via Certified Mail: 7003 2260 0000 6272 1240



To: Joyce Riley, aka - Joyce Thompson, aka - Joyce Riddell, aka - Joyce vonKleist.

This is your timely Notice & Grace and Notice & Demand to stop using the name of my veterans association formed by me in 1995 to help veterans.  You were for a few months (only in 1995) the agreed spokesperson for me (not owner) until I separated from you and at that time demanded you stop. You did not and for nine years have fraudulently held yourself out as spokesperson for a group under a name you do not own nor have authority to represent.


Let me refresh your (deliberate) memory loss and set the record straight, as to the circumstances and where the AGWVA originated, when, and by whom Riley vonKlelist:


In 1995 - You were not known (publicly) to the Gulf Veteran community, you were NOT speaking about Gulf War Syndrome AT ALL - PERIOD!  You were a part-time, 30 min weekly radio show on nurses issues called Nurse Talk Radio. Matter of fact your show was fairly new and it remains to be proven - exactly how long you were doing this nurse show - if it was within months of my law suit and the Murrah bombing (more on that another time).


MY POINT - Peter Kawaja was since 1990 BEFORE Operation Desert Storm already speaking out about terrorists in America and crimes against Americans, and doing live talks before Veterans (of all wars) and Militia groups since 1991.


I WAS KNOWN in circles - I just did not have a voice on radio.  Matter of fact Riley, it was BECAUSE I WAS KNOWN and because the establishment knew I had to be silenced for what I was saying and gaining ground for veterans, that they had to come up with the Reigle report in 1993 - BEFORE YOU, but they had already threatened me with a message "from the Hill" - if I went public and if I took it into the courts, they would bring out their credible sources to counter me. You are a minion grunt - so you didn't know I knew all this long before I knew your name, when you were not doing a damn thing about helping veterans from 1991-1995.


However, from your online CV: here are a few excerpts >
1994 -1996: Host of NURSETALK RADIO, “Truth in Healthcare.” KFCC and KENR radio, Houston, Texas.


Although I challenge the show timeline, let us leave that alone for this - but, you did have a voice on regular frequency radio in 1995 - YET why didn't you talk about Gulf War?  Your show was strictly about Nurses issues, not Veterans and not GWS!  If you had been investigating Gulf Illnesses as you have inferred to your audiences, and had a passion to get at the truth or help veterans, THAT would have been the topic of your show - it wasn't!  So we see the inconsistencies already. I simply attribute it or assume you were not concerned nor tasked yet by your handlers to do so.


Also from your online CV, we see another inconsistency:
1994 to Present: Spokesperson for the American Gulf War Veterans Association. Dedicated to obtaining care and assistance for Gulf War Veterans.


BUT WAIT, here is another excerpt from your online CV:
1989 - 1994: St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Houston, Texas. Staff Nurse, heart, liver, kidney, heart transplantation and cardiovascular nursing.


Ms. Riley, would you please share with America and veterans, how it is that you have claimed you;

A.) Quit your job to go to the Gulf War "when you heard people would die" - how brave you are, you wanted to go die?

B.) Hasn't any employer ever just came out and asked you - Ms. Riley, you went from being a heart transplant nurse to being a

     talk-show host AND being a spokesperson for a Gulf Veterans group? And what qualified you to be their spokesperson.

C.) But hold please - didn't you say on the Patru interview on the air, you were so sick when you came home from the war,

     so you couldn't investigate why you were sick until 1995? YES YOU DID - the audio is available here: www.dswcc.com
    Jackie Patru with Joyce Riley

D.) If  you were so sick from 1991 to 1995, how were you working as a nurse in a hospital in HEART TRANSPLANT?

     Oh My God - how callous of you to be sick with a communicable disease YOU CLAIM in your speaking engagements,

     that GWS is communicable, yet as a nurse with this plague/HIV, you accepted a job as a transplant nurse when patients

     immune systems were at their lowest during OPEN HEART SURGERY, and YOU were in the same operating room?

E.) You didn't have the energy to investigate GWS - but you had the energy to keep pace as a transplant nurse?

F.) How many patients of that hospital have died since 1991?  I believe it would be only proper that you or someone  

     reading this immediately contact the hospital and make them aware because if you passed-on your communicable disease

     to patients on the operating tables or at bedside after operations, who knows how many have died as a result?

G.) Did you inform the hospital when you took a leave in 1991 to go to war, when you came back and you were so sick,

     that you had a communicable disease, so that they would not place you in proximity of bleeding patients under surgery?

H.) If you didn't at that time, then when you magically made the transition to spokesperson for the veterans group in 1994,

     and when you started to tell the audiences that IT was communicable, and that YOU HAD IT - did you ever write to the

     hospital and tell them, so they could do something to help those poor unsuspecting patients you came in contact with

     from 1991 when you came back sick until 1994 when you quit the job at the hospital? Please supply a copy of the letter.

I.) How do you explain the rationality of going from a valuable needed heart transplant nurse to quitting your job (I would like

    to see a copy of any document where the hospital allowed you to leave to go to war, and the letter of your final resignation

    in 1994) - and so you quit such a nurse profession to do a 30-minute radio show once a week, that could be done in your

    spare time whilst holding the nurse position? I thought you cared about being a nurse?  Why quit?

J.) So how did you earn a living after quitting a high paying job as a nurse to do a 30 minute show and become a non-paid

     "spokesperson" for an unknown veterans group in 1994? Could you please make your Tax Returns from 1989-1995

     available so we can see what you claimed?

K.) Please supply something I can see that validates your claim to being a spokesperson for AGWVA which I know did not exist

    until I formed it in 1995, but you claim you were speaking on behalf of this non-existent group since 1994. Where did you

    speak? It couldn't be on your nurse radio show - there would be records to support this claim.


So many inconsistencies - in just  one piece of paper Ms. Riley, you have no idea how many questions I have for you. Well, maybe you do and that is why you have avoided my continual challenge to do a live open debate with you all these years.


Moving along....


I have and continue to challenge you on these inconsistencies. You confessed in 1999 on the air you were not investigating Gulf Illness until 1995. 


You confessed in a love tape (audio) you made for me that AFTER coming to visit me and AFTER you found out the truth about GWS, now you 'felt" a part of my life and felt you were a part of what I was doing and a part of AGWVA. So we have another "inconsistency" in that you could not have been a spokesperson for the not yet formed AGWVA in 1994. 


IT WAS BECAUSE of Peter Kawaja, who caught the neocons with their hand in the cookie jar of the NWO Thousand Points of Light - Luciferian Agenda, and actually got evidence PRIOR TO an actual event, prior to the bigger end CRIME, the planning of, the DELIBERATE act to KNOWINGLY place American service-members IN HARMS WAY for the US-ZIONIST (US foreign policy) GLOBAL World DOMINATION Agenda and downsizing the world's population to serve the elitists.


In 1989 when I stated to FBI-Counter Intelligence/FBI, CIA that I had destroyed my evidence because I knew what I had was big, they left me alone. THIS IS ONE PIECE OF SO MUCH I WILL HANG THEM WITH IN A WAR CRIMES TRIAL.


