hyperactivity of antibody production caused by adjuvants also results in a distraction from the other antigens that the immune system encounters “naturally”, which must be addressed to maintain health.

This hyperactivity of the humoral (antibody producing) pole of the immune system is, in this author’s opinion, the sole cause of all autoimmune diseases. The only thing which determines which autoimmune disease you develop is which tissues in your body are attacked by auto-antibodies. If the inside lining of the gastrointestinal tract (the mucosa) is attacked by auto-antibodies you develop leaky gut syndrome (which leads to food allergies when partially digested food particles are released into the bloodstream, are recognized as antigens foreign to the body, and elicit an antibody response against those food particles that becomes heightened every time that same food is eaten and released into the bloodstream partially digested again). Crohn’s disease and colitis are also caused by auto-antibody attack on the mucosa of the GI tract itself. If the islet (insulin producing) cells of the pancreas are attacked by auto-antibodies, you develop insulin dependent (juvenile) diabetes. If the respiratory mucosa is attacked by auto-antibodies, you develop “leaky lung” syndrome where, just as with leaky gut, antigens recognized as foreign to the body which are inhaled are able to traverse the lining of the respiratory tract, causing the creation of antibodies against those antigens (usually dust, mold, pet or pollen antigens). When these substances are inhaled again, the allergic response producing constriction of the bronchioles is called asthma. If the components of the articular surface of the joints are attacked by auto-antibodies, you develop rheumatoid (or juvenile) arthritis. If the skin is attacked, you develop “leaky skin” syndrome, where contact antigens which could not otherwise traverse the skin are allowed in, leading to skin allergies to contact antigens. Additionally, depending on which level of the skin is attacked by auto-antibodies, (i.e., the epidermis or dermis), you develop eczema, psoriasis or scleroderma. If the kidney tissue is attacked by auto-antibodies, you develop one of the many types of nephritis, depending on which component of renal tissue is attacked (for example, with glomerulonephritis, the basement membrane of the glomerular apparatus within the kidney (which filters blood to form urine) is attacked by auto-antibodies, thus allowing protein to escape from the serum into the urine). If you develop auto-antibodies against thyroid gland tissue, you develop Grave’s disease. If you develop auto-antibodies against the tissue of the thymus gland (which is crucial in T cell production and function), you develop myasthenia gravis. If you develop auto-antibodies against the very DNA in the nucleus of all cells, you develop systemic Lupus (thus, the potential autoimmune potential of DNA vaccines being developed now is self evident; worse yet, DNA components from these vaccines can be incorporated into your DNA, leading to actual genetic changes which could cause extinction of all (vaccinated) life on the Earth). And on, and on, and on.

The brain and spinal cord can also be attacked with auto-antibodies (which this author refers to as vaccine induced encephalitis), leading to a variety of neurological diseases. The most severe of these, leading to death, are sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and most cases of “shaken baby syndrome”. If components of the myelin sheath (the insulating covering of nerve fibers which allows proper nerve conduction) or the actual neurofilaments themselves are attacked by auto-antibodies, the resultant condition is determined solely by the location of the damage done. Such neurological conditions include but are not limited to minimal brain dysfunction, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, mental retardation, criminal behavior, the spectrum of pervasive developmental disorders (including autism), multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Guillen Barre’, seizure disorders, etc., etc. etc. (Please note that other toxins are also sometimes involved, such as: aspartame, Lymes and mercury in cases of MS; aspartame in seizures; or pesticides in cases of Parkinson’s). Thus, when detoxing to reverse these diseases, these other substances must also be detoxed to obtain a full recovery. However, the corruption of the immune system caused by the injection of vaccines is a key component in these disease states leading to immune malfunction, and is the reason why an autistic child may also have leaky gut or eczema, etc. Note that myelin production, for the most part, does not begin until after birth. Most myelin is apparently laid down by age 5 years and usually completed by age 10 years, judging by the level of success at various ages in reversing autistic and other neurological VIDS symptoms that this author has observed in hundreds of children by detoxing the viruses with homeopathic nosodes, and repairing the immune corruption by simultaneous administration of bovine colostrum (i.e., after 10 years of age, the ability to stop and repair auto-antibody induced damage in the myelin sheath and neurofilaments themselves is dramatically decreased).

Thus, the hyperactivity of the humoral arm of the immune system in autoimmune disease is caused by adjuvants added just for that purpose. However, the damage caused by the autoimmunity itself (i.e., antibody against self) has several mechanisms, including the following:

1. The antigens present in the culture media itself cannot be completely filtered and separated from the organisms cultured thereon. Thus, any antibodies formed against antigens from the culture cells themselves (for example myelin basic protein from chick embryos or the 13 vaccines which now contain aborted human fetal cells) can cross-react to form an autoimmune reaction against the myelin basic protein in your myelin sheath, etc.

2. Molecular mimicry is due to similarity of proteins contained in organisms and mammals. (For example, the measles virus is made up of proteins similar to myelin basic protein; thus, antibodies formed against the measles virus antigens subsequently also cause an auto-antibody attack against myelin basic protein in the myelin sheath due to cross reactivity of these antibodies).

3. Formation of immune complexes occur as antigens and antibodies interlock into clusters which can then become trapped in various tissues, especially the kidneys, lung, skin, joints, or blood vessels. Once trapped, these complexes then set off an inflammatory reaction which lead to further tissue damage.

4. Intentional inclusion of antigens in vaccines to cause formation of antibodies that attack specific hormones or races (for example, experiments done on women of childbearing age in the Philippines and probably other locations where HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone produced when women first become pregnant) placed into vaccines given these women resulted in antibodies against the HCG hormone, and subsequent spontaneous abortion thus occurred when the women became pregnant. It is also this author’s hypothesis that the epidemic of vitiligo in people of color (hypo pigmentation of skin caused by auto-antibody attack on melanocytes (melanin producing cells) in skin) is also occurring due to intentional inclusion of melanin in vaccines given to people of color.

In addition to the above phenomena which lead to simultaneous depression of cellular immune function and hyperactivity of humoral immune function, vaccines also contain other toxic substances which can cause serious side effects themselves. The following ingredients are actually listed on the CDC website with this introductory statement: “Many things in today’s world, including food and medicines, have chemicals added to them to prevent the growth of germs and reduce spoilage.” Translation: you’re already toxic, so what’s the big deal with adding more poison? This author’s answer to that question is that any immunotoxin can end up being the “straw that breaks the immune system’s back” in that individual, leading to dis-ease. This is where genetics is key; i.e., not that what disease you develop is actually caused by some “gene” in most cases; but rather that your genes determine the strength of your immune system (i.e., how many assaults your immune system can take before it reaches critical mass, and you develop a dis-ease).

Some additional ingredients in vaccines (as listed by the CDC on their website) include antibiotics, aluminum gels, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), egg protein, and sulfites. Thus, we have antibiotics (which you could be allergic to); aluminum (which when combined with silicon deficiency, results in the neurofibrillary tangles seen in Alzheimer’s disease); formaldehyde (a toxic carcinogenic substance used to preserve dead people); MSG ( a potent excitotoxin which, like aspartame, can cause seizures, brain tumors, etc.); egg protein (to which you could have a life threatening anaphylactic reaction); and sulfites (another toxin which we are advised not to consume much of orally, but in vaccines, it is injected directly into the blood stream). Is this not a veritable witch’s brew of chemicals, organisms, and animal parts? What the CDC does NOT list is that 13 vaccines at present (and more are in the works) are actually cultured on aborted human fetal tissues (go to for more info). THIS IS CANNIBALISM. Note in this list that they also fail to mention the ethyl-mercury containing preservative thimerosol, which has been the only dangerous substance in vaccines to receive mainstream media attention (albeit most of that being disinformation) after the explosion in the rate of occurrence of autism in the last generation became self-evident proof that vaccines are the causative factor. For, although the scientists working for the medical mafia continue to use statistics to twist and spin their data to make us beLIEve that vaccines are not the cause, too many thousands of parents have watched their children enter the downward spiral into autism after their children received the vaccine which was the straw that broke the back of their child’s immune system. No matter what the “white coats” tell these parents, they know the truth!

Mercury (also in dental amalgam fillings) is a highly toxic heavy metal, has been documented to cause cancer, and can be absorbed through the digestive track, skin, and respiratory track. Mercury is 1,000 times more toxic than lead, and is second only to uranium as the most toxic metal. If children receive all recommended vaccines, they will receive 2,370 times the “allowable safe limit” for mercury in the first two years of life (as if there is such a thing as a “safe” amount of a toxic poison). Yet, even after Congressional hearings instigated by Congressman Dan Burton (whose own grandchild became autistic after receiving vaccines) resulted in the FDA requesting (not ordering) vaccine manufacturers to remove this toxic heavy metal from their products, mercury is still present in many vaccines.

Although the symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical to the symptoms of autism, it should be noted that most children who descend into the hellish state known as autism do so after the MMR vaccine. The MMR vaccine is one of the few vaccines that do not contain mercury. Thus, it is self-evident that the removal of mercury will not make vaccines “safe”. (This is why the mercury is the only thing being addressed at all; because when the people reading this paper realize that the very mechanism by which vaccines corrupt the immune system means that NO vaccine is safe and effective; there will be an evolution of consciousness where the structure of lies telling us vaccines are safe and effective disintegrates.) In the autistic community, this will lead to an exodus from the multiple autism groups saying it is all about the mercury or worse yet, that autism genes are “inherited”, to the only group which has their focus on the actual problem. This group is named TAAP (the Autism Autoimmunity Project at, and is led by April Oakes. In this author’s opinion, it will be TAAP in alliance with the vaccine damaged soldiers and vets of the American Gulf War Veterans Association at led by Peter Kawaja which, working together, will stop this holocaust on humanity called VIDS.

The good news is that these VIDS can be reversed using natural remedies contained in the Hippocrates Protocol ( This “surgical strike” detoxification approach which has the potential to reverse ALL of the aforementioned conditions under the VIDS umbrella as long as detoxification is started early enough (before age 10 for neurological VIDS) will be the one truth put on top of the mountain of lies (that vaccines are safe and effective) that will cause the entire mountain of vaccine lies to crumble. Combined with a massive outpouring of public support to these two organizations, the root of the tree of vaccine evil will be exposed. Thus, the holocaust on humanity (where instead of people being put in concentration camps, the concentration camps are being put into the people) will finally be put to an end.

Unfortunately, we can no longer pretend that this epidemic of VIDS is merely a “mistake” made by well intentioned, albeit misguided mad scientists. Because it’s even worse than the above, folks…we are talking TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, PETS, and even PLANTS, (which are also being genetically modified to create vaccines). The evidence for this is as follows:

As concern for population growth started to grow and the final plans to bring in the New World Order were put in place, this lie called vaccines was transformed into pure evil, as it was realized that such delivery systems could be used to intentionally cause disease, which is now being done under the US Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, § 1520 and 1524. You can read it for yourself at your local library, or go to

This law has been in place since the 1960's, and it was last modified in April of 2000. The only stipulation made for experimentation on human subjects is that local civilian officials be notified 30 days before the experiment is started. Section 1524 adds that the Secretary of Defense may enter into agreements with the Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide support for vaccination programs through use of excess peacetime biological weapons (i.e., weapons of mass destruction). In April 2000, § 1520 (a) was passed to put alleged restrictions on the use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents after a caller on C Span mentioned this law in 1999, which revealed this treasonous law to a huge audience of listeners (including this author, who has been including it in lectures and written materials since that call came into “Washington Journal”). However, the exceptions written to Title 50, chapter 32 under § 1520 subsection (b) in the 2000 law passed by our aiders and abettors of treason in Congress not only loophole back in a test carried out for "any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity"; but add that such biological and chemical warfare agents can now be also used for any law enforcement purpose, including "any purpose related to riot control” (just in case those C Span listeners should actually get off the couch at the horror of what the traitors in Washington, D.C. are doing to God’s people). Subsection (c) of this law now mandates that “informed consent” be required. In reality, not a single vaccine has ever been tested for its long term side effects (including carcinogenic potential). Additionally, the intentional introduction of stealth viruses, (including man-made viruses that cause cancer, mycoplasma and the HIV virus), antigens which target certain races, (and surely a microchip in the future) into vaccines makes it self evident that informed consent is impossible, as it would initiate impeachment proceedings and war crimes trials against every “public servant” involved in perpetrating these crimes against the American people, in violation of the Nuremberg Code (which was written after the end of WW II to prevent the barbaric experiments that occurred in the Nazi concentration camps) . What most people don’t know is that the top level mad scientists from Nazi Germany were actually brought to the United States through “Operation Paperclip”, and have been continuing their work to this day in places like Brookhaven labs, Cold Spring Harbor and Plum Island in this author’s backyard on Long Island. In 1969 the U.S. military/CIA and Rockefeller directed National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council (NAS-NRC) announced that a research program to explore the feasibility of "creating a new infective microorganism…which would be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease" could be completed at a total cost of $10 million. Yes, this is what your tax dollars are going towards, folks. But hang on to your hat, because it only gets worse.

The most heinous, bone chilling and evil piece of this puzzle has been revealed to the world by an American hero named Peter Kawaja, who worked in the late 1980’s as a security and counter terrorism expert for the United States government (a service for which he has been rewarded with the murder of his wife, torching of his home, issuance of a war crimes subpoena to (they thought) confiscate all his evidence, illegal IRS liens on all subsequent income, and multiple attempts on his own life, all funded by YOUR tax dollars). Please go to and read some of the 34 counts that Mr. Kawaja brought against the domestic traitors to America (in both their individual and governmental capacities) in a federal lawsuit in which the perpetrators, again, used your tax dollars to hire themselves attorneys from the Department of “Justice” whose defense of their war criminal clients was that they are “immune, under color of law”. (You can listen to Mr. Kawaja on one of his multiple internet radio shows, including “What’s Ailing America?” which he co-hosts with this author at every Friday at 9 PM, EST.

Dr. James R. Shannon, former director of the National Institute of Health reported in December, 2003 that “the only safe vaccine is one that is never used”. However, the reverberating truth, “the shot heard round the world” which will lead to the evolution of consciousness necessary to stop the holocaust against humanity known as vaccinations, will be that not only are vaccinations not safe or effective, but that they are actually weapons of mass destruction being perpetrated upon humanity in the name of health, for the purpose of genocide and to bring in the New World Order. Part 2 of the genocidal plan could drop anytime with activation of the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act whenever the next fabricated terrorist attack using biological agents occurs. Worse yet, the Congressional traitors in Washington posing as public “servants” are doing all they can to pass “Codex” legislation which will make the natural remedies and supplements used in the Hippocrates Protocol developed by this author to reverse all dis-eases only available by prescription. So, you didn’t hear about that on your local news station either? Please go to the site of John Hamill of the International Alliance for Health Freedom (who reversed his schizophrenia symptoms with these natural supplements and has dedicated his life to stop Codex from passing) at .

Wake up, America-it's getting very late….it is time for the mountain of lies to crumble. Please spread the world to everyone you know….we will make it happen! The time to stop chopping at branches and get to the root of this evil is now ! Refer everyone you know to, where in the spring of 2005, Habib Peter Kawaja, as prosecutor for the people, will commence trials on the internet against the traitors of America for their crimes against humanity. These traitors include William Atkinson, MD, MPH of the National Immunization Program at the CDC. On December 9, 2004, Dr. Atkinson informed a NYS Department of Health minion that a child to whom this author had given a vaccine exemption “should be vaccinated unless he has an anaphylactic allergy to hepatitis B vaccine” as there is “no such syndrome [as VIDS]”. Yet, in a document published by the CDC on May 4, 2000 (# 99-6194) entitled “Vaccine Information Statements; What You Need to Know”, on page 9 the following is printed under the heading “The Law (Recording Patient Information and Reporting Adverse Events): 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-25. Recording and Reporting of Information, (b) Reporting (2) “A report under paragraph (1) respecting a vaccine shall include the time periods after the administration of such vaccine within which vaccine-related illnesses, disabilities, injuries, or conditions the symptoms and manifestations of such illnesses, disabilities, injuries, or conditions, or DEATHS occur, and the manufacturer and lot number of the vaccine.” Thus, while Dr. Atkinson informed this author on January 8, 2005 that “having a judge in the Bronx Family Court “qualify” you as an “expert witness” neither makes you an expert, nor proves the existence of so called “vaccine induced disease syndrome”; the CDC’s own documents refer to the federal mandate for such to be reported to the secretary. Dr. Atkinson stated in this same e-mail that “[he] hope[s] [this author] [is] receiving the psychiatric treatment recommended by the New York Medical Board”; yet offered not a single rebuttal to the mechanism whereby the mechanism of VIDS is explained in this paper. Ergo, this author hereby formally charges Dr. Atkinson and his co-conspirators in the CDC with the following counts, including but not limited to:

01.) False statements within a Government Agency, Title 18 USC § 35.1001.

02.) WAR CRIMES - crimes when death occurs, Title 18 USC § 34.

03.) Concealment, removal - Title 18 USC § 2071.

04.) Aiding and Abetting, Title 18 USC § 3.

05.) Obstruction of Justice, Title 18 USC § 1505 / USC § 2 (26).

06.) Defrauding America, Title 18, USC § 1101 (25).