As a counter-terrorist OP of the US, I could NOT destroy evidence or else be charged with MISPRISION OF A FELONY, at the least. And how does no one ask WHY would the US allow me to destroy evidence IF that evidence was necessary to prosecute international terrorists - DO YOU GET IT MY DEAR !  Who do you think the evidence would prosecute?

I was not arrested by the Military or CIA or FBI Counter-terrorism when I told them in a written communiqué that I was going to destroy my evidence, and they didn't even try to stop me when I gave them advance notice of my intent!  THIS MUST HAVE PLEASED THEM and given them a sigh of relief - as WHY I told them I was going to do.

I caught the bastards - this was a trap set by me!  Because they did not try to stop me, nor arrest me, I knew what I needed to know and will save more for a War Crimes trial.


In other words Riley, in late 1989, US-ISRAELI Intelligence and US MILITARY knew I had evidence I gained secretly, they came to me undercover, some posing as a Broward County anti-terrorist squad members and much more - and asked me WHY DO YOU WANT TO EXPOSE THIS? (Not - OH SHIT, Terrorists operating in America, impossible. or, Oh no - we're going to a war, Americans will die?, let us help you expose this, THANK YOU Peter Kawaja).


Riley - these people knew I knew, knew I had them. Brent Scowcroft chief of the NSC to George Bush and James Baker were to fly me in a military craft "and land me ON THE STEPS OF THE WHITE HOUSE" - if I brought all my evidence.


A "close friend" of a military contractor who talked with Scowcroft, asked my military friend; "are you sure this isn't some of our boys down there (in Boca) doing this, and WHY does Peter Kawaja want to expose it".  DOING WHAT? Making stuff to KILL on the battlefield? Making stuff to bypass immune and other systems, making a delivery system to work with Vaccines?


THERE WOULD BE TOO MUCH TO STATE HERE to tell my story blow-by-blow.


BUT - when I arranged for ABC-20/20 to come to my office in Florida in early 1990, they took and gave the video I made with them to the CIA. When they knew I had not destroyed my evidence, THAT is when they knew they had to do something to discredit me, or kill me if they could.


I was okay, one of the boyZ - if I destroyed the information to allow them to get away with holocaust murder.

THIS RILEY - you already know (and more) but this is what you have kept veterans from knowing.


This is the tip of why my evidence CAN BE PROSECUTED as PRE-MEDITATED SLAUGHTER, PRIOR KNOWLEDGE, not as the neocons claim now with 9-11 and Gulf War. The US in a joint venture WITH international terrorists, with ISRAELI MOSSAD and CIA, in a MILITARY black BIO-WEAPONS operation.


I had to be shut down in November 1990 before their war, else Americans would not support Bush's war with Iraq, they had to demonize Saddam, via their WMD, claiming he is the one who made it/has it.  Gulf War I and II - same lies. A media propaganda campaign was put together to "claim" the PIT Plant was an Iraqi plant (remember the timeline - in 1990, "from Boca to Baghdad") and the 5-barrels of "stuff" went missing from the plant that was shipped to Saddam, a ruse.


I WILL HANG THE CRIMINALS AND THEIR MEDIA ON WHAT IS NOW HISTORY and they cannot take back what they did or wrote - that America does not know or understand, largely BECAUSE OF YOU RILEY.


In fact, Saddam did not get anything to help him (obvious now) in Gulf War I. In fact, the PIT Plant and the black operations was run by ISRAELIS, as is most all US high-security, shades of WTC-93 and WTC/9-11. Their lawyer was an Israeli Agent, their accountants were Israeli, the person who had "export licenses" was an Israeli - who was a CIA asset but who went not to CIA with information, but to Israeli Intelligence, read it and weep!


Ted Koppel let this little gem slip out of his mouth when I was interviewed in 1991 for NIGHTLINE, it is on video.

Ho-hum Riley, you KNOW all this - yet you have kept this from veterans all these years.


However - After veterans started coming back from Gulf War I sick, and I was talking to groups of people and doing fax blasts to militia groups etc (no internet then), they sent Alan Friedman of the Financial Times LONDON and Jay Lamonica of ABC-Nightline representing Ted Koppel, to approach me (I DID NOT CALL THEM!) to do an expose' on why veterans were sick.


NO ONE KNEW THE WORDS "Gulf War Syndrome" - YET!  And you Riley - was NEVER in the picture until 1995.


30 Intel ops called "investigative reporters" went around the world verifying my information (supposedly) BEFORE the ABC "brass" would approve doing the expose, and during one taping in front of the large professional cameras, in a secret room, seasoned NAM Veterans behind the cameras selected because of their Vietnam experience, WALKED AWAY FROM THE CAMERAS AND LEFT THEM RUNNING.  Caught on ABC cameras was the head Cameraman SAYING; I do not want to hear any more of this, I have a wife and small children. HE KNEW WHAT I WAS SAYING WAS REAL AND DAMAGING - he knew of CIA Operations in NAM, he KNEW THE US GOVERNMENT WAS CAPABLE OF BETRAYING AMERICANS.


The staff (who had to be [some Israeli or dual loyalty] Intel ops not just ABC film crews-because THEY HAD GUNS) - sequestered the camera-men in another room, LOCKED THEM IN THERE UNDER GUARD and I continued to talk on camera with my gun in my hand waiting for a shoot-out to be killed.  It was THAT interview I was later told that the ABC brass and KOPPEL viewed which made ABC and NIGHTLINE spend 4-months going around the world.


Of course ABC did not air the entire series we did.......... and just like the 20/20 tape, the Israelis used it I believe as BLACKMAIL against the Congress and other Agencies and agents I had identified. Watch the movie SWORDFISH, of course our hero Travolta is made to look good-doing terrorism in/on Americans in the name of defense, it is acceptable, but this will give you some idea of what MOSSAD-CIA is capable of doing if you have not yet read books exposing them, BY WAY OF DECEPTION.   When I asked why they did not air the entire series we did on National TeeVee, but only one show partially, their reply was: "we do not wish to topple the entire US government".   (Shades of 9-11, and Murrah).





Sadly, I did not know and still believed the media would help. Instead certain people got DEAD. Evidence moved, even buildings and an airfield in Texas modified and hangars relocated.


I was threatened; "who are you more afraid of- George Bush or Saddam Hussein". I replied George Bush.

YOU KNOW all this and more RILEY, but you have kept this from Veterans.


My wife paid the price - but she was smart enough to use million dollar equipment to duplicate evidence for me, and being in charge of travel for the security company with a multi-million dollar annual travel budget, got them out of the country.


The neocon administration found this out too late - she had to die, but I had to live. We are in a Mexican  standoff.


After mourning for my wife who died in 1991 when I tried to go public in my Nightline interview, they thought that would shut me down totally, it did not. And so I was out there on the fax networks and pubic again - which forced them to produce their Reigle Report - and now Veterans know a small piece of how Senator Reigle who was under CRIMINAL investigation for his role in The Keating Five scandal - was USED by Jim Tuite on behalf of the neocon establishment, to place that document conveniently into Congressional Record to give the perps plausible deniability, and for when they needed someone like YOU to use to tell the world how Saddam did it.  All of this is what made 9-11 possible and one day you will be a defendant in a war crimes trial.