These charges all surround covert counter-terrorism activities in a lawsuit (go to brought by Peter Kawaja and the International Security Group, Inc., (1994) as Plaintiffs v. various [named] Agents (agencies/US attorneys etc) of the U.S. Government and 100 John Does. (Bush Administration), and will be submitted to the People of the United States and the World in the aforementioned internet trial to be conducted in the Spring of 2005. The charges laid in Kawaja's suit have never been refuted by the accused. Instead, the United States Government made a determination to appoint the US Attorney's Office to represent the Defendants, thereby admitting to the criminalities (and guilt). This decision to appoint "government" attorneys and the U.S. Attorney's Office to represent the Defendants was made after an initial response to the Plaintiff (Kawaja) filing Suit. This action places these individuals, also sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and defend against terrorists (whether foreign or domestic) into the defendant’s box as well.

If the People lead, the “leaders” will follow. SILENCE IS CONSENT. We have found a true leader in Habib Peter Kawaja. If you do nothing, before long highly trained Special Operations commandos with state of the art weaponry will be used in the U.S. to “execute quarantine and certain health laws”, including the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act passed in all states where, following another domestically perpetrated biological scare (such as the anthrax mailings to the Congress), a solution in the form of a vaccine will be offered only to those who will accept the national ID chip being injected into them. All others will be considered a danger and threat to society, hunted down, and imprisoned in concentration camps already built or be killed. Americans will welcome this solution, and turn in their neighbors or friends in order to survive themselves. This was all predicted by Peter Kawaja in 1994 when he wrote “The Saddest Chapter of America’s History”. If you are not part of the solution, therefore, you are part of the problem. Please do all you can (including telling others about the internet trial and donating whatever you can at to make this happen. It is now in your hands, People of the United States of America.

Respectfully submitted by Rebecca Carley, MD

(The author wishes to thank Mr. Chris Barr, a fellow radio host on and for his invaluable additions and editorial assistance in the writing of this document.)

Response to dissenting comments to VIDS paper posted at from a microbiologist (Twinkle) to the VIDS paper written by Dr. Carley:

Comment: Secretory IgA does NOT initiate the immune response. It is well down the line after the immune response is begun. Secretory IgA's purpose is to protect against air borne pathogens, and is involved, as an unfortunate side-effect of our immune system, in allergic reactions to air-borne allergens (antigens which are not pathogenic in nature).

Dr. Carley's response:

The definition of pathogen is a "specific causative agent of disease". Since allergies, asthma, and anaphylaxis are listed as diseases, then "allergens" become pathogens due to involvement with IgE (as described below).

Secretory IgA, found predominantly in the saliva and secretions of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts, is the initial normal antibody response to all airborne and ingested pathogens. All the childhood exanthem diseases, flu, pneumonia, etc. are breathed in when you contract the disease IgA is involved in the initial pathogen encounter. IgA helps protect against viral infection, helps agglutinate bacteria, neutralize microbial toxins, and decrease bacterial attachment to mucosal surfaces. IgA does not react with allergens, as they only become allergens once IgE instead of IgA lines the respiratory tract or skin after the immune system is corrupted by inoculation with disease; therefore, allergies are caused by the corruption in the immune system induced by vaccines (referred to as an "unfortunate side effect of our IMMUNE system" above) which is heightened by the adjuvants.

IgE is the pathologic antibody created after corruption of the immune system by inoculation instead of inhalation of disease. IgE acts as a reagin and sensitizes mast & basophil cells, causing release of their histamine and slow reacting substance granules on contact with an allergen. This process is responsible for allergic responses of immediate hypersensitivity such as anaphylaxis, which is a potential side effect noted in the PDR for every vaccine; as well as the wheal and flare reaction in hives, and the bronchial constriction characteristic of an acute asthmatic attack. As my paper was intended not to scientifically overwhelm lay readers, these details were omitted.

Comment: The class of antibodies which is actually responsible for removing bacteria and viruses from the circulatory system and/or tissues, is most definitely developed in response to an appropriate vaccination. This has been proven so many times its ludicrous to suggest that it’s a huge government conspiracy.

Dr. Carley's response:

Diseases associated with immunologic deficiency involve deficiency of cellular immunity and/or hypersensitivity due to out of control antibody production (humoral immunity). In fact, progressive vaccinia (following vaccination with cowpox) occurs in the presence of high titers of circulating antibody to the virus[1] [as the cellular component of the immune response is muted when the humoral arm of the immune system is elevated to pathological levels as the result of adjuvants]. Thus, the cellular arm of the immune system cannot respond adequately, and cowpox lesions spread all over the body.

Therefore, since the viruses when injected cannot be expelled from the body (which is why inoculation with disease does not cause the rash seen with childhood exanthems), the person is actually chronically infected with the pathogen...not "protected" as the vaccine superstition purports. In fact, the DNA vaccines now being developed (that inject plasmids, which are closed rings of recombinant DNA that make their way to the nucleus of a cell and instruct the cell to synthesize encoded antigenic proteins[2] ), will actually alter the very genetic makeup of the person, animal, or plant so vaccinated, and has the potential to thus cause extinction of any group against which such is perpetrated (genocide) [3].

Lastly, all autoimmune diseases and cancer in clients who have gone through the Hippocrates protocol to detoxify the inoculated pathogens with homeopathy and rebuild the immune system have had a positive response. As observation is part of the scientific method, this is scientific proof verifying the above.

[1] "IMMUNOLOGY", by Ronald D. Guttman, MD, Professor of Medicine, McGill University, et. al., ( ISBN # 0-89501-009-7), 1983, pg. 12, 15 & 73.

[2] “GENETIC VACCINES” in Scientific American, July 1999, pgs. 50-57, pg. 52.

[3] Genocide = systematic destruction of a racial or cultural group (Merriam-Webster dictionary)


Dr. Rebecca Carley has just been contacted by the parent of one of her patients who was reversed of vaccine injury some years ago by following Dr. Carley's Hippocrates Protocol and told that the new school the child is going to will not accept the medical exemption given to the child, and that the child must be injected with the Hepatitis B vaccine in order to stay in school. This school in Upstate NY (which will only receive federal funding if 90% of the children are inoculated with disease) contacted a NYS minion who contacted a CDC minion; the latter minion determining that "there is no such syndrome [as VIDS], and the child should be vaccinated unless [s]he has an anaphylactic allergy to hepatitis B vaccine" [which, of course, will not be known until the parent of the child plays Russian roulette with the child and allows the first Hepatitis B inoculation to be given]. As the child already developed VIDS after the inoculations given when she was younger, this protective Mom decided she did not want to play Russian roulette with her daughter's immune system, and contacted Dr. Carley to prevent activation of the SS (Social Services) and abduction of the child into foster care.

What the CDC minion does not realize is that Dr. Carley was qualified as an expert in VIDS (Vaccine Induced Disease Syndromes) by a NY Family Court judge last year (where her testimony prevented the state from abducting a 2 year old child from a mother whose child had sustained a laceration of her leg after falling on a broken glass which had just come out of the dishwasher). The homeopathically trained Mom in that case gave her child remedies against tetanus as a precaution (even though she knew tetanus would not be present on a glass which had just come out of a dishwasher), and brought the child to the local ER to have the laceration sutured. When asked if the child was "up to date" on her immunizations, the Mom told the truth, and said she did not inoculate her children with disease, and did not give consent for injection of the child with tetanus toxin, formaldehyde, ethyl mercury, dry "natural" latex rubber, aluminum potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate and unspecified antigens from culture medium on which the Clostridium tetani are grown.

Although the wound healed beautifully (with concurrent use of colloidal silver and vitamins A, C and also zinc (which promote wound healing), this Mom's refusal to submit to the demands of the ER white coat was investigated by SS (Social "Services") minions, and Mom was deemed to have committed "medical neglect" on not only the 2 year old, but her other unvaccinated children as well. Thus, the State started proceeding to abduct all her children for placement into foster care and possible adoption.

One of this Mom's friends, whose child had been healed of autism by following Dr. Carley's Hippocrates protocol, referred this Mom to Dr. Carley for help after the hearings had been commenced. Dr. Carley appeared at the hearing on March 10, 2003 and the judge deemed that Dr. Carley's research on VIDS did (and still does, despite the "un-licensed" status of Dr. Carley) meet the legal criteria for valid science established in the US Supreme Court opinion for the purpose of admitting expert witness testimony issued in Daubert v. Merrel Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 509 U.S. 579, 113 S. Ct. 2786, 125 L.Ed. 2d 469 (1993). Thus, Dr. Carley was qualified as an expert witness in VIDS; the case was dismissed against this Mom, and she and her children returned home, where they packed their bags immediately and left NYS. Unfortunately for all parents who have investigated and decided it would be insane to allow such an assault on their children, there is nowhere to hide, as this Gestapo tactic is being used against parents all over the United States.

Dr. Carley, whose only child was abducted from her due to her "continued persistence disorder" in helping these vaccine injured children, is now going to take on the CDC and prove that VIDS has been "legally" established as a valid syndrome by the aforementioned precedent setting case where Dr. Carley was deemed an expert in VIDS. If the CDC does not now establish that such a syndrome exists, they will be charged with racketeering and fraud under the Federal Rico standards, and their collusion and conspiracy with the Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers and the Department of "Health" to experiment on US citizens under Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520 & 1524 will be exposed. This case will bring down the mountain of lies on which the principle that "vaccines are safe and effective" was established.

Listen to Dr. Carley's radio broadcast on HIGHWAY 2 HEALTH with Peter Kawaja, "What's Ailing America?”, at 10PM (EDT) December 29th, 2004 for discussion of this very important case, which also has the potential to force the VA to provide treatment based on the Hippocrates Protocol to the millions of vaccine damaged active duty (military) service-members and veterans.

Dr. William Atkinson <>, Director of CDC's National Immunization Program, was sent the following notice charging him with crimes against humanity on 1/27/05 by e-mail by Dr. Carley:

Dear Dr. Atkinson,

Please be advised that I AM hereby charging you with crimes against humanity (for which you will soon be tried on the internet), as well as slander against myself for the LIES you told the students at your "CDC immunization contractor's conference" recently in Phoenix, Arizona...said lies including that "I AM delusional, psychotic, and I threatened your life". Please be advised that the call one of your students made to report your actions to me will be played on tonight at 9 PM, as well as on at 11PM. You are, as always, more than welcome to call in and defend your lies about me, your inability to come up with a single scientific rebuttal to the self evident mechanism causing VIDS in the paper I sent you, as well as the reason you stated that "there is no such thing as VIDS", when YOUR OWN CDC DOCUMENTS STATE THAT THERE IS, AS FOLLOWS:

In a document published by the CDC on May 4, 2000 (# 99-6194) entitled “Vaccine Information Statements; What You Need to Know”, on page 9 the following is printed under the heading “The Law (Recording Patient Information and Reporting Adverse Events): 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-25. Recording and Reporting of Information, (b) Reporting (2) “A report under paragraph (1) respecting a vaccine shall include the time periods after the administration of such vaccine within which vaccine-related illnesses, disabilities, injuries, or conditions the symptoms and manifestations of such illnesses, disabilities, injuries, or conditions, or DEATHS occur, and the manufacturer and lot number of the vaccine.”

Please be advised that "Vaccine Induced Diseases" EQUALS "Vaccine related illnesses, disabilities, injuries, or conditions". DOES IT NOT?

The charges I hereby make against you for your crimes against humanity in the updated version of my paper (which all the students you directed to my website at can now read there) include the following:

01.) False statements within a Government Agency, Title 18 USC § 35.1001.

02.) WAR CRIMES - crimes when death occurs, Title 18 USC § 34.

03.) Concealment, removal - Title 18 USC § 2071.

04.) Aiding and Abetting, Title 18 USC § 3.

05.) Obstruction of Justice, Title 18 USC § 1505 / USC § 2 (26).

06.) Defrauding America, Title 18, USC § 1101 (25).

Please be aware, Dr. Atkinson, that it will be THE PEOPLE, not I, who will determine your fate. I will just be proscecuting your case. Should you have anything to state in your defense, I will be happy to include it in the trial. Be advised that there will be NO Masonic judges to exclude evidence, however. I AM praying for you, Dr. Atkinson...for the extent of evil that you have caused by your actions has most assuredly sealed the fate of your very soul.

In Service to the TRUTH, I AM, Rebecca Carley, MD

Stay tuned to for the upcoming trial of Dr. Atkinson and other domestic terrorists who have committed crimes against humanity in the Spring of 2005!!

Rebecca Carley, MD
9 Sutherland Road
Hicksville, NY 11801
E-Mail: <>
Tel. 516-433-0774
Web site:




Before writing guidelines on respiratory protection and the need for N95 respirators to control transmission of TB and other infectious agents, research is needed on the relative role and effectiveness of masks and N95 respirators. Are N95 respirators necessary to control transmission of TB and, if so, is annual fit-testing needed? Studies needed to define importance of the hierarchy of controls in preventing healthcare associated transmission of TB and other infectious agents potentially transmitted via the airborne route: administrative, environmental and PPEs. Need to determine the role of patient characteristics, procedure-related events and environmental sources of infectious agents in airborne disease transmission.

Need to make the flu vaccine mandatory for health care providers. This will be the biggest tool to help prevent a pandemic.

With the increasing number of vaccines available for children, it is becoming more important to examine the interactions between different vaccines given at the same time as well as the safety of the various combination vaccines

Formulating more effective pneumococcal vaccines depend upon our continuing serotype and pneumococcal genetic surveillance. Pneumococcal genetic surveillance, allows us to understand how strains change and where they are coming from in this continuing "arms race".

Food- and waterborne pathogens are not mentioned specifically. Many of these are zoonotic agents and most are also emering pathogens. Would suggest to add to the research activities under I13: characterization of virulence profiles of food- and waterborne pathogens and their correlation with disease.

A research agenda for biodefense vaccine safety (incl. anthrax vaccine) was developed with input from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, CDC, FDA, and DoD in 2004 and a manuscript describing this agenda has been cleared and submitted for publication. These vaccine safety topics include studies of whether or not specific vaccines used by the US military are related to: optic neuritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, arthritis, and erythema multiforme. An assessment of whether the practice of administering multiple vaccines near-simultaneously is related to health outcomes is also included. Second-tier study endpoints in this research agenda include Guillain-Barre Syndrome, atrial fibrillation, diabetes mellitus in adults, and yellow fever vaccine-related neurotropic disorders. 


Much more work needs to be done on residential construction, space environs, and the quality of the breathing zones during daytime and nighttime activities. When I was at Johns Hopkins working on my doctorate, a professor from China shared with us a study that he did on the impacts of lowering ceiling heights and crowdedness and how the quality of the breathing zone was adversely affected by lowering the polluted air zone so that respiratory illnesses and allergic reactivity increased dramatically.

There has been a surge in unknown development delays and respiratory issues among our young children within the past 10 years and no one seem to be concerned.

Research needs to be done on areas of vaccine distribution and also control of infectious diseases as a global problem such as the possibility of bird flu passing from human to human and into the US through our airports, etc.

The annual Flu and Flu-like illness are infact a model for a bioterrorist attack. There is much the CDC could do today to improve the coordination and dissemination of the data. I would be happy to supply CDC with some recommendations Will Sawyer MD 513-769-4951 or

More funding needed for training, to increase ICU capacity, create more negative pressure rooms and to stockpile supplies. Few hosptals have more than 48hrs of supplies on hand at any one time. Cities need a plan to hold and triage mass casualties in non-hospital venues to keep hospital access clear or hold patients for quarrantine.

It appears that the area wide preparation for natural disasters as well as chemical type exposures has been well addressed. The concern I have is that I feel we are poorly prepared for bioterrorism and pandemics. It appears in our area that all the federal funds have gone to fire department and other first responders and has been used to prepare for chemical incidents. Infection control was not even invited to participate within the committee that worked on this issue. When infection control expressed our concerns the response appeared to be that by the time we identify a bioterrorism incident there will be so many exposures that we will not be able to cope. I am employed in a 134 bed facility and we do not have the ability to shut off air handlers and close off areas of the facility. If it is pandemic influenza, we would probably be overwhelmed.





Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation

the millions in remote areas of poor countries, mostly Africa and Asia. Most of their vaccination program had disastrous results, causing the very illness (polio, for example in India) and sterilizing young women (Kenya, with modified tetanus vaccines). Many of the children died. Many of the programs were carried out with the backing of the WHO and – yes – the UN Agency responsible for the Protection of Children, UNICEF. 

Most of these vaccination campaigns were implemented without the informed-consent of the children, parents, guardians or teachers, nor with the informed-consent, or with forged consent, of the respective government authorities. In the aftermath, The Gates Foundation was sued by governments around the world, Kenya, India, the Philippines – and more.

Bill Gates has a strange image of himself. He sees himself as The Messiah who saves the world through vaccination – and through population reduction.

Around the time, when the 2010 Rockefeller Report was issued, with its even more infamous “Lock Step” Scenario, precisely the scenario of which we are living the beginning right now, Bill Gates talked on a TED show in California, “Innovating to Zero” about the use of energy.

He used this TED presentation to promote his vaccination programs, literally saying, “If we are doing a real good job vaccinating childen, we can reduce the world population by 10% to 15%”.

( .

Robert F Kennedy Jr, an avid Defender of Children’s Rights and anti-vaccination activist, has launched a petition sent to the White House, calling for “Investigations into the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ for Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity









SO – not enough people are dying fast enough in this Plandemic to scare populations to accept mandatory-forced vaccinations with interactive ID into THE ENTIRE U.S. & WORLD Populations, Hey isn’t that what they did with Desert Storm Veterans, and why untold numbers have been dying all these years (almost all now dead or dying) – THAT IS, untold numbers of civilians who got the blood transfusions WRAMC/ARC which has been spreading (incognitus-LY) to the Rodent and Human populations all these years, err Waiting for part-2, AKA COVID-19 to repeat and replicate the entire process to kill off BILLIONS of the world populations, of course taking first, the Americans who are considered USLESS EATERS on MEDICARE/MEDICAID which is BANKRUPT – ahh it couldn’t be any sweeter than this for the Bill Gates et al Satanic CABAL who are reigning in their NEW WORLD ORDER.


Oh sorry, you didn't read about HIV & US SPECIAL VIRUS PROGRAM and HIV associated with Covid-19?

 The new and improved (HIV-GWS-COVID) Vaccine. Yes isn't that wonderful, we should all welcome being vaccinated so we can buy food or hold a J-O-B in the future, those who don't pass the ID-VAX Scan will not be allowed to mix with the civilian population, nor hold a job. How cool is that?  Thanks for saving us, all hail Mr. Trump, messenger approved by G_D.





AI -1 <> AI-2






Watch this video - the doctor  Dr. Eirc Neptune VID]  is a little animated but understandably excited, BUT listen to what he says about the death rates of people dying and how other doctors and hospitals (under Government pressure?) are classifying every death as Covid-19, no one is now dying from anything else. THEN, watch the David Icke video to hear what he is saying, and again - I am not agreeing with every point made, in either video, but they are close to part of the Deep State NWO Bill Gates Gangsters/Banksters Elites and their objective. Here is David Icke Vid link:


Chloroquine isn’t to be confused with another drug, quinine, which is also used to stave off malaria and other diseases.  Typically, quinine is prescribed in 500 mg doses.  Tonic water contains roughly 83 mg of quinine per serving. 


Globalism and US / NWO "Leadership"

could result in a complete break-up of the United States or The End of The World


It's Time To Remove People From Their Homes

DOOR TO DOOR KNOCK - WHAT WILL YOU DO? all others will be considered a danger and threat to society, hunted down, and imprisoned or killed.  Americans will welcome this solution, will turn-in their neighbors and friends in order to survive themselves.

I will not be posting "The End Of The World" series at this time, and maybe never. Why ?


Twilight's Last Gleaming by J.M. Greer

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article for the Unz Review entitled “The Empire should be placed on suicide watch”. As always, I also reposted it on my blog. One of the commentators, J.L. Seagull posted a comment which intrigued me. He wrote:

(…) we continue to be trapped in an illusion that we are still a massive power and can simply “pull through” the current state of things, as if it is a little speed bump rather than the beginning of the end.

I agree with the Saker. All that is needed is a single, concrete military failure for that hallucination to be totally shattered. John Michael Greer described precisely how this can happen in his book “Twilight’s Last Gleaming.” If the American military were to fail, the illusion of a united country would dissipate before our eyes and the country would be gone within weeks — either in a peaceful breakup or a violent one, depending on how Washington would attempt to respond.

This got me very interested in the book he mentioned. While I personally had a pretty clear idea of how the US could completely collapse and break-up, I had never heard of such a hypothesis discussed in details in an English language text, and even less so in a fiction book. I ordered the book and two days later I began reading it. And what a fascinating book it turned out to be.

I don’t want to give away the entire plot as I hope that many of you will decide to get the book, but I will just say that I find the book highly realistic: it begins by a supposedly “easy” military attack by the US military on a weak and more or less defenseless country which turns into a disaster due to a fundamental miscalculation. At that point, the USA does exactly what the opposing side predicts and doubles-down and that turns out to be a fatal mistake which, through a domino effect, ends up in the dissolution of the USA.

[Sidebar: those who will not read the book or don’t care about finding out the details of the plot can go and check it (spoiler alert!!) by clicking here]

The book is highly realistic in the sense that the author clearly did an excellent job researching his topic and because each “domino fall” is, by itself, credible. Truth be told, the author does assume that each time before the next domino falls the President commits yet another blunder or, at least, does not take correct action. Is that realistic? Well, when I see the kind of Presidents the US has had in the past couple of decades I would say that yes – this assumption is realistic. Still, what Greer’s describes is a “perfect storm” and we can all hope that in the real world such a crisis could be averted.

There two aspects of this book which I find the most remarkable.

First, Greer clearly points to a mindset of imperial hubris as the main cause for the eventual collapse of the US.

Second, Greer very skillfully illustrates how otherwise powerful and complex weapons systems can be defeated by creative tactics.

Again, I don’t want to go into the details because the book is a real page-turner and I hope that you will read it with as much enjoyment as I did.

I think that Greer ought to be commended for his courage for pointing out at two sources of US weaknesses which are considered as sacred cows by most US authors: arrogance and technology. Instead of seeing them as a source of strength Geer correctly identifies them as a source of weakness for the USA. This will probably be very counter-intuitive for many, and border on crimethink for some.

I think that it was the correct thing to do to hope that Trump could take action to avoid the kind of disaster the book describes. His campaign promises clearly indicated that another foreign policy was at least considered. Now that the Neocons and the US deep state have thoroughly crushed him Greer’s book takes on a new quality – the one of possibly being prophetic, at least in its general features (the book was written in 2015).

There is another topic which Greer discusses in his book, the one of a possible constitutional convention. While the idea of a constitutional convention has been floated around by all sorts of people and interests groups – all for different reasons – very few understand the immense danger of such an exercise. If you are not familiar with the topic, I would highly recommend the very interesting Solari Special Report on this topic with Catherine Austin-Fitts and Edwin Vieira Jr (you can listen to the audio of the show or read the PDF transcript). Greer does a great job showing how such a convention could result in a complete break-up of the United States.

had never read a single book by Greer and I knew nothing about him. I imagined him to be some kind of ex-military guy who know wrote fiction books. To my immense surprise, the turned out to be, according to Wikipedia, a person who “served from December 2003 to December 2015 as the Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, and since then has focused on the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn, which he founded in 2013” and a specialist of the occult! I guess that this explains his, shall we say, “non-mainstream” views but still, that was quite a surprise for me.

It has been pretty obvious for many years already that the AngloZionist Empire was not viable, that it had to tank sooner or later. There were two main scenarios which were typically considered for this collapse: an external crisis (typically a major military defeat) or an internal one (economic collapse). Personally, I always favored the first scenario (specifically, as described here / MAKE SURE YOU READ IT ALL). I even had a “favorite” location for such a catastrophic military defeat (for the US): Iran and the Middle-East. Irrespective of the scenario one preferred, this was obvious:

  1. The Empire was not viable
  2. The Empire was not reformable

The same is true of the US political system, by the way.

There was one huge problem, however. The quality and sheer size of the AngloZionist propaganda machine was very successful in keeping most of the people in the West in total ignorance of these realities. The faster the Empire was collapsing, the more Obama or Trump peppered their patriotic flag-waving ceremonies (aka “press conferences”) with references to an “indispensable nation” providing “vital leadership” thanks to its “the best economy in history”, the “best military in history” and even “unbelievable CEOs”, “incredible politicians” and even “incredible conversations”. The message was simple: we are the best, better than all the rest and we are invincible.

Then COVID19 happened.

The initial reaction in the US to the pandemic was to either dismiss this completely, or blame it on the Chinese. Another exceptionally dumb theory was that the virus only affected Asians. This one tanked pretty quickly. Other myths, and even outright lies, proved much more resilient, at least for a while.

Then “Italy” happened. Soon followed by Spain and France.

Some folks started to change their tune. Other still thought that the EU was not as “incredible” as the US.

Then “New York” happened and all hell broke loose for the “indispensable nation” and the “imperial parasite” this nation was hosting. Even the Idiot-in-Chief switched from “it will be over by Easter” to talk about saving “millions” of (US) “Americans” (the US does not care about non-Americans).

I predict that this process will now only accelerate.

Here are a few reasons for this conclusion:

First, the imperial propaganda machine is simply unable to conceal the magnitude of the disaster, even in countries like the US or the UK. Oh sure, initially doctors and even USN ship commanders were summarily fired for speaking the truth, but even those cases proved impossible to conceal and public opinion got even more suspicious of official assurances and statements. The truth is that most of the entire planet already realized that this is a huge crisis and that countries like Russia or China responded almost infinitely better than the US. The planet also knows that the US “health notcare” system is broke, corrupt, and mostly dysfunctional and that Trump’s initial optimism was based on nothing. BTW – Trump haters have immediately instrumentalized the crisis to bash Trump. The sad thing is that while they are no better (and most definitely not the braindead Uncle Joe), they are right about Trump being completely out of touch with reality. In the age of the Internet this is a reality which even the US propaganda machine is unable to conceal from the US public forever.

Second, and that is now quite obvious, it is becoming clear that the capitalist ideology of free markets, globalism, consumerism, extreme individualism and, above all, greed, is totally unable to cope with the crisis. Even more offensively to those who still believed in an ideology based on the assumption that the sum of our greeds will create an optimal society, countries with stronger collectivist traditions of solidarity (whether “enhanced” by Marxist or Socialist ideas or not) did much better. China for starters, but also Cuba and even Russia (which is neither Marxist nor Socialist, but which has very strong collectivist traditions) or South Korea or Singapore (both non-Marxists with strong collectivist traditions). Even tiny Venezuela, embattled and under siege by the Empire, managed to do much better than the US or the UK. Not only did these countries all fare much better than much richer, and putatively much “freer”, countries, they did so while under US sanctions. And, finally, just to add insult to injury, these supposedly “bad” countries proved much more generous than those incorporated into the Empire: they sent many tons of vitally needed equipment and hundred of specialized scientists and even military personnel to help those countries most in need (Italy, Spain, Serbia, etc.).

Eventually, even the US has to accept aid from Russia: the contents of two huge military AN-124 transporters: 

Think of the irony! The country whose economy was supposed to be “in tatters” (Obama) delivers humanitarian aid to the “indispensable nation” (Obama again). Not only was this aid delivered from a country under US sanctions, the gear delivered was produced by a Russian company also under US sanctions. The “grateful” US media immediately declared that this was a Russian PR action, especially since 50% of the cargo was paid for by the US (the rest, including transportation costs, were paid by Russia).

At least in Italy questions began arising why the US, NATO or the EU did absolutely *nothing* to help them when they were in such dire need of help, and why countries which did generously help (Russia, China, Cuba) were all under sanctions, including Italian ones! Good questions indeed. It was answered by Serbian President Vucic who declared that European solidarity was a “fairy tale“. He is quite correct, of course.

Third, then we all saw the ugly sight of various western “democracies” literally stealing vital medical gear from each other, over and over again. In fact, under a purely capitalistic logic, this kind of “competition” was both inevitable (true) and even desirable (false): major Med & Pharma companies all have used this financial windfall to maximize their profits (which is, after all, what all corporations have to do in a capitalist system: get as much money as possible for their shareholders). Even states and countries are competing against each other for medical equipment now! As long as all was well and the West was free to plunder the rest of the planet, Capitalism could be seen as a promise of a better future (just like Communism was, by the way). But now that this big “propagandistic house of cards” is tumbling down and capitalism shows its true face (an ideology created by the rich to screw the poor), the comparison with (supposedly “backward”) collectivistic societies is most embarrassing yet inevitable.

Fourth, we also witness the raw nastiness of the imperial propaganda machine in articles about how “Russia sent useless gear to Italy”, that “Chinese equipment did not work” or about how all the countries which responded better and sooner were all lying about the real numbers (which is utter nonsense, the Chinese have been very open, as have the Russians: the truth is that in the early phases of a pandemic it is impossible to get real numbers, that can only be done much later). This is as false as the “Iraqi incubators”, “genocidal Serbs” or “Gaddafi’s Viagra” and time will prove it.

Fifth, then there is the issue of poverty. We see the first signs that this pandemic (like all pandemics) is affecting the poor much harder than the rich. Hardly a surprise… For example, in the US cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Miami or New Orleans have a lot of poor neighborhoods and that people there are getting hit very hard. But this is only the beginning, there are much bigger slums in other countries, including in Latin America and, even probably worse, Africa. Barring a miracle of some kind, the death-toll in the third world slums will be absolutely horrendous. And, you can be pretty sure that collectivistic poor countries will do much better than those in the grip of the delusions of the free market economy. Again, there will be major political consequences in all those countries: I predict that we will see some cases of regime change in the not too distant future.

Sixth, just like the Empire itself, NATO and the EU are also in free fall, both clueless as to what to do and in a panic about doing anything proactive. Besides the flag-waving Idiot-in-Chief, I also took the time to listen to both Macron and Merkel. They are both in a full-freak-out mode, Macron speaks over and over about a “war” while Merkel declared that the pandemic is the most serious challenge facing Germany since WWII! Still, the most amazing contrast to the US might well be Russia. Putin has made several special appeals to the Russian people, and his mood was both clearly determined and clearly somber. I took this screenshot of Putin’s latest message to the Russian people, and see his expression for yourself:

As for the main MD in charge of the COVID19 crisis in Moscow, he told Putin that Russia needs to prepare for what he called “the Italian scenario in order to avoid it”, even though at the time (March 30th) there were only 1,836 confirmed COVID19 cases in Russia, including 9 death and 66 recoveries.

Furthermore, the Russian special medical teams of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces are now on full alert and even though there is no shortage of specialized ABC/NBC medical gear in Russia, the Russian Armed Forces are now building 16 special hospitals in various locations in Russia. Russia is also almost completely shutting down internal air and rail traffic. A lot of that was predictable, since Moscow is much richer than any other Russian region, Moscow is doing fine, in spite of being a huge population (about 12 million in the city, plus another 7 or so in the Moscow Oblast’).

Does it not strike you as very strange that a country like Russia, which clearly is faring much better than the US (even in per capita indicators) is preparing for the worst? What do the Russians know that the US leaders are not telling you?

Of course, the anti-Russian propaganda machine has an explanation. For example, it claims that the Russians are lying about everything. There is even a psyop going on with western agents of influence impersonating Russian MDs claiming that there are thousands of hidden deaths, that Russia has no equipment and that the Russians are clueless. One previously sober-minded analyst now even claims that “Putin is losing control“.

To be totally honest, I have never in my life seen such a tsunami of nonsense, false information, unfounded rumors, and, last but certainly not least, shameless clickbaiting. For some, this crisis is clearly a chance to regain some visibility. It is shameful, really, a total disgrace: just a new form of profiteering from a crisis.

I am not medical expert for sure. But I know the Russian government and its “body language” if you wish, and I can tell you that the Russians are preparing very, very seriously, for what might well become a huge crisis even for Russia (having the Ukraine and Belarus both sitting in deep denial will obviously not help!).

Seven, in the US, the contrast between the Federal government and the state authorities is quite startling. As much as the Federal government is terminally dysfunctional, state governors have often had to use a lot of out of the box thinking to get supplies and specialists. For example, the governor of FL, Ron DeSantis (R) had to call a friend of his in Israel to get the giant Israeli pharma company Teva Pharmaceuticals to send in desperately needed medical gear to Florida. Similar things are happening in other states I believe. This is one of the reasons why Americans are typically very suspicious of the Federal government but much more supportive of their local authorities (again, as a general rule, there are, of course, exceptions to this). There are many reasons for the contrast between the Federal and State authorities, including the fact that governors are much “closer” to their constituents on a local level than on the national one.

While not as dramatic as the contrast between societies based on pure greed and societies based on solidarity, this contrast between the local and national level will also contribute to the collapse of the imperial system, albeit more indirectly.

Conclusion: NWO, globalism and US “leadership”- RIP

The first (non-human) victim of this pandemic will be the so-called “New World Order” promised by several US presidents. The same goes for its underlying globalist ideology. If the putative “Illuminati world government” imagined by some really did trigger this pandemic, then it shot itself right in the foot and is now quickly bleeding out.

The US is now showing to the world that the so-called “US leadership” is nothing but a crude lie to conceal what I would describe as a the rule of one, single, narcissistic world hegemon who will screw over even its closest “allies” (really colonies) to get any advantage.

Right now most of what we see are only warning signs, say like the EU members closing their borders. But irrespective of how this pandemic progresses, what will happen next is a huge economic crisis which will dwarf both the Great Depression, the crash after 9/11 and 2008.

Of course, the world will, sooner or later, recover from this pandemic and economic collapse. But the kind of world which we will then see will be dramatically different from the one we have lived in until now.

For the time being, there are still observable manifestations of the “US leadership”: the US tries hard to rob medicine and medical gear from other countries, the US imposes sanctions on countries like Iran and Venezuela who desperately need meds, and the US re-plays the Noriega scenario with Maduro. This foreign policy of “US leadership” can be summed up in terms like evil, immoral, hypocritical, dysfunctional, narcissistic. etc. Whatever label one chooses to apply to it, it is always a morally repugnant and practically self-defeating policy.

Right now, after blaming China, Trump is now pointing fingers at the WHO. Truly, a noble soul and a brilliant, 5D, chess player…

There is no more hiding it. The SARS-COV-2 achieved that which even RT or PressTV could not: it put a bright spotlight on the true nature of the AngloZionist Empire.

As the Quran says, God is the better planner.

UPDATE: I was wrong, I admit it. The US government does not only think about itself. It CAN be very generous, but only in one special case. In fact, it appears that the US has send ONE MILLION masks to… … Israel, of course! See for yourself:

This makes sense, after all – Israel is far, far more important to Trump and his gang than the first responders, doctors or suffering people of the USA.

The Saker

Bill Gates Crosses the Digital Rubicon, Says ‘Mass Gatherings’ May Not Return Without Global Vaccine




Coronavirus Is Exposing How Foreign Crusades Bled America’s Domestic Resources Dry

The coronavirus pandemic now ravaging the United States should lead every American to a series of important questions: What are the real threats that I face? What has my government been prioritizing in terms of my — and the nation’s — security? And where has all my tax money been going?