As stated, I was gaining ground and was hot on the MEDICAL RECORDS trail - working with REAL Gulf Veterans who were sick, who still had active duty buddies inside. We traced the missing VA-Hard Files to the MURRAH Building, hundreds of thousands of these records that "went missing since 1991".


I filed my law suit against the Bush Administration in November 1994 and in a few months just as it went to trial, the Murrah Building was BOMBED (by a disgruntled Gulf Veteran-too much to tell here), evidence destroyed (ala 9-11), an active duty military person executed because he knew, one of my Gulf War veterans family (with a young child) man threatened who then moved away, and YOU - Joyce Riley with Nicolson came out of NOWHERE, just after the Murrah Building bombing, claiming you wanted to help me expose this.  HELP ME? HOW HAVE YOU HELPED ME FOR THE LAST NINE YEARS.


So - RILEY, you heard of me, and THAT is proof that I was getting the word out, but MY word they did not want out. You were sent to be my CIA wife. You came to me wearing a "wire".  You were already a seasoned FED SNITCH. In your ego you tell some of this, of course you do it with SPIN when you tell about your Genene Jones experience. Here is excerpt from your website: http://www.gulfwarvets.com/bio.htm


 While employed at Bexar Count Hospital, San Antonio, Ms. Riley became involved in nursing medical malpractice issues after learning that Nurse Genene Jones was responsible for deaths of many babies in the well publicized "Baby Death" case. She has served as consultant and testifying expert for both plaintiff and defense medical malpractice cases for the last ten years.


BUT - what people don't know is that by 1995 you had been "wearing a wire" as an informant or pick any other title, because you were not merely working for lawyers from what you told me YOURSELF (or admitted to) and what I found out.

I am not going to go into here, the "other Joyce Riley names" found of which one of those social security numbers are tagged to a person still on Virginia MILITARY INTEL Payroll - whoever that person is. This document is not my evidence against you for a war crimes trial, it is about strictly AGWVA and your credibility as a spokesperson FOR veterans and whether your intentions to help veterans is sincere.


As example, you also state STILL, even though Jackie Patru NAILED YOU on her radio show in 1999 based on what I exposed about you in 1997, about your "missions":  Ms. Riley served as a Captain in the United States Air Force and flew on C-130 missions in support of Operation Desert Storm.

RILEY - you flew NO MISSIONS, none that you imply were outside the United States "in support of" Desert Storm.

THE WAR WAS OVER and you flew around a few times on joy rides and not during any war ACTIVITY and NEVER WENT TO THE GULF THEATRE.  But you sure know how to make it seem like you did this GREAT patriotic activity.


I demand you explain "how" you heard of me all the way in Texas? I was speaking locally and not on radio. In our 1995 video you state that an INFORMANT approached you. WHY would a FED INFORMANT approach a nurse? Why would you let him into  your home? You said he came to your home and brought the evidence, volumes. HOW did he know about you? - birds of a feather?  EXPLAIN IT TO VETERANS.  


You state on video; you saw Garth Nicolson's name on some pieces of evidence. WHAT EVIDENCE DID YOU SEE?

You never told your audiences that Nicolson's name was on THE US SPECIAL VIRUS PROGRAM, nor about Progress Report #8 which Boyd Ed Graves came upon.  This shows Nicholson was working on this AIDS-HIV-MYCOPLASMA project in the 1970's and substantiates NANCY NICOLSON's statements on how she got sick in the hospital where her husband worked, and as Graves identified it; contracted to the University of Texas, MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER - the US NAZI HUB.  (soooo much more...).  [ Shades of "send in your blood sample - get free testing" ].


ALL THESE YEARS - you refused to identify your "sources" - John Birch society challenged you on this, but as people are now reading on Linda Kennedy's website - you went to someone to get the funding for the Birch society pulled. WHO ARE YOU is what Kennedy is asking, WHY is no one else asking WHO IS JOYCE RILEY? HOW could a nurse get the funding for The John Birch Society pulled-stopped? This is serious.


On video in 1995 - you state: someone told me I needed to talk to a guy named Kawaja. I said no one is named Kawaja, but yes there is a very real Peter Kawaja, and I was put in touch with him in Boca Raton Florida.


YOU HAVE FAILED TO TELL VETERANS FOR OVER NINE YEARS - who put you in touch with me, and WHY have you erased all these FACTS from your radio shows and information on (your false) AGWVA-but really is www Gulf War Vets.com (website) all these years?




WHY do you continue to refuse to give up your federal informants when you say on video that they had evidence? I thought you were on a mission to help veterans? WHY do you HIDE real evidence but tell veterans about the Reigle Report ONLY, yet ask for donations you claim you will use to help Veterans?


WHY have you seemingly befriended Nicolson and even did a video with him (now not available it seems on your website) when you KNOW more about Nicolson? HOW can you claim you want to help get the truth out and help veterans?

Birds of a feather?

You saw items in his home from the POPE, you told me the Queen of England visited their home and more. How come you never explained any of this and more to Veterans, and its significance? and JUST LIKE LINDA KENNEDY TELLS ABOUT YOU - having (graven) images of Bush displayed proudly on YOUR OWN walls. Plus your supporting the SPLC-ADL (Are these a secret society "thing" like sex slave MK Ultra mind control technique to hold you in your controlled state or are these symbols to prove to them you worship their god you sold out to?) 


So why did you never expose Nicolson? It seems Riley, you only tell your audiences what will benefit you or your masters, NOT veterans.


In 1995 GULF VETERANS didn't know you and you were NOT known as a veteran advocate BUT I WAS.

What magically prompted you to change your focus from nurses issues, drop them and start to push GWS, and in specific, how did you subscribe to Nicolson being any icon or how did you come to your conclusion that HE was legitimate and HE was THE person to push on this GWS subject when he like you - was silent ALL THE YEARS from 1990, and you BOTH only surfaced in 1995, just at the Murrah bombing and just "conveniently" after I filed my law suit charging the Bush Administration with TREASON, WAR CRIMES, CRIMES WHEN DEATH OCCURS, CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA. 


Explain it in detail in your written response as you failed to do so all these years and on radio with Jackie Patru, and in the thousands of your own shows.


All of this and much-much more proves you were not known in the veteran or patriot communities before 1995 and before our speaking engagement  - but you used me and the video wherein I stated to support the American Gulf War Veterans Association because I had named it so to help veterans. When I severed my relationship with you, and demanded in writing by certified mail that you stop - you were promoted by Judeo-Christian relegious cults to tell veterans your/their version of GWS and what is evidence.


You used the video for a while until you ingratiated yourself into the patriot and veteran communities, and gained your only claim to fame through me and via AGWVA, all the while you started bad mouthing me secretly to radio hosts claiming I wanted to marry you but you turned me down - now a proven lie heard on the tape you made which Jackie Patru aired - YOUR WORDS IN YOUR OWN VOICE!