Considering these questions, it’s hard not to conclude that the American government’s national security priorities have been so askew of reality that they left the country dramatically unprepared for an acute threat to millions of its people.

The government’s focus has been overwhelmingly on the threat of extremist groups and unfriendly regimes abroad, mostly in the Middle East. Over a period of two decades, the United States spent trillions of dollars waging wars and occupations across the region. These confrontations have won America an ever-growing list of enemies around the world. They are still making life miserable for millions in the Middle East. But their impact on the United States itself is now also being painfully revealed: a country that has spent trillions on foreign wars but is unable to defend its citizens from basic threats like disease and economic collapse.

The last few weeks have revealed a spectacle of a federal government apparently incapable of doing what is required to stop the spread of a pandemic on American soil. Not only has testing capacity lagged far behind much smaller and less wealthy countries like Taiwan and South Korea, but shortages of critical health infrastructure will likely mean the excess deaths of potentially hundreds of thousands of Americans in the foreseeable future. Governors of large states have been publicly begging the federal government for ventilators, masks, and other basic tools to deal with the outbreak. There is little sign that the capacity even exists at present to respond to these requests.

Meanwhile, the avalanche of military spending that was released after the September 11 attacks continues to roll onwards. According to Brown University’s Costs of War Project, the U.S. government has spent a staggering $6.4 trillion on its wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan since 2001. This gargantuan number does not even account for interest payments on the borrowing needed to pay for the wars, which could run to as much as $8 trillion by midcentury, let alone the opportunity costs to American society of this massive spending on foreign adventurism. Then there are the attendant inflations of the Pentagon’s base budget; domestic “war on terror” spending at the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security; and of course the wild expansion of our intelligence apparatuses, all but unaccountable to the general public in both their acts and spending.

That American counterterrorism wars have killed hundreds of thousands of people while failing to achieve any clear political or strategic benefit makes the squandering of this generational wealth even more bitter.

The parlous state of America’s critical infrastructure has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the world amid this crisis. Even though the pandemic originated in China, the Chinese Communist Party later exhibited a reasonable ability to get the outbreak under control domestically and is now attempting to position itself as an exporter of global goods: shipping masks and doctors across Europe and Asia. While the Trump administration visibly struggles to muster an appropriate response at home, it has also been undercutting the efforts of other countries to handle the crisis. It has done so by diverting critical resources away from allies like France while attempting to exacerbate the global pandemic through economic sanctions against enemies like Iran, despite the pleading of its allies to change course.

The net result of all this might be a United States that has bled its institutions to the point of anemia in pursuit of ideological crusades abroad, only to find itself unable to compete with major rivals on the things that matter most.

In a recent article in the national security publication War on The Rocks, Mira Rapp-Hooper of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of the forthcoming book “Shields of the Republic: Triumph and Peril in America’s Alliances” noted the grimly ironic implications of this.

“It seems unlikely that the American leadership that knowingly abetted this global catastrophe will be capable of transforming its governance efforts when it has embraced poor governance as strategy,” Rapp-Hooper wrote. “If China exits this epochal crisis as a confident leader it will not be the ineluctable result of a structural shift; Beijing will have Washington’s calamitous domestic mismanagement and myopic foreign policy to thank for it.”
Even after two decades of nearly unmitigated strategic failure in the Middle East coupled with the disastrous self-harm of unchecked defense spending, it seems that significant portions of the U.S. elite have still not awoken from their intoxication with foreign wars of choice. Amid a global pandemic that could kill millions and cripple the American economy for years to come, there are strong signs that the U.S. military might be ordered to embark on yet another war in Iraq — this time to fight Iranian-backed militias in that country whose ambitions are ultimately local to the region.

Such a conflict would serve the purposes of well-organized elite interest groups in the nation’s capital. But it is almost impossible to argue that it’d make any contribution to improving the day-to-day security of ordinary people living thousands of miles away in the United States. If this war does take place, we can place it into a larger context: a once-powerful country depleting its strength through costly military adventures in distant lands, but institutionally incapable of providing the basics of life for its people at home.

Did Trump give Israel 1 million face masks despite coronavirus equipment shortages in the US?

An Israeli press report claiming the US Department of Defense shipped one million face masks to Israel have angered Americans, causing some to question the Trump administration's priorities

An Israeli press report claiming the US Department of Defense had shipped one million face masks to Israel to help protect Israeli soldiers has angered Americans, causing some to question the Trump administration's priorities amid the coronavirus pandemic amid reports of shortages of protective equipment for US health workers.

The Pentagon's alleged shipment was initially reported by the Jerusalem Post, however mention of American involvement was later scrubbed, raising suspicions that US public anger may have forced Israeli military censors to act.

Israel's army is notorious for tightly monitoring media output, having barred or redacted over 2,000 stories just last year, according to the Movement for Freedom of Information.

"US Department of Defense give 1 million masks to IDF for coronavirus use," read a headline published by the Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, referring to the shipment that had arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport on Tuesday night.

The original article said: "A plane carrying over a million surgical masks for the IDF landed in Ben-Gurion airport Tuesday night, in an operation run by the US Department of Defense’s Delegation of Procurement".

Curiously, the headline was later revised to: "Israel brings 1 million masks from China for IDF soldiers" but traces of the old headline can be seen in the article's URL.

ll mention of the US Department of Defense's alleged involvement also appear to have been removed, with no reason given in the updated article for the revision or official retraction posted.

A yet-to-be-deleted tweet by the Jerusalem Post official account still shows the original introduction (screenshot here).

The New Arab has reached out to the Department of Defense Defense Logistics Agency for comment but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

Israel's spy agency Mossad has been involved in a frantic effort to secure protective gear as Tel Aviv scrambles to respond to a major coronavirus outbreak.

The initial headline mentioning US involvement in the shipment sparked fury on social media, where users highlighted America's own struggles to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

"American hospitals are begging for protective gear, this is sickening," wrote one Twitter user, referring to US medical workers who have complained about reported shortages of protective gear for frontline workers.
"While frontline American health workers go without & Palestinians are told to use their socks, Trump ships a million masks to israel's army," wrote another, referring to reports that Palestinian prisoners were told by Israeli authorities to use socks as face masks.

The delivery of US supplies to support Israel's military comes just days after a US Navy captain was removed for alleging that the Pentagon had given inadequate attention to a Covid-19 outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier.

Brett Crozier wrote a letter that was leaked to the media describing the virus-struck vessel's dire situation.

Following Crozier's removal, US Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly resigned on Tuesday over his mishandling of the affair and the heavy-handed approach towards the navy captain.

The Crozier affair was just the latest in a string of missteps by the Trump administration amid the coronavirus pandemic, drawing sustained criticism from the American public.

US President Donald Trump initially downplayed the virus, which he likened to an ordinary flu and said was under control in the United States, before later accepting that it was a national emergency.

More than 12,000 Americans have now died from Covid-19.



[excerpt from 8-page document]



A nationwide/worldwide Pandemic is going to be created, of such magnitude, that it will threaten our very existence. This same government will then step in to offer a solution, they will have "an antidote" (VACCINE), BUT, only those who will accept the Medical ID (national id/CHIP) will be treated (but not-infected), all others will be considered a danger and threat to society, hunted down, and imprisoned or killed.  Americans will welcome this solution, will turn-in their neighbors and friends in order to survive themselves. At the same time, this instrument will permanently, publicly  SUSPEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THESE united STATES, to allow United Nations Rule (controlled by the shadow - Serpent People), a One World GovernmentAMERICA & THE WORLD WILL BE ENSLAVED.


They are preparing you for what they already know and have planned. It is not by an accident of nature, or foreign terrorist attack, it is by purposeful planning, and it is HERE.      

Penned in 1994 By: Peter Kawaja


Welcome to HOMELAND SECURITY - Perpetual Global War of Terror



COVID-19 aka Desert Storm Plague

The Department of Veteran Affairs categorizes the condition as “chronic multi-symptom illness,” or sometimes simply as “undiagnosed

Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) is also known as ‘Desert Storm Diseases’ or simply ‘Gulf War Illness.’ This condition includes symptoms that have been reported by U.S. military veterans, press, and government employees of the first Gulf War (as early as August 1990). 

Veterans from every country that made up the Coalition forces have been affected. In the US alone, more than 110,000 cases had been reported by 1999, according to official government sources. It is estimated that it may affect as many as 30% of the men and women who served during the conflict. While the exact cause remains unknown, the same study found that veterans who experience these symptoms also experienced a loss of brain matter. (1)

There is even a report relating to military personnel in Kansas developing flu-like symptoms and chemical sensitivities after handling archived documents returned from the Gulf War. (1)

Undiagnosed illnesses with medical conditions that may include but are not limited to: abnormal weight loss, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, muscle and joint pain, headache, menstrual disorders, neurological and psychological problems, skin conditions, respiratory disorders, and sleep disturbances. (2)

A number of infectious agents were present in the Gulf, but medical records generally show that they weren’t a major problem for personnel due to extensive precautionary measures. Of course, many infectious agents may lie dormant without causing acute illness.

Decontamination Solutions – Decontamination solutions were widely used in the gulf to sterilize vehicles, equipment, etc. The decontamination agent used most widely in the first gulf war was decontamination solution 2 (DS-2). DS-2 is an effective decontamination agent but is highly caustic and is known to damage equipment, pollute the environment and cause personal injury, according to experts. (3)

Vaccinations – Troops sent to the Gulf were given a combination of vaccinations in a short period of time. In total, US servicemen may have received as many as 17 different vaccines, including live vaccines (polio and yellow fever) as well as experimental vaccines that had not been approved (anthrax, botulinum toxoid) and were of doubtful efficacy.

Depleted Uranium (DU) – During the Gulf war, depleted uranium was used (by the US) for the first time, both in-vehicle armor and offensive munitions, as well as in various other components of vehicles and other equipment. It was used widely due to it being cheap and widely available as a by-product of nuclear energy and nuclear weapon production. In Operation Desert Storm over 350 metric tons of DU was used (by the US), with an estimate of 3-6 million grams released in the atmosphere. Inhaling particles of depleted uranium may have contributed to sickness after the war due to DU’s chemical and radiological toxicity and mutagenic and carcinogenic properties.

The following video is by David Icke who was the only person back in the 1990's who dared to mention the name of Peter Kawaja in one of his books. While I agree with most of what he is saying, well revealing, there are some things I would like to point out (expound on) some day when I have a Video Cam. My original is not compatible with Win10. But pay attention to what he is saying and maybe you can fill in some blanks if you have followed my websites since 1995.

Ground Control to Planet Lockdown: This Is Only a Test

As much as Covid-19 is a circuit breaker, a time bomb and an actual weapon of mass destruction (WMD), a fierce debate is raging worldwide on the wisdom of mass quarantine applied to entire cities, states and nations.

Those against it argue Planet Lockdown not only is not stopping the spread of Covid-19 but also has landed the global economy into a cryogenic state – with unforeseen, dire consequences. Thus quarantine should apply essentially to the population with the greatest risk of death: the elderly.

With Planet Lockdown transfixed by heart-breaking reports from the Covid-19 frontline, there’s no question this is an incendiary assertion.

In parallel, a total corporate media takeover is implying that if the numbers do not substantially go down, Planet Lockdown – an euphemism for house arrest – remains, indefinitely.

Michael Levitt, 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry and Stanford biophysicist, was spot on when he calculated that China would get through the worst of Covid-19 way before throngs of health experts believed, and that “What we need is to control the panic”.

Let’s cross this over with some facts and dissident opinion, in the interest of fostering an informed debate.

The report Covid-19 – Navigating the Uncharted was co-authored by Dr. Anthony Fauci – the White House face of the fight –, H. Clifford Lane, and CDC director Robert R. Redfield. So it comes from the heart of the U.S. healthcare establishment.

The report explicitly states, “the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.”

On March 19, four days before Downing Street ordered the British lockdown, Covid-19 was downgraded from the status of “High Consequence Infectious Disease.”

John Lee, recently retired professor of pathology and former NHS consultant pathologist, has recently argued that, “the world’s 18,944 coronavirus deaths represent 0.14 per cent of the total. These figures might shoot up but they are, right now, lower than other infectious diseases that we live with (such as flu).”

He recommends, “a degree of social distancing should be maintained for a while, especially for the elderly and the immune-suppressed. But when drastic measures are introduced, they should be based on clear evidence. In the case of Covid-19, the evidence is not clear.”

That’s essentially the same point developed by a Russian military intel analyst.

No less than 22 scientists – see here and here – have expanded on their doubts about the Western strategy.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, has provoked immense controversy with his open letter to Chancellor Merkel, stressing the “truly unforeseeable consequences of the drastic containment measures which are currently being applied in large parts of Europe.”

Even New York governor Andrew Cuomo admitted on the record about the error of quarantining elderly people with illnesses alongside the fit young population.

The absolutely key issue is how the West was caught completely unprepared for the spread of Covid-19 – even after being provided a head start of two months by China, and having the time to study different successful strategies applied across Asia.

There are no secrets for the success of the South Korean model.

South Korea was producing test kits already in early January, and by March was testing 100,000 people a day, after establishing strict control of the whole population – to Western cries of “no protection of private life”. That was before the West embarked on Planet Lockdown mode.

South Korea was all about testing early, often and safely – in tandem with quick, thorough contact tracing, isolation and surveillance.

Covid-19 carriers are monitored with the help of video-surveillance cameras, credit card purchases, smartphone records. Add to it SMS sent to everyone when a new case is detected near them or their place of work. Those in self-isolation need an app to be constantly monitored; non-compliance means a fine to the equivalent of $2,800.

Controlled demolition in effect

In early March, the Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases, hosted by the Shanghai Medical Association, pre-published an Expert Consensus on Comprehensive Treatment of Coronavirus in Shanghai. Treatment recommendations included, “large doses of vitamin C…injected intravenously at a dose of 100 to 200 mg / kg per day. The duration of continuous use is to significantly improve the oxygenation index.”

That’s the reason why 50 tons of Vitamin C was shipped to Hubei province in early February. It’s a stark example of a simple “mitigation” solution capable of minimizing economic catastrophe.

In contrast, it’s as if the brutally fast Chinese “people’s war” counterpunch against Covid-19 had caught Washington totally unprepared. Steady intel rumbles on the Chinese net point to Beijing having already studied all plausible leads towards the origin of the Sars-Cov-2 virus – vital information that will be certainly weaponized, Sun Tzu style, at the right time.

As it stands, the sustainability of the complex Eurasian integration project has not been substantially compromised. As the EU has provided the whole planet with a graphic demonstration of its cluelessness and helplessness, everyday the Russia-China strategic partnership gets stronger – increasingly investing in soft power and advancing a pan-Eurasia dialogue which includes, crucially, medical help.

Facing this process, the EU’s top diplomat, Joseph Borrell, sounds indeed so helpless: “There is a global battle of narratives going on in which timing is a crucial factor. […] China has brought down local new infections to single figures – and it is now sending equipment and doctors to Europe, as others do as well. China is aggressively pushing the message that, unlike the U.S., it is a responsible and reliable partner. In the battle of narratives we have also seen attempts to discredit the EU (…) We must be aware there is a geo-political component including a struggle for influence through spinning and the ‘politics of generosity’. Armed with facts, we need to defend Europe against its detractors.”

That takes us to really explosive territory. A critique of the Planet Lockdown strategy inevitably raises serious questions pointing to a controlled demolition of the global economy. What is already in stark effect are myriad declinations of martial law, severe social media policing in Ministry of Truth mode, and the return of strict border controls.

These are unequivocal markings of a massive social re-engineering project, complete with inbuilt full monitoring, population control and social distancing promoted as the new normal.

That would be taking to the limit Secretary of State Mike “we lie, we cheat, we steal” Pompeo’s assertion, on the record, that Covid-19 is a live military exercise: “This matter is going forward — we are in a live exercise here to get this right.”

All hail BlackRock

So as we face a New Great Depression, steps leading to a Brave New World are already discernable. It goes way beyond a mere Bretton Woods 2.0, in the manner that Pam and Russ Martens superbly deconstruct the recent $2 trillion, Capitol Hill-approved stimulus to the U.S. economy.

Essentially, the Fed will “leverage the bill’s $454 million bailout slush fund into $4.5 trillion”. And no questions are allowed on who gets the money, because the bill simply cancels the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for the Fed.

The privileged private contractor for the slush fund is none other than BlackRock. Here’s the extremely short version of the whole, astonishing scheme, masterfully detailed here.

Wall Street has turned the Fed into a hedge fund. The Fed is going to own at least two thirds of all U.S. Treasury bills wallowing in the market before the end of the year.

The U.S. Treasury will be buying every security and loan in sight while the Fed will be the banker – financing the whole scheme.

So essentially this is a Fed/ Treasury merger. A behemoth dispensing loads of helicopter money – with BlackRock as the undisputable winner.

BlackRock is widely known as the biggest money manager on the planet. Their tentacles are everywhere. They own 5% of Apple, 5% of Exxon Mobil, 6% of Google, second largest shareholder of AT&T (Turner, HBO, CNN, Warner Brothers) – these are just a few examples.

They will buy all these securities and manage those dodgy special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) on behalf of the Treasury.

BlackRock not only is the top investor in Goldman Sachs. Better yet: Blackrock is bigger than Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank combined. BlackRock is a serious Trump donor. Now, for all practical purposes, it will be the operating system – the Chrome, Firefox, Safari – of Fed/Treasury.

This represents the definitive Wall Street-ization of the Fed – with no evidence whatsoever it will lead to any improvement in the lives of the average American.

Western corporate media, en masse, have virtually ignored the myriad, devastating economic consequences of Planet Lockdown. Wall to wall coverage barely mentions the astonishing economic human wreckage already in effect – especially for the masses barely surviving, so far, in the informal economy.

For all practical purposes, the Global War on Terror (GWOT) has been replaced by the Global War on Virus (GWOV). But what is not being seriously analyzed is the Perfect Toxic Storm: a totally shattered economy; The Mother of All Financial Crashes – barely masked by the trillions in helicopter money from the Fed and the ECB; the tens of millions of unemployed engendered by the New Great Depression; the millions of small businesses that will simply disappear; a widespread, global mental health crisis. Not to mention the masses of elderly, especially in the U.S., that will be issued an unspoken “drop dead” notice.

Beyond any rhetoric about “decoupling”, the global economy is already, de facto, split in two. On one side, we have Eurasia, Africa and swathes of Latin America – what China will be painstakingly connecting and reconnecting via the New Silk Roads. On the other side, we have North America and selected Western vassals. A puzzled Europe lies in the middle.

A cryogenically induced global economy certainly facilitates a reboot. Trumpism is the New Exceptionalism – so that means an isolationist MAGA on steroids. In contrast, China will painstakingly reboot its market base along the New Silk Roads – Africa and Latin America included – to replace the 20% of trade/exports to be lost with the U.S.

The meager $1,200 checks promised to Americans are a de facto precursor of the much touted Universal Basic Income (UBI). They may become permanent as tens of millions of people will be permanently unemployed. That will facilitate the transition towards a totally automated, 24/7 economy run by AI – thus the importance of 5G.

And that’s where ID2020 comes in.

AI and ID2020

The European Commission is involved in a crucial but virtually unknown project, CREMA (Cloud Based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing) which aims to facilitate the widest possible implementation of AI in conjunction to the advent of a cashless One-World system.

The end of cash necessarily implies a One-World government capable of dispensing – and controlling – UBI; a de facto full accomplishment of Foucault’s studies on biopolitics. Anyone is liable to be erased from the system if an algorithm equals this individual with dissent.

It gets even sexier when absolute social control is promoted as an innocent vaccine.

ID2020 is self-described as a benign alliance of “public-private partners”. Essentially, it is an electronic ID platform based on generalized vaccination. And its starts at birth; newborns will be provided with a “portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity.”

GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, pledges to “protect people’s health “ and provide “immunization for all”. Top partners and sponsors, apart from the WHO, include, predictably, Big Pharma.

At the ID2020 Alliance summit last September in New York, it was decided that the “Rising to the Good ID Challenge” program would be launched in 2020. That was confirmed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) this past January in Davos. The digital identity will be tested with the government of Bangladesh.

That poses a serious question: was ID2020 timed to coincide with what a crucial sponsor, the WHO, qualified as a pandemic? Or was a pandemic absolutely crucial to justify the launch of ID2020?

As game-changing trial runs go, nothing of course beats Event 201, which took place less than a month after ID2020.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with, once again, the WEF, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, described Event 201 as “a high-level pandemic exercise”. The exercise “illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.”

With Covid-19 in effect as a pandemic, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was forced to issue a statement basically saying they just “modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction”.

There’s no question “a severe pandemic, which becomes ‘Event 201’ would require reliable cooperation among several industries, national governments, and key international institutions”, as spun by the sponsors. Covid-19 is eliciting exactly this kind of “cooperation”. Whether it’s “reliable” is open to endless debate.

The fact is that, all over Planet Lockdown, a groundswell of public opinion is leaning towards defining the current state of affairs as a global psyop: a deliberate global meltdown – the New Great Depression – imposed on unsuspecting citizens by design.

The powers that be, taking their cue from the tried and tested, decades-old CIA playbook, of course are breathlessly calling it a “conspiracy theory”. Yet what vast swathes of global public opinion observe is a – dangerous – virus being used as cover for the advent of a new, digital financial system, complete with a forced vaccine cum nanochip creating a full, individual, digital identity.

The most plausible scenario for our immediate future reads like clusters of smart cities linked by AI, with people monitored full time and duly micro-chipped doing what they need with a unified digital currency, in an atmosphere of Bentham’s and Foucault’s Panopticum on overdrive.

So if this is really our future, the existing world-system has to go. This is a test, this is only a test.


Pepe Escobar









In truth, the US-dominated system is unraveling because the people of the world don’t want to be ruled by force, because US leaders are incompetent bunglers who cannot be trusted to do the right thing, and because Washington’s arrogant go-it-alone policy-making has turned vast areas of the Middle East and Central Asia into uninhabitable wastelands.

Let’s face it, the United States had a chance to show the world it could be a reliable steward of global security, and they blew it

The spectre of the coronavirus pandemic in the US has darkened decidedly, with President Trump warning of a harrowing next few weeks from a surging disease death toll. Into the malevolent mix are reports of American citizens buying up firearms as if there is no tomorrow.

In recent weeks, gun sales have hit record highs amid public fears of a breakdown in law and order. Most of the sales were among first-time buyers, according to reports. During March, before the government-ordered shutdown of businesses due to the coronavirus epidemic, mandatory FBI background checks showed a huge spike suggesting gun sales had gone through the roof.

Some 3.7 million checks were carried out in that month alone, corresponding to individuals purchasing firearms.

Bear in mind too that each individual can buy several guns under the same application. Bear in mind too that the US is already the leading nation for citizens owning firearms, with an estimated 390 million pieces in circulation, equivalent to more than one weapon for every citizen. Bear in mind too that the US is the world’s leader in deaths from mass shootings.

That's in "normal" times, never mind the highly anxious present development over COVID-19.

Every year, official figures show some 11,000 Americans are killed in homicides with firearms. Nearly double that figure die in suicides involving guns, putting the annual death toll from gun violence at well over 30,000. The US death toll from the COVID-19 disease is heading towards 10,000 as the number of fatalities escalates. Official estimates are warning of COVID-19 mortality in the US reaching as high as 200,000.

But what could add to the deadly impact of the pandemic is the prevalence of guns and the growing fear of social chaos. This is what Trump may have been hinting at when he said last month that the longer the economic shutdown goes on the more casualties will result. In recent days, the president has voiced concern that the US economy cannot go on indefinitely "paying people not to work".

Trump doesn't want the economy to tank because with that so will his reelection hopes flounder. More than that, however, Trump and the corporate class know that the capitalist economy is like a bicycle. Once it stops moving it will fall over. So, the imperative is to get businesses re-opened and workers back on the job.

What if millions of workers don't want to go back to the front line knowing that their lives may be at risk from a pandemic that has not been contained?

The near-mutinous episode on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier speaks of a simmering mood against the authorities. When the Pentagon bosses sacked Captain Brett Crozier for sounding the alarm about infections among his 4,000 crew, the crew cheered their commander as a hero for putting their health and safety above orders from the admirals.

Elsewhere, the critical shortage of protective equipment for essential workers such as healthcare personnel shows that the US authorities have not done nearly enough to ensure public safety. If workers are forced back to their jobs by authorities who are seen as callous and uncaring – motivated only by private profit – then that will surely breed further massive resentment and anger.

How will people feed their families if government welfare checks dry up, as Trump has hinted they will dry up owing to fiscal pressure?

Some 10 million Americans have lost their jobs so far due to the COVID-19 pandemic with total job losses possibly soaring to 47 million. Oh yeah, Washington can find trillions for military spending every year, but when it comes to supporting workers and their families during a time of crisis, well then suddenly there must be fiscal prudence. Such twisted priorities tell people that, as far their governing class is concerned, they are expendable.

It's not hard to imagine hungry and desperate people forcing their way into closed shops and stores to raid for food, medicines and other essential supplies if it comes down to a survival situation. The ethics of feeding one's children takes precedence over legal formalities of paying at a checkout – particularly when there is no checkout operating.

Seems too like it's not just the US citizenry who are expecting trouble ahead. The US government has mobilised over 21,000 troops belonging to the National Guard to be deployed across states in the event of social disorder.

The US is not a good place to be right now. A pandemic worsened by government mishandling of the crisis, massive social insecurity among impoverished workers, and enough guns and ammo out there to wage a war. When Trump warns that the worse is yet to come, he may not even realise just how bad that is.

THINK: The Postman (movie)

The day has arrived when freedom has ceased to exist in this country. It still remains a state of mind for those in the masses that have little ability to think critically or to see the reality staring them in the face. This is symptomatic of a population in mental turmoil, this brought about by long-term indoctrination leading to mass ignorance and blind nationalism. The tyrants of all past history must be smiling as they look upon the United States today, a perfect totalitarian storm of two classes. One is the political elite and powerful, and the other is the rest of society; weak and dependent on their masters. Once any country’s people succumb to obedience, all that is left is slavery.

A time has come when all are told where they may go, what they are allowed to do, what they may purchase, what medical care they may or may not receive, how long they must remain in home prisons, and soon they will be told they are required to vaccinate with poison delivered by partners of the criminal state. Control over the population is almost complete, as government is stripping all individuality by eliminating or controlling by force our culture, religion, and independent views and thought, in order to bring about a new order. This order will be a top-down controlling governing system, and one that relies on a frightened and obedient populace. Life as we have known it will cease to exist, as total control of every aspect of societal behavior and economy will be executed by the few while all others remain in a cage of oppression.

It seems now that one of the underlying objectives of this fraudulent virus scare is to purposely eliminate the weakest among us, while using this manufactured virus as cover for a type of eugenic population control. The disabled, sick, and old are especially vulnerable to all the isolation, and the elimination of medical care that is inherent in the government’s so-called cure for the common cold. This will be a death knell to a particular sector of society. When this planned government takeover of the country runs its initial course, the number of dead from this purposely created response will be extreme, and the huge numbers of victims will not have died from any virus, but due to the murderous policies of government.

The old and infirmed, those that succumb to psychological and physical stress, those that are legitimately dependent on caretakers, and the weak and unhealthy among us, will be decimated due to this hoax. Is that part of the plan? Do the ruling class and their fascist medical system seek the elimination of the weak as part of their desired agenda? Death from government measures in place now will not end when these brutal sanctions against us are temporarily lifted, they will continue to escalate as the damage done will not lessen, and future medical treatment will be forever altered and restricted. This is criminal in every way imaginable, and those who would scoff at these valid accusations have not only become mentally crippled and blinded, but have lost their souls. This is a serious matter, and will adversely affect families across the country, whether now or later, and the lasting effects will be unconscionable.

One must question insanity to find out whether it is truly a lack of control of mind, or is intentional behavior. Medical procedures have been halted. Elective and even required surgeries have been postponed or eliminated entirely. Heart attack victims now are not being accepted in hospitals if they can be resuscitated on site, and hospitals are basically closed to most all health problems other than certain claimed “coronavirus” cases. This is all being done by design, and is all due to government mandate. There are empty hospitals everywhere, but the truly sick are being left to die while critical care is abandoned. This is criminal behavior, but is being allowed and promoted due to the lies about a mystery virus. Shifting blame to a virus eliminates responsibility of government and the medical system, and leaves little recourse for those families harmed by these immoral practices.

It is impossible to not understand the implications of these policies, and those implications are that many will die due the lack of medical care, all because of a calculated elimination of healthcare brought about by orders of government and medical care facilities. This insanity is intentional, and therefore all liability should fall on those responsible for not allowing life-saving care to those in need. In fact, any hospital refusing to treat patients in need should be held physically and economically responsible for all harm caused due to negligence.

As I have mentioned before, the death toll due to the plotted government response to the alleged Covid-19 outbreak will be massive, and much more than any so-called virus. This is the biggest con-game of all time, and is being perpetrated by governments intent on achieving sinister agendas; agendas based on gaining control of entire populations in advance of an economic collapse that is imminent.

Just like the tyrannical measures put into place after the 9/11 false flag event, the lockdowns, money printing, bailouts of favored corporations and banks, and totalitarian restrictions and legislation created due to this false pandemic, will never go away. They will remain in place forever, and will be used at every opportunity necessary for the state to retain full and total control over every single American. This is a travesty that exposes the evil that is government, an evil unmatched in history.

As mandated quarantines and isolation continue, more and more will die due to these measures. The death count due to the government and “health organization” rules and restrictions will continue to escalate, and as has been happening all along. Most of these deaths will be falsely blamed on this virus instead of the real causes. The death count due to government action during this hoax will be tremendous, and the old, sick, and helpless will continue to be intentionally sacrificed in the name of a lie.


RENT THE REAL MOVIE - 12 Monkeys (the above only features some excerpts)


In a future world devastated by disease, a convict is sent back in time to gather information about the man-made virus that wiped out most of the human population on the planet.


In the year 2035, convict James Cole (Bruce Willis) volunteers reluctantly to be sent back in time by scientists to discover the origin of a deadly virus that wiped out nearly all of the earth's population decades earlier. But when Cole is sent mistakenly to 1990 instead of 1996, he's arrested and locked up in a mental hospital, where he meets a psychiatrist (Madeleine Stowe) and the son (Brad Pitt) of a famous virus expert (Christopher Plummer).


In the US, COG/Continuity of Government is no longer limited to nuclear emergencies; the Continuity of Operations Plan was activated following the September 11 attacks.


It is interesting to note that President Trump and/or VP-Pense has not been whisked off to that special BUNKER after all these months that AMERICA & THE WORLD is under this COVID-19 Threat and Trump Declared himself a WAR President.


He and Pense aren't taking this WAR seriously as they claim it to be a WAR, (America is ALWAYS AT WAR - War on Drugs, War on Cancer, War on Ingrown Toenails, ahh yes, WAR). Or is it that they believe or want the public to believe (they as Evangelical Christians) GOD has singled them out to SAVE & GOVERN THE WORLD.


On the other hand, perhaps they know something we don't; sorta like maybe COVID-19 was released by the Deep State but they also have the Vaccine (only for special people/not the civilian population who will get the Bill Gates et al special vaccine/ID2020 combo vaccine (but not) aka virus with selective DNA Kill on demand for all useless eaters and those who don't succumb to the new Digital Age of the NEW WORLD ORDER.


So they both still appear on stage (but as bad actors, sorry - no Academy Award) more like HAMS who must have accolades, praise, GOD LIKE worship as special people, still shake hands, refuse to wear masks or gloves, party with others (many who now have COVID) - yet Trump & Pense are IMMUNE.  Maybe they are really protected by G_D, has to be they ARE special, not commoners like the rest of us lowly slave sinners.


Don't even try to figure it out, boggles the mind how the masses believe such Bull Excrement, but then the masses are so DUMBED DOWN by ORGY-nized Religions and need to worship false gods.





Coronavirus Update: Trump Refuses To Be Tested Despite Exposure To COVID-19

White House Resident Donald Trump still refuses to be tested for COVID-19 despite clear indications he was in close contact with at least three people that either have or are suspected to have the disease. COVID-19 is deadlier to persons over 60 years old with co-morbid conditions. Trump is 73 and obese.

Calls for Trump to submit to the test is rising after Fabio Wajngarten, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s press secretary, tested positive for COVID-19 after returning to Brazil from the U.S. this week.

Photos show Wajngarten in close contact with both Trump and vice president Mike Pence four days ago at Mar-a-Lago. Wajngarten on Instagram shared a photo of himself standing next to Trump.

Asked about this, Trump again acted dismissively, saying he “isn’t concerned” about the situation. White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham falsely claimed both Trump and Pence "had almost no interactions with the individual who tested positive and do not require being tested at this time.”

Oddly, two Republicans senators who were at the same event decided to self-quarantine. Sen. Rick Scott, R-FL, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, said they went into self-quarantine after attending the same Mar-a-Lago event where Wajngarten was present. Trump has consistently downplayed the severity of COVID-19 and has been assailed for it.

Despite admonitions against it, Trump continues to shake hands and attend his reelection campaign rallies. Two days ago, Trump compared COVID-19 to the common flu, even as health experts affirm the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is 10 times deadlier than the flu.

Calls for Trump to have himself tested for COVID-19 grew louder on Monday after two of his close allies -- Rep. Doug Collins, R-GA, and Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-FL, -- went into self-quarantine after finding out they had been in direct contact with a fellow Republican now confirmed with COVID-19. Collins and Gaetz claim they have no symptoms of the coronavirus.

It's known Collins shook hands with Trump on March 6 when the latter traveled to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Georgia en route to two days of golfing at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Gaetz flew back to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland with Trump on Monday.

Gaetz learned shortly after the plane was airborne both he and Collins were in contact with a fellow Republican at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland in late February. Gaetz isolated himself from the others on the plane and sat in a section of the plane by himself.

He later said he was entering self-quarantine about an hour after he got off the plane with Trump. Gaetz said he's been tested for the virus “and expects results soon."

[ ...and expects the results "SOON": Now do you know why the NIH/CDC/CIA doesn't have or want a fast simple test that we civilians can do SELF-TEST?  Why if we could use something like a simple thermometer to check our temperature as we do when our children have a cold - WE WOULD KNOW THE RESULT right away. We didn't have some supposed CDC/National Guard swab us, we know our test was ACCURATE and we are NOT sick nor are we a carrier.

But because we have to WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO "TELL US" (if) we are sick, that gives those Miscreants in Power the ability of TIME to profile EVERY PERSON (which we know thanks to Snowden and others).

Now if you have disagreed with something the government is doing, if you attended a rally for better wages or read a web post about TAXATION being illegal, or a Boycott Sanctions against IS-RA-EL, why their results will be that you have an extreme case of COVID-19 and MUST be quarantined in an ICU (or similar location/isolated from your family) and VOILA - aw gees, so sorry to tell you Mrs. Smith, we did all we could to save him but he passed away last night. EUTHANASIA. Mamma didn't raise no fool.]