You told veterans and radio show hosts; "I found him out - do you know his name is Habib"?  PS - this is the EXACT phrase the FBI and ATF used when they came to visit me in 1996 in North Carolina, claiming a female had identified me as being in Altanta (during the bombing).  There is so much more Riley, it is going to come full circle one day if your handlers don't take you out before you spill your guts or you put another gun in your mouth. You are getting to be a bigger liability every day.


You told veterans I was a relative of Barbouti and not to be trusted. NOW suddenly - you had (false) credibility and people listened to what you said but challenged me when I tried to explain the truth about you. You became the establishment's credible expert on GWS, just as they said they would do years earlier.


You pretended you NEVER knew my first name and faked that I had kept this from you, yet you saw my ID, we traveled together (much less from your handlers) and you saw my MEDALS and other such ID on display in my home in a glass display cabinet where you asked me that you would be HONORED if I would PLEASE place your "wings" in that cabinet with my medals including those of mine from the President - and your wings remained in my home until I severed my association with you.  I CHALLENGE YOU ON THESE FACTS RILEY!


BUT - you made sure to go out of your way to discredit me with media sources and Gulf veterans, deliberately. I posted to my former website the letters from Dannie Wolf, a real Gulf Veteran who was sick like so many who believed your LIES. He worked for you-like many others to promote you, and admitted in writing that you told him I was a relative of Barbouti and a FED. I have all this and much more ready for trial RILEY and I have challenged you MANY TIMES to an open debate.


Military Intel who bought out most every radio station or controlled them - got you promoted exclusively, and had me blacklisted so you could tell America and the world your tall tale of the sad news about GWS and how the government was covering it up but you were exposing them. You are covering it up for them, RILEY. 


As stated - this is not my evidence against you, I have volumes more to tell and you to answer publicly before the world.


You have no standing. You had and have no personal evidence or first hand knowledge that can help veterans and no reason to be referred to as an expert, or a credible researcher, nor as a veterans advocate. The last nine years of your business career proves by your actions, you do not sincerely care for Americans or Veterans. You have had exclusive reign and access to media for nine years, and you used my name to promote yourself and a different radio show called the Power Hour. You forgot your mission statement but have continued to use it to your personal advantage, as is evidenced by what Linda Kennedy has written about you, much less what I know.


You have been notified by me numerous times over the years to cease and desist:

I have sent you fax communications and certified mail which you have "refused to sign/accept" over the years, yet you have continued to use the name under the guise you are operating a Veterans Association to solicit money you claim was to help Gulf Veterans. Since 1995, now nine (9) years - you have continued to do thousands of radio shows and speaking engagements, preparedness expos etc, soliciting the audiences and selling documents or pleading for donations, and have been promoting yourself as "spokesperson" for the American Gulf War Veterans Association.





I demand the following within ten (10) business days from the date of this document:


1.) An official document appropriately dated in 1995/1996 to prove since 1995 you have been conducting business of/as a veterans group.


2.) I demand your veterans group legal information, such as a personal DBA (Joyce Riley DBA AGWVA), Bank Account, LLC, or any such corporation, dated by the State since 1996, not recently.


2.) Records that name (and show titles) the members of your veterans group. Differentiate those who are board members with titles, versus veterans who have joined your group, and those civilian support members.


3.) Records to show your group's detailed activities over the last nine years, showing minutes of meetings, agenda, objectives, mission statement and accomplishments.


4.) Records to show specifically who/which veterans you have helped or have benefited from your group over the last nine years. List their name, address, telephone number.


5.) Provide documentation on what you have done about your claimed mission statement: http://www.gulfwarvets.com/mission.htm


The American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA) was established with one goal in mind: To obtain treatment for those service members and their families who experience symptoms collectively known as the "Gulf War Illness". 

....the AGWVA has now added a second goal: To obtain justice and compensation for all those affected by these illnesses.

A.) In addition to what I will ask you under oath and what I have challenged you on over the years, a review of Linda Kennedy's website about you shows you have not performed to your claimed mission statement, nor do you act of sound-stable mind to hold such a position.


B.) Exactly what "treatment" have you procured for veterans after nine long years, thousands of radio shows and collected some (alleged) several million dollars?  What have you done with the voice you have on the media and the moneys collected?  You have forgotten veterans, and chose to name and do radio shows under Power Hour - NOT under AGWVA or about Gulf Illness or Gulf war crimes, and the moneys have not gone primarily to veterans.


C.) You have not filed a personal suit (against the government you say is covering this up) as a victimized Gulf Veteran or a class action lawsuit using your evidence to obtain justice and compensation. State EXACTLY what you have done.


BUT you have in fact filed and I hear won other Qui-Tam lawsuits and also pocked those moneys personally, so also alluded to by Linda Kennedy in excerpts to follow and listed on her website.


D.) continued from your mission statement:....For over three years the AGWVA has been embarking on this search for the truth and the documentation that we have compiled is voluminous.

Please explain to veterans and America - if you have been embarking on a search for "the truth" and "the documentation" and you say you have voluminous documentation, WHERE IS THE INFORMATION ON PETER KAWAJA?


Since 1996 - you have LIED to veterans and the entire world. You have admitted on video in 1995;  "I had no evidence of my own", and "Peter Kawaja is the key to this entire story".


Explain to veterans and the world WHY you have changed your story on what is evidence,  and who elected you to any position as a judge on "what is evidence" and what are your qualifications to determine what is evidence and who is credible when you are a FRAUD and have no standing in the Gulf War Crimes matters other than to cover-up the truth!


Seeing you have stated you DO HAVE "voluminous" documentation - why are you hiding and screening that information? Linda Kennedy wrote on her website you recently even had boxes of evidence sent to you that you never opened, so how can you claim you want to get the truth out to help veterans?


You have confessed on tape and on the air (Jackie Patru radio show) that you SAW (what you call private) secret documents and you did talk about me in 1995 and met me personally. WHY is my information not made available to veterans and WHY have you not linked to my DSWCC website nor my AGWVA website or continued to tell veterans about MY evidence for all these years?


E.) continued from your mission statement: ....Justice can only be obtained in the court of public opinion, and until the public knows the truth, there can be no justice. Truth and justice are the American way and the AGWVA is dedicated to finding the truth, educating the public and obtaining justice for the sake of all Americans. There can be a million lies, but there is only ONE truth and in the battle for truth, the lie is always the casualty.


In your appearance with me on video in 1995, you told the audience; "Gulf war veterans do not even know Peter Kawaja exists", and "He Has yet to hear how America feels about him", and "Veterans do not know he was fighting for us all night and day 5 years ago, I had no idea"... and you said much more.




The public does not know the truth because you promoted your "alternative" storyline on GWS - you have in my eyes given COMFORT AND AID TO THE ENEMY and committed MISPRISION OF A FELONY AND TREASON against America.


You are correct - there can be a million lies - but there is only one truth, and in the battle for the truth, the lie is always the casualty - it is coming back to haunt you and that is perhaps just one of the reasons Linda Kennedy can state (she lived with you on your property for almost a year) that you cannot sleep at night and a loaded gun had to be wrestled out of your mouth.






6.) Supply Bank records in the name AGWVA (and/or any other alias) and any other accounting methods of all moneys and items received by you/your group or TPH over the last nine years, for your speaking engagements, radio shows, sales of tapes and documents (such as the Reigle Report), and all other products.


7.) I demand all moneys, gifts, donations etceteras - received by you since 1995 earmarked for veterans be accounted for and turned over to the real AGWVA immediately.


8.) I demand you rename your group and remove all inferences to AGWVA. You do not own the name nor did you form this group, I did. The facts show you did not name your website since 1996: www.americangulfwarveteransassociation.org , nor www.agwva.org . Instead you correctly named it > www.gulfwarvets.com  < BECAUSE you set it up as a "business", whether for misinformation or monetary gain or both, and you knew I am the owner/founder of AGWVA. If you were the owner or founder or were operating a legitimate veterans group under AGWVA - you would have named the website AGWVA (dot com/org) or American Gulf War veterans Association (dot com/org). That domain name has been available all these years - you failed to register it and we both know why. I operated as AGWVA and registered with the Government and finally in 2004 giving you all the rope to hang yourself from 1995 to 2004, I registered the dot com and dot org domain names. You have had financial backing since 1995 and a professional webmaster - you did not attempt to use the name but registered GulfWarVets.com (as a business) and not gulfwarvets.org, yet you use a Banner on your Gulf War vets site with my name American Gulf War Veterans Association.   To further show the world you are backed by "insiders and the money lenders" and according to attorney Linda Thompson -  the people you work with are: 1. Military Intelligence (not necessarily American) and  2. involved with some major terrorism in this country. To this date a direct GOOGLE search string of "American Gulf War Veterans Association"  brings up gulfwarvets.com showing that even the direct verbatim name retrieves a totally different domain. The terrorists keep you out there.


You have misled the American people for a long time. You knew I could and would challenge you on the name and ownership of the association/group, and that I was putting out newsletters in 1995 before the internet under BraveHeart and AGWVA, and I named and formed AGWVA.  I have challenged you on this publicly since 1996!


Since 1996 you nor anyone else claimed the proper name, and in your own words you still use the title "spokesperson", not owner or founder. I AM the owner/founder and you acknowledge same by your silence and failure to debate me publicly.


I have not only challenged you on this by certified mail but via my Desert Storm website (www.dswcc.com) and in a video I put out about you in 1997 as well as a 24-hour Veterans video series, wherein I showed the actual "refused to sign" Certified Postal tickets. You used my appearance with you in 1995 to gain credibility you never had, then usurped the name and have been fraudulently using it since 1996.  


You are spokesperson for Gulf War Vets. com (www.gulfwarvets.com) NOT for AGWVA.


I allege you have been for nine long years misleading the world that you have a veterans group - I demand proof in writing that you do per all my demands herein and if you can show proof, I will post a retraction.


Your radio show is not named AGWVA, it is the business of The Power Hour and not dedicated to veterans issues, but you use it to enrich yourself with a free ride of fame on the backs of suffering and dying veterans, using AGWVA.


You have used the name of AGWVA to maintain control of what the people know, see, and hear as the evidence, on behalf of others, and to enrich yourself.  I have other specific criminal charges to bring against you. Per Boyd Ed Graves, you, Garth Nicolson, Donald Scott, Len Horrowtiz and Alan Cantwell met in Canada in 1995 to discuss how to control the GWS story.

I demand to know WHY you have never refuted Graves, but instead your "group" gave him a title in the Common Cause Foundation. These and more need explaining to America.


Your claim to fame is built upon lies and deception.


You are (by reports from others like Linda Kennedy who counseled you) mentally unstable and unfit to be a spokesperson for any veterans group or radio show and on a Christian radio network?  I am shocked that they also know you tried to (per Kennedy) steal their accounts - and they have read what Kennedy has written about you yet they still allow you to perpetrate fraud on the listening public. In my opinion - they are aiding and abetting you in your sham. 


You have failed to challenge and sue Linda Kennedy over her public allegations - statements about you and your husband, moneys you receive for veterans but do not help veterans, about being a mole and federal informant, having close ties to the FBI "domestic terrorist division", being a member/supporter of the SPLC and so much more, when you threatened many others with lawsuits just for talking about my video about you.  You are a known fraud and whore. 


Riley, the charges against you are overwhelming and I do not lay my own charges herein.  I do have the document by Julianne Hamden (ex-US Army) and her Husband Chuck (NSA) who used to write for my website years ago. Julianne charged you on paper to deny you were on Federal Payroll to identify Veterans WITH evidence**  and Patriots (militia types) for $1,000.00 a head. You could not and have not disputed her claims since 1996.


[** those who were sending me their evidence from the Gulf etc - to AGWVA, so all the evidence veterans have been sending all these years LIKE THE BOXES OF EVIDENCE - Linda Kennedy mentions just this year when she was there - YOU ignored and stored. WHO is coming to your warehouse to pickup these types of evidence against the neocon establishment? Your friends at the FBI - Fatherland Security?]


Mysteriously and of course coincidentally like so many others (some Kennedy is coming across on her own without me - ALL who FEAR YOU or who is BEHIND YOU), the Hamden's daughter was threatened with a gun and to be raped/was raped (?), then they all disappeared,


...just as it is coincidental that attorney Linda Thompson who saw some of my evidence in a care package I had sent her and who stated openly on the internet (one email is on my DSWCC website) that Peter Kawaja's evidence is UNIMPEACHABLE but Joyce Riley is a phony expert, paid whore, and involved with others in MAJOR TERRORISM in this country.


Her son disappeared/was kidnapped and sexually abused, Linda pistol whipped in a police station, and after years of being outspoken on WACO as a lawyer - disappeared,


...just as Nurse Abbie Bakaric and her family was threatened by what she refers to as your handlers, and in order to protect her family, shut up and disappeared after she asked you to debate me publicly to clear the air for veterans, but you complained to her radio station in some authority fashion as you/your handlers got them to shut down her popular radio show.


RILEY - as Linda Kennedy is now finding them, and as she has posted on her website, there is a LONG LIST OF YOUR VICTIMS - some who are contacting her, others she knows about, some little old ladies who FEAR standing in front of a window at night - FEAR for their lives, because of what? Are these old ladies some of who donated THOUSANDS to help veterans but later found out about you and demanded you return their money? 


IF you are nurse nightingale, the sweet honey dripping loving heroine and NOT the BITCH FROM HELL Kennedy is writing about on her website, WHY would little old ladies FEAR YOU, Joyce Riley?  These are not statements made by Peter Kawaja, these are statements by Kennedy, someone I have never met, who never knew about me, but someone who LIVED WITH YOU and worked to help you in your claim to help Veterans. She is exposing YOUR LIES and how you DENY veterans help, products you claim you give them free, and money - even money that people donated and earmarked SPECIFICALLY FOR veterans which you are putting in YOUR bank accounts according to Kennedy. 

You have been hiding (gold etc) and squandering untold sums of moneys for nine long years belonging to veterans on your personal uncontrollable greed and lusts (alleged now into the millions). 