Charlie Reese: A   B   C: Might As Well Get To Know It

Seven members of the U.S. Congress -- five Republicans and two Democrats -- are currently in self-quarantine after coming into contact with persons infected with COVID-19. Six are with the House while the lone senator is Ted Cruz.

Republican members of the House in self-quarantine are Rep. Doug Collins, R-GA, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-FL, Rep. Paul Gozar, R-AZ and Rep. Mark Meadows, R-NC. The Democrats are Rep. Don Beyer, D-VA, and Rep. Julia Brownley, D-CA.


VIDEO: Professor Knut Wittkowski, for twenty years head of The Rockefeller University's Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design, says that social distancing and lockdown is the absolutely worst way to deal with an airborne respiratory virus.

ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines

The ID2020 Alliance has launched a new digital identity program at its annual summit in New York, in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh, vaccine alliance Gavi, and new partners in government, academia, and humanitarian relief.

The program to leverage immunization as an opportunity to establish digital identity was unveiled by ID2020 in partnership with the Bangladesh Government’s Access to Information (a2i) Program, the Directorate General of Health Services, and Gavi, according to the announcement.

Digital identity is a computerized record of who a person is, stored in a registry. It is used, in this case, to keep track of who has received vaccination.

“We are implementing a forward-looking approach to digital identity that gives individuals control over their own personal information, while still building off existing systems and programs,” says Anir Chowdhury, policy advisor at a2i. “The Government of Bangladesh recognizes that the design of digital identity systems carries far-reaching implications for individuals’ access to services and livelihoods, and we are eager to pioneer this approach.”

Gavi CEO Seth Berkley says that 89 percent of children and adolescents who do not have identification live in countries where the organization is active. “We are enthusiastic about the potential impact of this program not just in Bangladesh, but as something we can replicate across Gavi-eligible countries, providing a viable route to closing the identity gap,” he says.

A partnership was also formed earlier this year between Gavi, NEC, and Simprints to use biometrics to improve vaccine coverage in developing nations.

“Digital ID is being defined and implemented today, and we recognize the importance of swift action to close the identity gap,” comments ID2020 Executive Director Dakota Gruener. “Now is the time for bold commitments to ensure that we respond both quickly and responsibly. We and our ID2020 Alliance partners, both present and future, are committed to rising to this challenge.”

ID2020 also announced new partnerships and provided progress reports on initiatives launched last year. Since last year’s summit, the ID2020 Alliance has been joined by the City of Austin, UC Berkeley’s CITRIS Policy Lab and Care USA.

The City of Austin, ID2020, and several other partners are working together with homeless people and the service providers who engage with them to develop a blockchain-enabled digital identity platform called MyPass to empower homeless people with their own identity data.

A pair of inaugural pilot programs launched last year in partnership with iRespond and Everest have each made progress, ID2020 says. The iRespond program has improved continuity of care for more than 3,000 refugees receiving treatment for chronic conditions from the International Rescue Committee in Thailand, according to the announcement, while Everest has assisted with the provision of access to critical energy subsidies and a range of additional services with secure and user-centric digital identities without relying on a smartphone.


Cash has been the target of the banking and financial elites for years. Now, the coronavirus pandemic is being used to frighten the masses into accepting a cashless society. That would mean the death of what’s left of our free society.

CBS NewsCNN, and other mainstream outlets are fearmongering again. Alarmism is nothing new in the media world, but this time, it’s not about triggering panic buying or even pushing a political agenda.

The war on cash is about imposing a new meta-narrative. As economist Joseph Salerno explains, the cashless society forces all payments to be made through the financial system. It doesn’t end with monopoly control over transactions, though.

Being bound to computers for transactions kicks the door wide open to hardcore surveillance of personal activity and location data. Being eternally on the grid means relentless taxation and negative interest rates, which the Federal Reserve is already gearing up for.

None of this bothers the well-heeled boosters of a cashless society or their lackeys in the media. They want Americans reading about the threat of coronavirus cooties on their cash, which is absurd.

Germs, of course, can loiter all over credit and debit cards, smartphones, ATMs, and every other cash alternative device. Too bad implanted microchip technology isn’t further along, the banksters must be thinking.

In another CNN article, readers are practically shamed for withdrawing cash to save during a crisis. Every sentence, every word, every letter of the article is nuts.

It begins by reassuring the reader that their bank account is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). There’s no mention of moral hazard from CNN. The fact that the federal government guarantees every bank account up to $250,000 encourages reckless financial and banking behavior. Not worth mentioning, CNN?

Prior to the end of World War II, there were $500, $1,000, and $10,000 bills in wide circulation. This cash was dissolved by the Federal Reserve in the name of fighting organized crime. This same argument is now being made against $50 and $100 bills by Harvard economics professor Kenneth Rogoff.

In the Wall Street Journal, Rogoff also wrote that a cashless society would offer such benefits as “greater flexibility for the Federal Reserve to stimulate the economy when necessary.”

And indeed, negative interest rates would require the assistance of outlawing cash, so that banking customers don’t cheat by simply drawing out on their accounts.

Pardon the pun, but it’s absolutely sick how COVID-19 is being used now as a launching pad for this cashless agenda. There’s nothing to fear about using cash during this time of social distancing.

Wash your hands after handling cash, but don’t give up your moolah. Preserve your health, your privacy, and your liberty.

And just in case you wondered what all this fearmongering has done for that dirty cash in circulation - Americans are grabbing it at at the fastest pace since the Y2K liquidity scare...

Here is a peek on how they will use 5G with COVID-19 to bring America and the world into submission as slaves forever:

Catherine STOWE is the pen name of Mihaela DAMIAN, author of The Brainweaver psychological thriller.


Fauci: There will be a surprise outbreak (2017)

Disney World Economics: How Coronavirus Could Be Used to Justify a Global Financial Reset

Arguably, no one has been more active in promoting and funding research on vaccines aimed at dealing with coronavirus than Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. From sponsoring a simulation of a coronavirus global pandemic, just weeks before the Wuhan outbreak was announced, to funding numerous corporate efforts to come up with a novel vaccine for the apparently novel virus, the Gates presence is there. What does it actually entail?

We must admit that at the very least Bill Gates is prophetic. He has claimed for years that a global killer pandemic will come and that we are not prepared for it. On March 18, 2015 Gates gave a TED talk on epidemics in Vancouver. That day he wrote on his blog, “I just gave a brief talk on a subject that I’ve been learning a lot about lately—epidemics. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is a tragedy—as I write this, more than 10,000 people have died.” Gates then added, “As awful as this epidemic has been, the next one could be much worse. The world is simply not prepared to deal with a disease—an especially virulent flu, for example—that infects large numbers of people very quickly. Of all the things that could kill 10 million people or more, by far the most likely is an epidemic.”

That same year, 2015, Bill Gates wrote an article for the New England Journal of Medicine titled, “The Next Epidemic: Lessons from Ebola.” There he spoke of a special class of drugs that “involves giving patients a set of particular RNA-based constructs that enables them to produce specific proteins(including antibodies).Although this is a very new area, it is promising because it is possible that a safe therapy could be designed and put into large-scale manufacture fairly rapidly. More basic research as well as the progress of companies like Moderna and CureVac could eventually make this approach a key tool for stopping epidemics.” Moderna and CureVac both today receive funds from the Gates Foundation and are leading the race to develop an approved COVID-19 vaccine based on mRNA.

2017 and Founding of CEPI

A global flu-like pandemic in fact is something that Gates and his well-endowed foundation have spent years preparing for. In 2017 during the Davos World Economic Forum, Gates initiated something called CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, together with the governments of Norway, India, Japan, and Germany, along with the Wellcome Trust of the UK. Its stated purpose is to “accelerate the development of vaccines we’ll need to contain outbreaks” of future epidemics. He noted at the time that “One promising area of vaccine development research is using advances in genomics to map the DNA and RNA of pathogens and make vaccines.” We will return to that.

Event 201

By 2019 Bill Gates and the foundation were going full-tilt boogie with their pandemic scenarios. He made a Netflix video which made an eerie imaginary scenario. The video, part of the “Explained” series, imagined a wet market in China where live and dead animals are stacked and a highly deadly virus erupts that spreads globally. Gates appears as an expert in the video to warn, “If you think of anything that could come along that would kill millions of people, a pandemic is our greatest risk.” He said if nothing was done to better prepare for pandemics, the time would come when the world would look back and wish it had invested more into potential vaccines. That was weeks before the world heard about bats and a live wet market in Wuhan China.

In October, 2019 the Gates Foundation teamed up with the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security to enact what they called a “fictional” scenario simulation involving some of the world’s leading figures in public health. It was titled Event 201.

As their website describes it, Event 201 simulated an “outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen and the disease it causes are modeled largely on SARS, but it is more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms.”

In the Event 201 scenario the disease originates at a pig farm in Brazil, spreading through low-income regions and ultimately explodes into an epidemic. The disease is carried by air travel to Portugal, the USA and China and beyond to the point no country can control it. The scenario posits no possible vaccine being available in the first year. “Since the whole human population is susceptible, during the initial months of the pandemic, the cumulative number of cases increases exponentially, doubling every week.”

The scenario then ends after 18 months when the fictional coronavirus has caused 65 million deaths. “The pandemic is beginning to slow due to the decreasing number of susceptible people. The pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective vaccine or until 80-90 % of the global population has been exposed.”

All this shows that Bill Gates has had a remarkable preoccupation with the possibility of a global pandemic outbreak he said could be even larger than the alleged deaths from the mysterious 1918 Spanish Flu, and has been warning for at least the past five years or more. What the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also has been involved in is funding development of new vaccines using bleeding-edge CRISPR gene-editing and other technologies.

In addition Gates Foundation monies via CEPI are financing development of a radical new vaccine method known as messengerRNA or mRNA.

They are co-funding the Cambridge, Massachusetts biotech company, Moderna Inc., to develop a vaccine against the Wuhan novel coronavirus, now called SARS-CoV-2. Moderna’s other partner is the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Head of NIAID is Dr Anthony Fauci, the person at the center of the Trump Administration virus emergency response. Notable about the Fauci-Gates Moderna coronavirus vaccine, mRNA-1273, is that it has been rolled out in a matter of weeks, not years, and on February 24 went directly to Fauci’s NIH for tests on human guinea pigs, not on mice as normal. Moderna’s chief medical adviser, Tal Zaks, argued, “I don’t think proving this in an animal model is on the critical path to getting this to a clinical trial.”

Another notable admission by Moderna on its website is the legal disclaimer, “Special Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements: …These risks, uncertainties, and other factors include, among others: … the fact that there has never been a commercial product utilizing mRNA technology approved for use.” In other words, completely unproven for human health and safety.

Another biotech company working with unproven mRNA technology to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 is a German company, CureVac. Since 2015 CureVac has received money from the Gates Foundation to develop its own mRNA technology. In January the Gates-backed CEPI granted more than $8 million to develop a mRNA vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

Bill Gates lays out the plan for the next phase in this engineered coronavirus crisis: digital vaccine certificates. In the Reddit AMA on March 18th 2020, Gates said that “eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.” In this video interview posted March 30th 2020, Gates said “eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person, because you don’t want people moving around the world … [without their certificate]”. Bill Gates (who really didn’t know Jeffrey Epstein, honest) has been the key person creating this crisis in many ways, such as through as his repeated predictions of a pandemic killing 30 million in the lead-up to the outbreak, his Event 201 Simulation (that just happened to plan for a coronavirus outbreak) and his incessant push for vaccinations, including his public admission more than once that vaccines contribute to population control or depopulation.


Congress proposes 50% tax on guns and ammunition in the US

Congress is considering a bill to require citizens to apply for a federal license before being able to purchase a firearm.

And the government would have the authority to deny a license, even if the applicant has no criminal history or mental health issues.

That makes this essentially a nationwide “red flag law.” The government can deny or revoke a license if they arbitrarily deem you to be a problem.

The proposed law would also tax firearms at 30% and ammunition at 50%.


PREPARE FOR WORLD WAR: Trump activates one million military reservists as nation prepares for mass combat casualties

President Trump signed a new executive order that activates one million military reservists, bringing them back to active duty. This “national security & defense” executive order is entitled, “EO to Order the Selected Reserve and Certain Members of the Individual Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty.”


It begins by citing the coronavirus pandemic and the state of emergency which has already been declared:

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.), and in furtherance of Proclamation 9994 of March 13, 2020 (Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak), which declared a national emergency by reason of the threat that the novel (new) coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 poses to our Nation’s healthcare systems, I hereby order as follows:


It goes on to describe how the, “Army, Navy, and Air Force, at the direction of the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Homeland Security with respect to the Coast Guard” are authorized to activate one million reservists, calling them back to active duty.

Ponder for a moment what events are taking place that would require the President of the United States to activate one million military reservists.

For starters, this executive order obliterates any last shred of the narrative that, “this is just the flu.” No flu has resulted in a million soldiers being called to active duty.


The real reason for this call-up is that Trump and the Pentagon know the coronavirus is just the opening salvo in a new world war - A WORLD WAR, A WORLD WAR.


The one million reservists are being activated because the Pentagon expects battlefield casualties on a large scale.


And in case you didn’t think things were serious enough already, the Pentagon just ordered high-level staffers into a deep underground military bunker in Colorado, something that never happens from “just the flu.”


Pentagon Orders Essential Staff To Deep Underground Mountain Bunker As Pandemic Prep Escalates

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) & the US' Northern Command (NORTHCOM) held a Facebook Live town hall meeting on Tuesday, March 24, informing the public how their essential teams in charge of homeland security are isolating at the Cheyenne Mountain bunker in Colorado amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Air Force General Terrence O'Shaughnessy, who commands NORAD and NORTHCOM, told reporters on Facebook Live last Tuesday that essential staff is being moved from Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado to the underground bunker complex that is 24 miles away in Cheyenne Mountain. The facility is more than 2,000 feet underground and can survive a 30 megaton nuclear explosion.


"To ensure that we can defend the homeland despite this pandemic, our command and control watch teams here in the headquarters split into multiple shifts and portions of our watch team began working from Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, creating a third team at an alternate location as well," O'Shaughnessy said. 

"Our dedicated professionals of the NORAD and NORTHCOM command and control watch have left their homes, said goodbye to their families and are isolated from everyone to ensure that they can stand the watch each and every day to defend our homeland.

"It's certainly not optimal, but it's absolutely necessary and appropriate given the situation."

NORAD and NORTHCOM have already used up about 30% of the underground facility, according to The Drive. O'Shaughnessy said with the increased personnel, his "primary concern was … are we going to have the space inside the mountain for everybody who wants to move in there, and I'm not at liberty to discuss who's moving in there."


If the staff at Cheyenne are infected, there is a third team of higher-ranking military officials operating at another facility that can remotely assume command. 

With the virus crisis deepening in the US, confirmed cases have now surged over 124,000, with 2,191 deaths (as of Sunday morning). President Trump signed an executive order Friday, allowing the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security to activate National Guard and reservists to battle the COVID-19 outbreak across the US. 

We noted last week that the US is in the "acceleration phase" of the outbreak, which means the health crisis could get much worse in the coming weeks. 

In a column so outrageous editors ultimately rushed to change the headline, opinion writer Katherine Stewart makes it her personal mission to pin the entire plague on the country's faithful. "The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals," the block type insisted -- until the paper was forced to turn Stewart's vitriol down a notch to "The Religious Right's Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Response to the Coronavirus." If the new header was supposed to tamp down the controversy the column started, it didn't.


The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response

Trump’s response to the pandemic has been haunted by the science denialism of his ultraconservative religious allies.

"Donald Trump rose to power with the determined assistance of a movement that denies science, bashes government and prioritized loyalty over professional expertise," Stewart insists. "In the current crisis, we are all reaping what that movement has sown."



This denial of science and critical thinking among religious ultraconservatives now haunts the American response to the coronavirus crisis. On March 15, Guillermo Maldonado, who calls himself an “apostle” and hosted Mr. Trump earlier this year at a campaign event at his Miami megachurch, urged his congregants to show up for worship services in person. “Do you believe God would bring his people to his house to be contagious with the virus? Of course not,” he said.

Rodney Howard-Browne of The River at Tampa Bay Church in Florida mocked people concerned about the disease as “pansies” and insisted he would only shutter the doors to his packed church “when the rapture is taking place.” In a sermon that was live-streamed on Facebook, Tony Spell, a pastor in Louisiana, said, “We’re also going to pass out anointed handkerchiefs to people who may have a fear, who may have a sickness and we believe that when those anointed handkerchiefs go, that healing virtue is going to go on them as well.”

What’s ID 2020 And Are You Ready To Become Impacted By It?

An apparent New World Order (NWO) numbering of the world’s population is in the works, which will affect and impact every human being on the planet from the first day of birth forward! 

It’s called the “ID2020 Alliance” and is the most comprehensive surveillance database probably to date and being implemented on a GLOBAL basis.

EO to Order the Selected Reserve and Certain Members of the Individual Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty

PK states: Let me stop here because the information is volumous. I have already moved all the documents I've posted on this subject matter so YOU/WE can focus on the "real what is" facing us Americans and THE WORLD. At another time if there will be another time for those who survive, perhaps I'll restore them.

HERE IS THE SIMPLEST SKINNY I can put down in as short as possible words:

The US was created to bring about the NEW WORLD ORDER
The Deep State / Shadow Government created a new Constitution for their corporation to "run America"
Other Nations have been conquered (or by US economic Sanctions) and puppet regimes (dictators) installed

But there are several Nations who have been either fighting or not allowing the US to control them, yet some others are actually in a race to become THE king of THE WORLD. So the US is not alone in race for World Domination.