You have defrauded the IRS amongst others and people want to know WHY you do not fear an audit or criminal charges and why the IRS has never brought them against you, just as the criminal investigation (Texas OAG) into your activities soliciting moneys for veterans was also shut down, and how the courts rule in your favor - per Kennedy. 


You claim everyone who exposes you is a Fed yet every indication is YOU ARE THE FED STOOLIE. Attorney Linda Thompson who was licensed at the time to practice law, a LAWYER claimed on paper you are involved with Military Intelligence and others who had performed MAJOR TERRORISM IN AMERICA.


Prior to 9-11, that would be WTC/93 and MURRAH (and WACO).


You have a lot of explaining to do to Veterans and all Americans.  How is it that all these years you never sued attorney Thompson for such serious charges? OH I see, someone else just took care of that situation for you, after all, how could they allow that information to proceed in open civil court, kinda like they cannot allow Murrah or 9-11.


Like Kennedy's website about you - this document is a work in progress and unfinished. I am completing only enough here to send it to you for you to immediately cease operating under the name of AGWVA and supply the information in my Notice & Demand. 


This is your timely Notice & Grace and Notice & Demand - Govern yourself accordingly.


Signed: Peter Kawaja

founder/owner - American Gulf War Veterans Association

                            P.O. Box 372936, Satellite Beach, FL 32937-0936


Seduction & Betrayal Audio


Update note:   AGWVA mailing address: P.O. Box 213, Fellsmere, FL 32948


Peter Kawaja has much more information like this about Joyce Riley from 1995-onward:



Also, anyone believing Dave and Joyce's latest claim that I am lying about their earnings and that they are really broke b/c they make much less than that, check out their own claims to the state of Missouri recorded by The US Business Directory
I said they were making $120,000-$150,000 per month (see#1 below) -you do the math and decide who is telling the truth.  Ok, all you Riley-Recruits helping with Joyce and Dave's damage control, now you are presented with an obvious "inconsistency" in the story you are being told by Joyce and Dave.  Are you going to continue to do damage control for them anyway?  If so, WHY?
 [insert by Peter Kawaja  $150K/month = 1.8 million/year from the Power Hour alone (although below shows more like 2.5 million/year), does not include Sales of "evidence, tapes, or cash or gold donations" left to AGWVA - for Veterans] which is unaccounted for, read on to hear what Kennedy says:


Copyright 2004 infoUSA.com, Inc.  
US Business Directory
TEL: 573-378-6049
ABI-NO: 223656810
POPULATION: 1 - 24,999    AA
LOC-SALES: 1,000,000 -  2,499,999    CC

LOAD-DATE: January 23, 2004


Just another user situation  here--fortunately b/c websites like this, she is being forced to occasionally do right in spite of herself.  I am glad Bob benefited and hope he and his family do well. 


This story is being told only in part and only because I was not permitted to leave a facility of my own free will, and as you will read, the story went from bad to worse, which actually showed me who I had really been assisting for the past several months.  This story could have been avoided if these people would have done just one honorable thing.  I had no intentions of telling about someone's dirty laundry, until they acted in such a manner that actually revealed an entirely darker side of the situation-one that needs to be told.  What I thought were just some personal issues between a husband and a wife,, became issues of willful and total deceit, to which I had no idea, until I had to attempt The Great Escape, documented below.  All I can say to everyone who continues to deal with these people is "Caveat Emptor." 

The purpose for this article is twofold:  #1-it is to clear up any issues that may need clearing up due to affirmative acts made by others (in which I warned them I would defend myself), and #2-it is to show why I believe America is doomed, not because there are not enough of us to stop the madness, but because amongst us, we have disunity between those who really care, and because we also are sprinkled with phony patriots, greedy patriots, self-serving patriots; the Kingdom Builders, and those who could not care less about what is really happening to this country.  Frankly, I am tired of trying to decipher who is who, and am not going to defend against labels that anyone who differs with a certain couple, seem to be labeled with.  I will say that I am more than merely frustrated over spending months of my time on those who are phony.  Although there are several radio listeners who have contacted me and reminded me that they "told [you] so," I really don't recall or could have felt prepared enough for what I was about to walk into when I came to a couple's aid who are allegedly working for our best interests.  To those who say they tried to warn me, you have my deepest apology.


The husband and especially the wife are compulsive spenders.  One of the wife's "weaknesses" is buying expensive china.  She just keeps buying more and more-and has probably 8 or more full sets.  The husband keeps throwing a lot of what she buys away when she is not paying any attention.  The spending is totally out of control on both parties part, but they will not acknowledge that except in their few moments of weakness.


Papers, orders, receipts, uncashed checks, all were just everywhere-on the floor, behind cabinets, every now and then, I'd find a business record blowing outside.


Once I arrived, I found that even the most simple of tasks were very difficult between the two of them due to their marital conflicts.  Shows were filled with off air arguments, walking out of the studio, throwing things, punching things, etc.

Again, stupid me-trying to keep the "patriot community" together, agreed to try to work with them on their marriage. 

The most disturbing of these revelations that I will disclose, is that Dave and Joyce were involved in physical violence against each other, and it was quickly escalating. 

....and were repeatedly leaving each other, telling each other to "burn in hell,"


.....the case was dismissed without a hearing on the merits.  This dismissal is everything I am fighting against in the courts.  Whether or not these things Mike claimed were true, were actually true, was a matter to be heard in court and should not have been dismissed.  I told Joyce that, although she came out on top, she was witnessing the litigation vortex in the reverse, where apparently, the court hates Mike and protected Joyce.  The court even slammed Mike in a letter, which even Joyce said her lawyer said was uncalled for.  It clearly showed the bias of the court. 


....But, anyway, you could see that Joyce had learned something new-that the courts favored her in spite of the law.   As stated, after this decision, she got very cocky, as if she was above the law and was one to be "protected." 


.....and you and Dave have been handling your own tax issues in such a delinquent and irresponsible manner,


...Then she went on to label Bob as "Christian Identity" which he is not, even though she has spoken at such meetings.  


.....She then began delving into the network I was setting up and stated that she was going to get others from Genesis to agree to leave Genesis network and go on my network.  I told her that I would not steal other programs as this did not accomplish the goal of getting the word out-that was just changing which network the word was getting out of.  Again, the new, cocky, court protected Joyce Riley was being challenged and told "no" and she did not like it.


....After Joyce left, Dave said, "now you know what a Bitch I have been dealing with." 


...So that night ( Tuesday), I though of what it would take for me to stay on and work for (pardon the expression) "the bitch" and "the lap dog."  I gave my very lowest demand it would really take for this to be worth my while-this was also based on the $120,000-$150,000 Joyce and Dave were making each month, while paying two employees minimum amounts of money.  And all the unbudgeted expenses Joyce and Dave freely wheel in an undisciplined manner. 


......Joyce immediately stated that they could not meet the money amount that I put in the proposal.  I found it interesting that a couple making between upwards of $150,000 a month, with four cars, two houses, approximately 80 acres, and a warehouse full of inventory could not find money to pay someone a wage. 


.....Joyce is only contrite to the extent that allows her to continue to control others and then has no heart for anyone once she loses the control.  Here I am a long way from a good situation, and I have two people who resolve their differences by physical violence.  Not good. 


......I went down the hill to where their guest quarters are located (about a forth to a half mile away, all locked in by an electric fence). 

.....I tried to ignore the fact that Dave had the biggest pace-maker sticking through his sweater-as if I did not know that he was recording everything now that he had to rewrite history.  My only concern was that he has the ability to cut and past and mix recordings-that is how he makes his songs.  But there was nothing I could do about it. A potentially violent man is in a deserted place with me and I had to deal with it.  If he was that unethical, then so be it-he and Joyce then deserve each other. 


.....Anyway, the situation became heated and I started getting concerned as I was there on there property, at night, stuck with freezing, icy weather, in a secluded house with a guy who has severe anger management problems, who has no problem hitting women.


...I kept telling him to leave and get out and he would not.  All I could remember was my self-defense training-use the most disgusting, loud, language and show you are not intimidated.  I was able to maneuver Dave into the corridor area where I had at least a chance to close the one door.  Dave began yelling, "you have burnt your bridges" repeatedly with wild eyes and finger in my face.  I knew this was my chance.  I yelled "f-off" and as he slightly backed off, I shut the inside door as fast as I could and ran for the land line phone.  I called the local Sheriff and explained the situation and told them I did not want to file a report, but wanted to alert them to a very volatile situation and told them I just wanted to get off the property, but was not sure I was going to be able to do so.  The deputy stated, "well they can't make you stay if you don't want to."  I told him that they had control of me leaving and they were very angry.  He noted it and said he would be ready to dispatch help if I called back. 

....hung up and called several friends who by now knew what was going on.  Some are Power Hour supporters, but know that what I am describing is not the exception with Dave and Joyce.  They each told me to just get out right then.  I told them I was not even packed yet and believed the gate would be locked up at the top of the hill and I would not be able to get out.  Then there would be some really big concerns if I got trapped at the fence.

..I said my good bye's and was on my way.  (There is more to this story but I need to protect it at this time).


....I began an urgent packing job, dragging conference table/chairs, etc,--everything I could get in fast.  I was in a very unsafe situation and wanted out bad.  By then, some of the Power Hour listeners got wind of the situation and donated money for me to get out of there.  Many of them did a pleasant "I told you so" which I still don't remember-but accept as true. 


...I had others trying to get me some movers really quickly, and there were several willing, but they were afraid to come on the property knowing Dave and Joyce's M.O.


...all of a sudden I was a paid employee all along and I did not want anyone to know it so Dave and Joyce just lied to everyone putting on this great show. Pretending that I was not paid when I was (according to them) even when I was not around-OH PLEASE!  Are they really so stupid as to want vengeance so bad that they would even implicate themselves-where is my w2?  My 1099?  They have now claimed that they pay "under the table"


....And it goes on and on.  I find it interesting, however, that anyone who sees them for who they really are, and especially Joyce for who they/she really are/is-end up being labeled "fed."


I find it interesting that just shortly before I left for the out of town trip, a Federal Agent from Springfield called the Power Hour and asked for Joyce.  He claimed to be the replacement for another guy who was leaving or retiring.  Joyce said she was on really good terms with this other guy who allegedly left.  He was with the FBI Domestic Terrorism Department.  So who is the mole here? 


....The same Joyce Riley that tried to market vitamins/minerals/Detox, that would require everyone to give a blood sample so that they could be "fitted" with the right product.  How dare you call those of us who oppose you moles, etc.  Joyce, you have some questions to answer:  Why are you raising funds for a veteran, asking others to donate of their money, when you have a trust that is ear marked for that very reason. 


..... Bob Jones was in dire need of his medical bills being paid so he did not lose his house, but instead you let it go, to where he could not get treatment and his med bills were too high for him to pay, and then asked the good folks who are trying to do the right thing to give of themselves instead to save Bob's house.  And why are you pocketing all the cash that comes in including the $1,000 cash donation from Texas?  Why is it that other than the records I devised for you, you have no records of donations.  Why is it that if you think that those who are in the tax honesty movement are kooks, that you not only had them on your show, but don't keep IRS records or do filings yourself?  I am tired of your double standard, even Dave said in his counseling sessions with you-he is tired of your hypocrisy.  I would say that goes for both of you. 


....After the police investigator left, on Friday afternoon, I began plotting my Great Escape.  I knew they had no idea that I would be even close to being ready-and they were right.  But I knew I had to escape out of their control, as another night on that property was not a good option for my safety.  I had asked the police officer to leave the gate open to the outside world because people were trying to figure a way to come on the property to assist without becoming the next victim. 

So I prayed as I was going up the hill for the gate to be open.  I had to stay in first gear as it was so icy.  As soon as I got up to the top, I thanked God as the gate was open.  I gunned it and slide back and forth as I raced to the open gate.  As I was approaching the gate, it began to close, which control is controlled by Dave and Joyce.   And as Joyce and Dave viewed my tail lights from their window, and without success, they tried to close the gate before I could escape. 


...Because the U-Haul kept breaking down, it was a very long and stressful trip, but I must say, I was more at peace knowing that I was out of the clutches/grip of Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist, then I had been during my "stay" in camp Riley.  Although I regret the experience more than one could ever imagine, I am really glad to see the truth, and to see what some people are willing to do for money, even in the "patriot community."  What I am very sad about, however, is that this is why I believe America is doomed. 


My original thought was to try to resolve this matter.  I have to admit, after investigating Joyce and Dave, I no longer have that as my primary goal.  After learning all I have learned, now I just want to know who these people really are and why they have such a sorted history, and a wake of victims.  As many know, deception works best in the dark.  It is every truth seeker's duty to expose anyone who is not really working for the best interest of the people.  I am convinced now, that they are not who they say they are, and according to what I am finding, I believe who they are is much worse than anything I could have imagined.

I do hope many are copying these posts as it appears that anyone who tries to expose these two, end up on the wrong side of something bad.  I have also stored copies of these posts, and other evidence, with some trusted other people.  This additional evidence, cannot be brought forward now due to other innocent people being endangered if these items came forth at the present time.


3)  If you are working for our best interest, why do you still to this day have the letters from George and Barbara Bush framed and proudly hung on your wall of entry where everyone can see them? 

4) Where did the 1.5 million dollars you and another guy named Peter allegedly raised for the Vets go?  Who were the recipients?  Where are the records?  Was this ever reported as income, if you indeed believe that tax honesty people are not to be believed?

5) If you are so broke, why are these facts also true according to what you told me and according to some of the records I saw:  One house totally paid off, one house extremely reasonably under financial control, 80 acres of land and still looking to purchase, at least three if not all four cars paid for (and I was led to believe they were all paid for), the big RV paid for,
gold buried, more gold matured at the company who holds the investment (not named here for obvious reasons), a trust sitting in wait--not being used for its stated purpose, a warehouse full of products, and your spending absolutely out of control.  How do you spend that much in dirt-road-Versailles?  Dave did tell me where some of the additional money was going on the Tuesday b4 I left.  It is not good.

6) Why are you not using trust funds left to the Vets on the Vets? 