CHINA is one Nation (as well as RUSSIA, and others - who are now under US ECONOMIC Sanctions) who has gone head-to-head with the US.  Apparently, as the US focused on World Domination by means of WARS and Weapons of War, China focused on being the world's supplier of most everything we BUY, foods, medicines, etc.

The US has become totally dependent on Chinese "products" by greedy US corporations ( most every politician gets kickbacks from) so we the CONNED-SUMERS didn't care that our own government also destroyed the American FARMERS, so America depends on food and medicines imports so our greedy corporations make hefty profits while we eat foods which are slowly killing us.

BUT the greatest issue is, China has also become a TECH GIANT (Huawei Releases New 5G Products and Solutions, Poised to Bring New Value).

This became a thorn in the side of the US which has BACK DOORS in all (WORLD) Internet CDN's and the US has been spying on EVERY NATION (not just on us Americans) INTELLIGENCE & MILITARY for years.

In other words, the US knows what EVERY Military is doing in real time, and frankly could have stopped 9/11 as well as any and all terrorist attacks globally. This has given the US Intelligence Superiority.

If Huawei Modems and CODEC (etc) were to replace the world's Internet BACKBONES, the US could no longer control World Governments.

CHINA has upended the US, enter COVID-19 which will destroy most of the worlds' Economies, waiting for someone who will SAVE THE WORLD by new designer VACCINES, which entails controlling all the world's peoples.

Shelter-in-Place has been replaced by Safer-in-Place (Words Of Craft); as so many will die, not only from coronavirus but because the government cannot and will not GIVE each American money so they stay at home indefinitely.

Food will run out, Sanitation, Medical Supplies will become scarce or only available to those who are VERY RICH, then their foods will also disappear if they do not bow down and get MARKED-Tagged like an animal. 

The Elties will go underground as the PLAGUE spreads, we start killing off each other to eat humans as we will not have food to eat, and disease will spread. Safer In Place is Self Imprisonment.



We The People are left holding the bag. A true Art Of The Deal.

If you want to know more, you will have to ask or go your way in peace, IT'S LATER THAN YOU THINK.


Only our Families have known but family also kept quiet
To honor your sacrifice so they would not contradict the government
hoping beyond hope you would get treatment from the VA
And financial help to pay costs for your Medical and Burial

You were threatened your children would be taken from you
You feared if the public knew you had a communicable dis-ease
Your children would not be able to attend school
they would be alienated by neighbors, wives could not go shopping
Your family would have been Sheltering In Place isolated from society
 The number of suicides and divorces tell the tale, some going Postal


Many Vietnam Veterans at All Veterans Reunions have been wondering for years now, where are the Gulf War 90-91 Veterans?
They are becoming the unseen and unmentioned veterans.  Those that are there noticed the lack of recognition for the words Gulf War 1990-91, Operation Desert Storm from the majority of Memorial Day Ceremonies.  The survivors of these veterans surely were not highlighted in any media coverage.  The widows/widowers and their children have not had any coverage or been welcomed into the fold because those are the invisible injuries that are not discussed. 
Viet Nam veterans die at the rate of about 390 per day. In five years they will all be gone (statistically). Looks like the lesson wasn’t learned in Nam. The next generation was sacrificed in the Middle East. The only difference is that many more served in Nam–3.5 million and 2/3 of them have already died. This is the American tragedy.


It happened in 1991 - time enough to learn!







Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) was a prolific English writer, philosopher and visionary who authored 47 books.  He’s best known for his novel “Brave New World” which describes a perfect dictatorship. He wrote the book in 1931 before Hitler and Stalin rose to infamy, yet what he depicted skipped over WWII and may describe the United States today.

Huxley said the perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy but would be a prison without walls, an enchanting place from which nobody would wish to escape. Through entertainment and consumption he said the slaves “would love their servitude.”

It’s interesting that Huxley died on November 22, 1963, the day President Kennedy and dreams of Camelot died.


2015 - In a nation intended to be a shining example of freedom, a massive number of individuals waste their time, and indeed their life energy, in the pursuit of pleasurable distractions.  They quite literally twitter away their lives on electronic games and superficial social communications.

When not so engaged, they shop and dine and shop some more or remain transfixed before TV screens, movie screens and corporate sponsored games.

Too many people are so satiated with carnal pleasures and mesmerizing distractions that few are standing guard to protect themselves from tyranny – tyranny from within and without the nation.

Every single person needs to be doing something to take back the freedoms that have been lost and to preserve the freedoms that remain.  No matter how diligently those in the heavens, be they spiritual or physical, work to establish utopian goals upon the Earth, it is all for naught if humankind does not strive for them too.



The Institute also stated that, if the troops were to realize what they had been exposed to, “the financial implications of long-term disability payments and healthcare costs would be excessive.”


U.S and British troops deployed to the area are the walking dead.


In the first two weeks of combat, 700 Tomahawks, at a cost of $1.3 million each, blasted Iraqi real estate into radioactive mushroom clouds. Millions of DU tank rounds liter the terrain.
Cleanup is impossible because there is no place on the planet to put so much contaminated debris.

Bush Sr.'s Gulf War I was also a nuclear war.
320 tons of depleted uranium were used against Iraq in 1991.

DU remains “hot” for 4.5 billion years.

As they gradually sicken and suffer a slow burn to their graves, the Pentagon will -- as it did after Gulf War I -- deny that their misery and death is a result of their tour in Iraq.

Humans and animals, friends and foes in the fallout zone are destined to a long downhill spiral of chronic illness and disability.


VIA "the winds of time" - radioactive dust has been blowing encircling the world, coming down on the Western World assisted by Chemtrails. Immune systems are being compromised and with the release of Biological weapons like COVID-19 and what else will follow including vaccinating globally, the human population will die off.


There has been no remorse about leaving tons of DU equipment in the soil in foreign countries, and there appears to be no remorse about leaving it in the waters of your own country.” 



An article came out in Scientific American in October 1995 that was very fascinating reading. They have to deal with the results of this biological warfare, because too many people are getting sick and too many people are dying. How are they going to deal with it? The title of the article in Scientific American was, "Dangers from new viral plagues." Have you been seeing anything in the newspaper about Dengue fever in South America, or about these "strange" viral hemorrhagic diseases that are " suddenly attacking us" from " nowhere "? Guess what. They came out of the Gulf War!

Sexually Transmitted Cancer

Peter Kawaja has been talking about this. Guess what. This just came out on 10/10/95. There is such a thing as sexually transmitted cancer. Isn't it strange that all these things we've been talking about are now coming out? Let me tell you about Peter Kawaja. He operated under a government code name.




BEHOLD A PALE HORSEThe authors of this book are close colleagues of Peter Kawaja, ...... The account is given in some detail in Behold a Pale Horse: ...

  In a document received from Peter Kawaja titled The Saddest Chapter of Americas History ..... Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper.   New World Order: The Ancient Plan of ...


DR. NICOLSON: Please address our concerns and begin a responsive dialogue as we attempt to dismantle the secret, federal virus development program in contradiction to the 1972 Biological Weapons Development treaty. Thus if Dr. Nicolson was working for the secret program in 1973, he was in further violation of international law. We find Dr. Nicolson affiliated with the program from 1972 - 1978 (1975 progress report missing).


If you have not read my documentation over the years since 1990, do not know about the IND's & INP's  (informed consent waiver) in Operation Desert Storm, nor read about the US Special Virus Cancer Program and Dr. Garth Nicolson's "role" you have missed critical information. A hidden Plague was introduced into the civilian population spread by infected veterans, and now into the Rodent population and has crossed species. So even if you can get a medical waiver to not vaccinate your children today, they are vulnerable (and so are YOU) to all those who did get vaccinated or came in contact with contaminated blood via Walter Reed (WRAMC). The secret program is still ongoing for selective kill and World Population Control. It is too lengthy for me to repost here at this time.


Cancer Weaponized: Assassination has historically been a messy business, both literally and metaphorically, with some of the most notorious assassinations, such as that of President John F. Kennedy, still leaving many unanswered questions decades after the event. So if a silent, insidious, undetectable method of assassination became available which would arouse no suspicion and which would appear to be totally attributable to natural causes, it would be a very attractive proposition to those wishing to quietly despatch a long-term political threat.

Enter weaponized cancer.

When a cluster of people in an organization start to develop cancer as though it was a contagious disease, is it time to start asking questions? Particularly if those individuals are all members of a Left-wing government with radical political agendas?

The late President Hugo Chavez Frias, who died from cancer earlier this year, made a series of speeches before his death in which he noted that an “epidemic” of cancer seemed to have run rife among Latin American presidents, and called this 'a strange and alarming phenomenon'. He implied that this odd cluster of illness could have been caused by the CIA's use of bio-weapons. Of course, the response from Washington was far from favourable, and Victoria Nuland, US State Department official spokesperson, said that Chavez’ words were “horrific and reprehensible.”

Yet the evidence appeared to be convincing: Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, diagnosed with colon cancer; Brazilian President Ignacio Lula da Silva, treated for throat cancer; Fernando Lugo diagnosed with lymphoma, cancer of the immune system; Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, afflicted with thyroid cancer; Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, struck with lymphoma, and Juan Manuel Santos was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Despite the vehement denial of any involvement from the US government, Chavez gained support from other political leaders, including, Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov suggested that it was unlikely to be coincidence that six left-wing leaders would contract cancer at around the same time, and Venezuela’s acting President Nicolas Maduro, claimed that Chavez had been the victim of a scientific attack by the US government, long-time enemy of the leftist Venezualan regime.

Cuba's president, Fidel Castro, was equally outspoken voicing his suspicions of CIA involvement in the cancer epidemic, possibly because it was believed that he himself had been the victim of several bio weapon-type assassination attempts. He advised Chavez to take care and gave the following words of warning: "These people [the Americans] have developed technology. Take care what you eat, what they give you to eat… a little needle and they inject you with I don’t know what".

The American Cancer Society states that 'Cancer is a complex group of diseases with many possible causes'. So is it really possible to induce it with an injection, or a poison?

The truth is that America's production of cancer-causing biological warfare agents has been well-documented, with evidence of their development by scientists going back to the 1930s, and the now de-classified records available for public viewing.

Ironically, the some of the victims of those early scientific experiments were also Latin Americans. These were conducted by Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, a scientist with the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations in San Juan and a known racist with anti-Latin-American sentiments. The 13 Puerto Rican subjects of Rhoads' experiments received injections containing cancer-causing biological agents, which were created as part of a highly classified joint operation between the CIA and the US Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), and known as MKNAOMI. It is known that the assassinations of Fidel Castro and Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba were planned by the sinister and secret MKNAOMI project.

A disturbing letter, written by Rhoads and obtained by the head of the Puerto Rican Nationalist party, Pedro Albizu Campos , illustrated not only Rhoads' vile racist beliefs but also the efficacy of the deadly injections in causing cancer: " What the island [Puerto Rico] needs is not public health work but a tidal wave or something to totally exterminate the population. It might then be liveable. I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off 8 and transplanting cancer into several more".

Despite the damning evidence contained in the letter, Albizu's complaints were ignored by the League of Nations and nothing was done to stop Rhoads continuing his reign of bio-terror. In fact, undoubtedly as revenge for his accusations, Alibizu himself later suffered at Rhoads' hands when, after being arrested for his nationalist sympathies, he was subjected to radiation experimentation and imprisoned.

Rhoads headed military chemical and biological weapons programs at Fort Detrick, the Dugway Proving Ground and Deseret Test Center in Utah. When, in 1972, The Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, sanctioned by the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain, effectively banned the use and possession of biological weapons, a spin-off project was created in conjunction with The National Cancer Institute, ostensibly under the guise of searching for a cure for cancer. The secret Viral Cancer Project actually resulted in the successful production of 60,000 liters of oncogenic and immunosuppressive viruses and researched military applications for the cancer-causing biological agents.

So, how were these deadly agents used to secretly assassinate political targets? It is reported that the deadly arsenal of bio-weapons included botulinum toxins, which can cause deadly food poisoning. Cancer-causing viruses could be transmitted via aerosols, or 'species jumping' oncogenic viruses which could insidiously be passed on from animal species to humans without detection. Victims could also be affected via injection, inhalation, ingestion of contaminated food or toothpaste, and even contaminated clothing contacting skin, which is thought to be the method used to cause the aggressive cancer occurring in President Chavez's pelvic region.

Evidence of these methods and their deployment in the assassination of key figures is almost unquestionable due to the overwhelming amount of documentation confirming their existence, and the inexplicable clusters of malignancies in key political figures, though General Jose Ornella, the head of the Venezuelan Presidential Guard, said it may be fifty years before details of US involvement in Chavez’s death is disclosed in declassified documents. The individual identities of the assassins, or how they transmitted the deadly agents, is almost irrelevant; it is the government which is ultimately culpable and should admit its involvement in these very anomalous deaths or incidents of cancerous disease.

The question which should be asked is how far this problem extends globally, beyond Latin America, and whether it could be, or has been, used on a far larger scale to control much larger targets - even whole populations - which are seen as potential threats.

If the suspicions voiced by these victims and observers are true, then the United States is essentially controlled by a secret bureaucracy armed with exotic weapons and not in any way legally accountable to anybody.

The Human Genome Project may now open the door to the development and use of genetic weapons targeted at specific ethnic groups. This project is currently being conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Energy Department, which also oversees America’s nuclear weapon arsenal.

In October 1997, Dr. Wayne Nathanson, chief of the Science and Ethics Department of the Medical Society of the United Kingdom, warned the annual meeting of the Society that “gene therapy” might possibly be turned into “gene weapons” which could potentially be used to target particular genes possessed by certain groups of people. These weapons, Nathanson warned, could be delivered not only in the forms already seen in warfare such as gas and aerosol, but could also be added to water supplies, causing not only death but sterility and birth defects in targeted groups.

Current estimates of the cost of developing a “gene weapon” have been placed at around $50 million, still quite a stretch for an isolated band of neo-Nazis, but well within the capabilities of covert government programs.

On November 15, 1998, the London Times reported that Israel claimed to have successfully developed a genetically specific “ethnic bullet” that targets Arabs. When an Israeli government spokesman was asked to confirm the existence of ethnic weapons, he did not deny that they had them, but rather said, “we have a basket full of serious surprises that we will not hesitate to use if we feel that the state of Israel is under serious threat.”

Some scientists worry that the modified genes that corporations have spliced into fish, fowl, fruit and vegetables have permanently altered the world’s food supply. Some may be intended to reduce populations.

The U.S. has a long history of interest in such genetic research. The current home of the Human Genome Project is the Cold Springs Harbor laboratory on Long Island, NY-the exact site of the notorious Eugenics Research Office that was started in 1910 by the Harriman family. The project’s 1910 agenda included governmental imposition of sanctions on such human rights as reproduction, and on U.S. immigration, based on the alleged inferiority of particular ethnic groups. The Eugenics Research Project established medical and psychological conditions that would qualify one for sterilization or euthanasia. Prominent advocates of the program such as the Rockefeller family, Henry Ford, and Margaret Sanger helped smooth the way for the passage of forcible sterilization laws in 25 states. These laws allowed the forcible sterilization of tens of thousands of people, mostly of minority status, during the first half of the 20th century.

The November 1970 issue of the Military Review published an article entitled “Ethnic Weapons” for command-level military personnel. The author of the article was Dr. Carl Larson, head of the Department of Human Genetics at the Institute of Genetics in Lund, Sweden. Dr Larson wrote of how genetic variations in races are concurrent with differences in tolerances for various substances. For instance, large segments of Southeast Asian populations display a lactose intolerance due to the absence of the enzyme lactase in the digestive system. A biological weapon could conceivably take advantage of this genetic variance and incapacitate or kill an entire population.


Of special interest to Desert Storm Veterans








Follow The Timelines

( et al )



My Deceased Wife, My Rapid Deployment & Extraction Team - Houston Tour 89

The Innocent Guinea Pigs of The Blood Sacrifice at Operation Desert Storm


Below document was hidden on the CDC website in 2005.
Accidentally found by searching the CDC site for the name: Peter Kawaja
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Home Page

Search Results You searched for: Peter Kawaja

OCSO - OPHR - CDC's Research Agenda - Starter List Comments
Research is needed to define what structure provides the greatest positive impact on population health. 04/15/2005 08:00 PU 347 C


The most heinous, bone chilling and evil piece of this puzzle has been revealed to the world by an American hero named Peter Kawaja, who worked in the late 1980’s as a security and counter terrorism expert for the United States government (a service for which he has been rewarded with the murder of his wife, torching of his home, issuance of a War Powers Act search warrant to (they thought) confiscate all his evidence, illegal IRS liens on all subsequent income, and multiple attempts on his own life, all funded by your tax dollars). Please go to and read some of the 34 counts that Mr. Kawaja brought against the domestic traitors to America (in both their individual and governmental capacities) in a federal lawsuit in which the perpetrators, again, used your tax dollars to hire themselves attorneys from the Department of “Justice” whose defense of their war criminal clients was that they are “immune, under color of law[10]”.

These charges also surround covert counter-terrorism activities in a lawsuit brought by Peter Kawaja and the International Security Group, Inc., (1994) as Plaintiffs v. various [named] Agents (agencies/US attorneys etc) of the U.S. Government and 100 John Does (Bush Administration). The charges laid in Kawaja's suit have never been refuted by the accused. Instead, the United States Government made a determination to appoint the US Attorney's Office to represent the Defendants, thereby admitting to the criminalities (and guilt). This decision to appoint "government" attorneys and the U.S. Attorney's Office to represent the Defendants was made after an initial response to the Plaintiff (Kawaja) filing Suit, and places these individuals, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and defend against terrorists (whether foreign or domestic) into the defendant’s box as well.  

If you do nothing, before long highly trained Special Operations commandos with state of the art weaponry will be used in the U.S. to “execute quarantine and certain health laws”, including the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act passed in all states where, following another domestically perpetrated biological scare (such as the anthrax mailings to the Congress), a solution in the form of a vaccine will be offered only to those who will accept the national ID chip being injected into them. All others will be considered a danger and threat to society, hunted down, and imprisoned in concentration camps already built or be killed. Americans will welcome this solution, and turn in their neighbors or friends in order to survive themselves. This was all predicted by Peter Kawaja in 1994 when he wrote “The Saddest Chapter of America’s History”.

Explain to the public why the CDC did not educate the public on the HCV epidemic after learning of it's wide spread potential and the largest population infected were the blood transfused.
Also explain to the public why the CDC did not establish an early warning system after the HIV/AIDS
epidemic was funded by congress so that this would never happen again or if it happened again, through the early warning system we could educate the public and slow the spread and/or identify the population potentially infected?
Governments failure has cost lives and we still have no "honest" public education on this issue. Instead we do have a CDC integrated plan that would conveniently integrate HCV into HIV/AIDS programs therefore again, adding salt to the wound;
misleading the public as to their real risk factors (either a drug abuser or MSM) and turn away any potential questioning of the governments role in the spread of this epidemic.






Internet trials to be soon held against those guilty of crimes against humanity by inoculation with disease on INTERNET RADIO BROADCASTS 11P-1AM MON-FRI EST






Regardless of what management says about developing a research agenda, many laboratory researchers believe that our days are numbered here at CDC. Laboratorians are being told to stop work on innovative basic research projects. We are being told that our role is to only support epi studies. Research will be done by the NIH. In light of the dismal state of HIV vaccines, it is obvious that we need to encourage thinking outside the box to solve this problem as well as the problem of emerging infectious diseases. When you stop allowing the labs to do cutting edge research, you will loose the abiltity to respond to new threats. We must keep our labs up to date with the newest technologies and encourage basic research ideas. I think it is great to develop specific priorites and goals for research but we must remain open to new ideas as they come along. This developing agenda must continue to evolve over time. It is hard to believe that management is serious about supporting "research agendas" in light of the day to day decisions that are being made.






As before (and seems always) these strategies are exclusively “REactive” and seem to address only the known/notifiable/occurring diseases in areas where human population is already exposed and “suffering” . This is good, necessary, extremely important, but as before leaves us totally unprepared for any upcoming events and changes. What we need is a PROactive strategy that would tell us what to expect and where before humans are actually start falling sick. New lands are being developed; urban sprawl puts people ever closer to the nature (I love leaving in suburbs); large areas are being deforested or reforested; vector and reservoir species compositions are changing ... I could go on and on. If we new 20 years ago what we know today about natural cycle and foci of Lyme disease, would it have such an impact on the nation as it have had? Or would we be able to prepare for the effects of reforestation and = prevent the “pandemic” at least partially? Well, currently Amblyomma americanum is on the move and spreading allover and very quickly, exceeding in abundance the existing ticks in many areas. Do we know what these ticks carry, what they can transmit, how they affect the existing vertebrate, vector and pathogen communities? Are we prepared for a “pandemic” of STARI (or like) allover the Country? Exotic ticks (and files I am sure) are being imported into the Country, and some of those are getting a firm footing here. Are we/public/doctors prepared to prevent, recognize, and treat hartwater, African tick fever, CCHF, or is it going to be another thunder from a seemingly blue sky? And these are just the most apparent threats. In short, we need a strategy and a system (something like a network of perpetual monitoring stations) to monitor the natural foci regardless of the presence or absence of an already suffering human 


New Visitor?
The information on this website may seem controversial to you
it isn't for millions of people around the world.

In 1996 there were 8 million links to my name,

maybe you just woke up.
My dissatisfaction (kind word) is with would-be government officials
who have violated their Oath Of Office
betraying American Service Members
And have been serving pre Desert Storm from Vietnam to current day.


If Supporting Our Troops more than flag waving offends you - don't return.
The Truth sometimes hurts, its called Tough Love;




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Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 3:40 PM
Subject: Contact Re: Book for HarperCollins (2006)


I hope you remember me.  I'm a freelance television journalist based in the UK. I exchanged e-mails with you several years ago when I was at the BBC. 

I have recently been given a book contract by HarperCollins' Avon/Morrow division in the US to write a history of US-Israeli relations, 1980 to the present.  The provisional title is 'Redactedxxxx'.  One chapter will cover the experiences of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRedactedxxxxxxxxxx.

I have spent the last few years doing as you suggested and placing the material on timelines and putting it in its historical context which is what it's always needed.  I have also ensured that my focus is not Iraq or Libya, but rather the US-Israeli alliance and how what you experienced.

I'm writing because I would like the opportunity to quote you in the book in certain places and I wish to avoid any copyright concerns that you may have. 

I wondered if I could run some material past you in the next few weeks and months?

Yours sincerely,

Redacted xxxxxxx


From: Redacted []
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 10:50 AM
To: PeterKawaja@AGWVA
Subject: Contact Re: Book for HarperCollins (2006)


I sent the e-mail below about six weeks ago.

I understand if you do not wish to talk about the past any longer given the upset you have been caused, however, I hope that you will recognise that this writing project is a solid opportunity for something approaching history to be told without you having to be in the front line, as you were in 1991. 

I've attached a PDF file of the first page of my contract with HarperCollins via my agent, xxxRedactedxxx  at the Waxman Literary Agency in New York.  You can call him on 212 xxxredactedxxx.  Mr Waxman is Jewish but he's not a spook nor are any of his staff to the best of my knowledge.

Body Redactedxxxxxx.......... 

When you and I exchanged e-mails a few years ago when I was at the BBC, I went away and checked on the huge number of facts and allegations which you have put in the public domain.  It all checked out. 

I then put together a proposal for a historical narrative which looks at how and why the United States and Israel cooperate.......Redacted xxxxxxx
At times this leads to spying on each other.  I wish to show that the 'rules of the game' involve spying redactedxxxx.  

xxxxRedactedxxcxx.  How much did he know about all those Israelis around him and what their true agenda was?

As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, I am also looking to quote you in places, but I would also be happy to source such material anonymously if it helped avoid any more aggravation for you.







COMES NOW the United States of America, by and through the undersigned United States Attorney, and requests this Honorable Court to SEAL the (WAR  POWERS) Search Warrant and Affidavit (for Search) attached hereto.... NOVEMBER-15, 1990.

(Peter Kawaja's evidence was SEALED as U.S. National Security in 1990, and remains so to this very day ! They took it by force, eight men with automatic weapons, under a Presidential Order: THE INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY ECONOMIC WAR POWERS ACT, before Desert Storm, during Desert Shield, and placed American Forces IN HARMS WAY to accomplish; "The Mission". 



Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Special Report .... H. Peter Kawaja Larry Kay Jack M. Keller Charles C. Kelley John R. Kelly ...

Bush announces the start of the ground war in Kuwait, ... Joyce Riley pretends to be in love with Peter Kawaja to steal gulf war syndrome Evidence ... -















PK Recommends: what some veterans are doing for a better America

Freedom doesn’t come by itself or stay by itself; it’s guarded.
 And it’s guarded by the veterans that are willing to give their life…
to protect that freedom. For me that’s a great gift.
~ Lidia Bastianich


If you are a veteran or know of a veteran who needs assistance, get in touch with Peter Kawaja.

  • Attend a Courts Martial in person or by phone/live-video

  • Attending (and assistance with) a VA Medical Review [ Service Connected Rating ]

  • CALL: (3 FIVE 2) THREE 2 7-THREE 3 5 THREE <> 9A-9P Eastern 7-days/week. If you reach v/m, leave brief message.

  • eMail: peterkawaja @
    General mail to AGWV: americangulfwarveterans @


First off, I want to say THANK YOU!! Your list of ways vets can find support means so much to me and my family. My dad served and although he’s not one for the spotlight, I know it means a lot to him to know that others in this great nation value our armed forces.  A project near and dear to my heart has been putting together a list of resources for veterans’ financial security.
I’m grateful for the sacrifices my parents made and all of their hard work, and I’d like to help others finish strong.

I'd love to hear more about what you're working on next,
All the best, Jim
A healthy and fulfilling life for older Veterans

Birch Gold Group


From: Carmen [REDACTED]
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 2:54 PM
Subject: Veteran Scam - Please help me get the word out


My name is Carmen and I am currently a masters student at SDSU. Living in San Diego I've been around many veterans and active duty military members. I've found that many of these individuals have been getting taken advantage of.

I wanted to do my part, and help prevent others from getting taking advantage of. The scam I am talking about is predatory car sales to military members. I felt that nowhere covered the issue extensively, so I decided to take things into my own hands. I spent weeks researching and writing and it's finally finished.

Now I've got a favor to ask you. I noticed that you have a page on your website
here where the article would be a good fit. I know I'm asking for a favor but if you could please check out my article and link to it, it would mean a lot to me. I want to keep educating individuals about the scams, but I'm a bit unmotivated when it's not getting any eyeballs.

This is the link to
my article on military car scams. If you could share it on your website it would be truly appreciated.

Thank you again,

REPLY: Be happy to help Carmen - it's what I do since NAM through Operation Desert Storm and to this day.

Peter Kawaja, KEEPING THE FAITH!    

Military personnel are guaranteed a paycheck two times a month. In 2012, at the time director of CFPB, Holly Petraeus, did an interview with the Associated Press in which she shared that the automotive industry is a big installation, and “for a big installation like this one, that’s a whole lot of those paychecks.” Car salesmen target military personnel because those service members are making a consistent income and are able to pay their dues. However, car salesmen often threaten or coerce active-duty military members into buying a car by not allowing them to leave the dealership until contracts are signed, or by failing to put trade-in vehicles on sales contracts.


Hi Peter, 

I hope this email finds you well.

I just wanted to share an article based on what veterans should know about sleep. I know this could potentially help a lot of vets who have returned to civilian life and are going through transitions in their sleep habits or suffering from sleep disorders. Here is the article: 

What Veterans Should Know About Sleep

We spent a lot of time providing solid research and even had a licensed professional who specializes in sleep review it. We would love for more veterans to have access to it and I think it will make a really helpful addition to your resource page.  Would you consider sharing it? Let me know!

I appreciate your time,
Jennifer x


Mr. Kawaja,
Good morning and I hope all is well on your end!  I can across your website while researching resources for military families and veterans.  Recently, our firm created and published a comprehensive Guide on Renting and Purchasing dedicated to military families and veterans seeking housing.
URL Link:

Earlier this year, we published a guide for veteran small business owners and entrepreneurs titled Small Business Loans for Veterans

US Department of Veteran Affairs Crisis Hotline 
Planning for Life after Discharge 
Transition to Civilian Life 
Mesothelioma Lawsuit Guide 
Surviving Spouses Resources 
Best Jobs for Returning Servicemembers 


COMMENTARY by PK: There are numerous "projects" (adventures - crimes) over the years where our own Military and/or if you will, the DOD (War Department) has used Veterans as LAB RATS, then threw the blame on something or someone else, in the case of Desert Storm, it was SADDAM/IRAQ, but here is one prior to Gulf War 1, CHAD using it as an example if anyone has any doubts how insane this is to infect your own Sons and Daughters, Husbands and Wives with Biological/Chemical Weapons - to see how effective they are before the US would then spend the money to create tons more to use on an enemy down the road.

BUT WAIT - what about those American Service Men/Women who were used in the testing?  Years later, how many are still alive, how many dead, how many suffering before they will die?



About Project 112 and Project SHAD

From 1962 to 1973, the Department of Defense's Deseret Test Center in Fort Douglas, Utah planned and conducted a series of biological and chemical warfare vulnerability tests. These tests are known as Project 112 and Project SHAD and consisted of both land-based and sea-based tests at different locations.

At VA’s request in 2000, the Department of Defense began declassifying and sharing information with VA about possible exposure to warfare agents during the tests and people involved.

Tests by land and by sea

Land-based tests were conducted to learn about how chemical and biological agents react under a variety of environmental and climatic conditions.

Ship-based tests, known as Project SHAD (an acronym for Shipboard Hazard and Defense), were conducted to identify the vulnerability of U.S. warships to chemical and biological attacks and procedures to respond to such attacks.

The Department of Defense (DoD) used a wide range of agents in the tests, including the biological warfare agents Coxiella BurnetiiFrancisella tularensis, and Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B, and the nerve agents sarin, VX, tabun and soman.

Go to Project 112/SHAD Fact Sheets from the Department of Defense to learn more about the tests and agents used.

U.S. Servicemember participation in tests

Approximately 6,000 U.S. Servicemembers were involved in conducting chemical tests to defend against biological and chemical weapons threats. Most of these participants served in the Navy and Army, and some served in the Marine Corps and Air Force. Most were involved in Project SHAD. Go to Project 112/SHAD Fact Sheets from the Department of Defense to learn more about the tests, including what units or ships were involved.

VA is committed to reaching every living Veteran involved in Project 112/Project SHAD, based on rosters developed with DoD, and informing them of VA services available to them. When DoD provides VA the names of test participants, VA sends letters to these Veterans to inform them about the tests and what to 

If you have not received a letter from VA informing you of your participation in Project 112/Project SHAD and need help verifying your possible participation:

·         Call VA at 1-800-749-8387

·         Call DoD at 1-800-497-6261

The following is published by Peter Kawaja with confidentiality of the sender, a dying Veteran Victim.

Deja-Vu : NEW DAY - SAME LIES, America Kills Its own, Operation Desert Storm REDUX

Go to the net and read, you will find that the gases sprayed to be breathed by U.S. young kids both by Army and Navy is Saran Gas and certain of the things that we now call war crimes in Syria.

HMM 163  and 161 and MAG 16 operated out over the ocean near where the spraying happened over many times.

We carried externals as well as hoist operations of persons from shore/ship/shore 1966 1967 Missions.

One of the methods of spraying ships reported on the net was they would fly out in front of the areas where ships

were to go and spray clouds of the gas over the water.  

Afterwards, there were clouds of the toxins out over the waters in the Vietnamese winds sea to shore

(The winds blow inwards when the sun heats the land nearby sucking the ocean gases on the surface into the land).

I can remember on morning operations flying out over the ocean we would see what we thought was sea fog mists

about the sea places and the ships were operating in those areas.  I can not say with any certainty that the area was the SHAD or 112 chemicals but I can say that sometimes the ships would go thru the surface areas which could be fog or could have been chemicals.

Obviously we were above and could see but when we would do pick ups or delivery, we would operate in the "mist"  ... 

The net lists MAG 16 and HMM 161 as being involved but not HMM 163.  The truth is during different stages the H 46 was not operating for the H 46 was grounded or otherwise not available.  I don't remember seeing an H 37 so you guys might have some vibes.  Regardless, MAG 16 operated in the area and for strange reasons, I remember at time MAG 36 would appear mostly H 34s but not often.  thoughts?

Now for the unbelievable part, I located a witnesses with enormous knowledge.  He was in the Navy area for a part of these times and is a SHAD and 112 dying victim.  He has been told to shut up by the Asst Sec of the Navy.  However, I caught him off guard and he told me a lot of the story; he told me his was dying of the chemicals and so were others.

You will find the first hearings in 2002 and of record at Congress.  You will find that they keep wanting the victims military folks to die off.  Kill a vet and save the govt $800,000.00 is the quote you will hear from insiders.  Strangely, on review, you will find someone computed the number and it has points of view of accuracy.

Congress is trying to put a lid on the fact that the same poison gases that are being cited in Syria are the ones used on Vets in Nam in unauthorized chemical tests if the info of the witness is correct.  This is the same gas poisoned in the subway.

If you guys read and have any knowledge, advise. I have placed the VA on notice that this may be one of the cancer and other issues of my injuries and I get blanks.

Thanks for your time. sf   h







via Certified Mail: 7003 2260 0000 6272 1240




Linda Thompson outed Riley publicly:


You said: in the now well-worn tactic of putting out a phoney "expert" on the information, to lead people astray (Joyce Riley). Whoa, are you saying Joyce Riley is a disinfo op? Can you amplify? This is major news. I wondered about her connection to the Art Bell show. Let me know if your response can be posted. I'd like to get more info on this. I emailed Peter for his documentation. He's a little wordy and hard to follow but his information, especially hard documentation, is excellent.


To: Wes Thomas
From: (Linda Thompson)
Subject: Re: Joyce Riley
You can publish it all day long. Every indication is Joyce Riley is not only a paid whore, I have other information that the people she works with are (1) military intelligence and (2) were involved with some major terrorism in this country.
When Peter Kawaja came out with his information, it was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get it out anywhere. I tried and Kawaja had his house burned down for his troubles. His documentation is unimpeachable.

Kind regards,

Linda Thompson
Dr. Linda Thompson Attorney at Law Chairman, American Justice Federation
Remember Waco. The Murderers are still free (and running YOUR country).
As for Art Bell, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Most of the "patriot" radio stations and programs are GONE. They have been purchased, in EVERY case, by groups with military intelligence backgrounds and connections. What is left is a phoney bunch of whores.
Kind regards, Linda Thompson
Dr. Linda Thompson, Attorney at Law
Chairman, American Justice Federation


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