Why do you say you are giving all these free products to the Vets, when I witnessed 30-50 letters from vets in a stack of other old mail--not even being addressed.  Why did I have to force you to sit down and address the issue, and only after I repeatedly raised it would you make a decision on whether these people received anything?  Not that you have to give free products, but you are saying you do--you told me it was between $2,000-$3,000 per month, but I saw that it was more like $200-$300 per month.  And I kept those records b/c you two would not do it and had not done it according to both of your stories to me. 

9) If you are working for our best interest, why were you invited to be a part of George Bush's "thousand points of light" in a letter from them this past fall?

10)  Why did you want to get blood samples from the listeners, for the vitamin/detox "made to order" cocktails?  Did you really think this was good for the Vets (and others) and in their best interest?  What's up with this?

11)  Why didn't you tell me that just b4 I arrived, you had "left" Dave and had just come back--but that you were described as disoriented and not knowing for sure where you were or where you had been?  Why did you never discuss this little tidbit?  Where were you for that time and why were you disoriented upon your return?

12)  Who started the Gulf War Vets Association?  You always told me you had created it. 

14)  Why are you on "good terms" with the FBI's Domestic Terrorism Department in Springfield, MO?  How could that have happened?  How do you get on "good terms" with those you allegedly expose?

15) How did you get the scars on your forehead/back?

16) Why are there holes in some of your doors/walls?

Why did you tell the listeners that you had given 30K worth of products to the vets when it was the Miracle 2 company that did that?  Am I wrong?  Why since that time, have you hardly given anything to the vets you allegedly support, while claiming you give 2-3K per month?

What was that white stuff in the kitchen that you were so uncomfortable about when I walked in? 

22)  Why have you been unable to sleep at night for the last several years?  What's the problem or what is causing it?

26)  Why did you ask me what my line in the sand was and whether I would come back for my dog if I had to vacate quickly?  Why did the cop tell me, the very first thing, that he was going to put a bullet through my dogs skull?


35)  Why did you tell me right in front of Dave that you and he had a business marriage, and was that the same type of marriage you had proposed to Peter K? 

49)  Why were you stiffing North American Herb and Spice for over $100,000 when I first  arrived?   Why did I have to continually tell you to pay them--when you would not?

50)  Why did you dump Rick Liva and Verified Quality when they were taken for $21,000 plus b/c of what you two did?  Why didn't you take responsibility for it? 

Why is your best friend for the past 18 years in prison for sex offenses, which he admitted to doing?

60)  If you deny that you are not, nor have never been a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center, than it would certainly be easy to discount me by giving this front organization a full release so that anyone can call and confirm your denial.  How about it?  I saw the letter, remember?  See #70--I no longer need the authorization, see 118.

61)  Why were you being criminally investigated in Texas, and why was it suddenly dropped without reason?

62)  What happened to the mirror?

Why did Dave have to wrestle a loaded gun out of your mouth?

69)  Why do you not expose that you were at a "secret meeting" of the elites, and it included being there with another well known figure.  Why must this remain secret?  Who are you protecting and why?

70)  I confirmed with the Southern Poverty Law Center that you are a "member."  They stated that officially they have no "membership,"  but that anyone who donates to them is considered a member.  They confirmed that you have donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center in this century--i.e., recently.  So why are you taking them on in your own website posts?  Why are you pretending they are your enemy?  Who are you?

72)  Why are you telling everyone that the government issued, Riegal Report, is the explanation for the Gulf War Illness, when you are on tape indicating that you know nothing about the Gulf War Illness except what evidence Peter Kawaja has shown you, and that you have seen Kawaja's evidence and that it is the explanation for the GWI--which is different from the Riegal Report? 

73) Why did you immediately hi-jack the Kawaja explanation right after he rejected your marital proposal, claim Kawaja was a federal agent, and become spokesperson for the GWVets Association, which he founded?  

78)  Who are you and why are you not telling the Vets that there is enormous evidence that shows that the government personally used them as guinea pigs--which evidence Peter Kawaja showed was true, but instead you are telling people that the government-issued Riegal Report explains the reason--that Saddam did it.  This is a different story, and you yourself claimed you had no independent knowledge other than what was brought forth by Kawaja.

79)  Who is Dr. Nicholson, and how did he suddently appear with you to support the new, government-issued Riegal Report that accompanied you, when Peter rejected your seductive, controlling marriage proposal? 

80)  What kind of clout did you have to bring forth such a person when you were not even known in the GWS community and admitted that you knew nothing about it until Peter Kawaja. 


84) Why, at the end of March 2003, did I have to go to Columbus, Ohio to pick up top-secret documents that would expose the GW Illness, and brought you about 8 boxes of evidence, but that this evidence has not been examined and remains in a storage area?  How important is it to you to find the truth and help the vets?  Peter Kawaja has asked what you have done to expose the illness in the years since you hi-jacked the evidence too on http://www.dswcc.com/HPK/final_post.htm  

88)  Why, after talking to several of your past "victims" are they saying that they actually feared for their lives?  This is a repeated theme that I have heard.  Who are you and what were your plans for me when you set up the alibi stating you could not find me since Thursday, when you knew I was stranded on your property and had your land line and cell phone, which you could have easily contacted me, and indeed did? 

89)  Why are your past "victims" coming out of the woodwork to tell me their stories?  Some of these stories are really big, but you never bothered to even mention their names in the 9 months I was there.   


95)   How is it that you are getting interviews with pro-establishment shows?  And are you now assisting others to get on as long as they are willing to blindly follow you? 

96)  Are you asking those Riley-von Kleist recruits, like you had repeatedly asked me, to speak on your behalf when you are being questioned by others?  This is the same thing others are claiming about you in emails published on http://www.dswcc.com/JoyceRiley.htm and Jackie Patru tape.
Jackie Patru with Joyce Riley

97)  Are you promising the Riley-von Kleist recruits fame if they comply like you did with me on Wednesday, January 28, 2004, and when I refused, are you threatening them stating that their bridges have been burnt if they don't comply with being a recruit, like you did with me on that last Thursday, January 29, 2004?  Are these the same tactics you used on many others:  http://www.dswcc.com/JoyceRiley.htm  see emails, and Jackie Patru tape.

97)   Don't you think it is interesting that someone who has never appeared on a certain pro-establishment radio show, would suddenly appear for the first time just recently?  And from what has been reported to me, that one of the first questions, if not the first question was about how wonderful you are?  Reportedly, this theme permeated the show.  This same pro-establishment show is one you have been on over 50 times according to you.  So, did you get this radio show host on the show, and, if so, for what purpose?   You relationship with Art Bell is also questioned by others:  see http://www.dswcc.com/JoyceRiley.htm email section.

98)  Don't you think it is odd that so many other people are seeing it for themselves now that my website has addressed it,  and why are so many of your former friends claiming that they felt physically threatened?  

Why don't you have Peter Kawaja on your show to tell his version of what happened with the Gulf War Illness since you have admitted that he had the only evidence out there--and it was hard evidence?

102)  Who was it that you told me about--that you went to in order to get the Birch Society's funding taken away?  And is this why you did it--b/c they were going to publish a tell-all story about you? 

103)  Why have you made several visits to the FBI?  Who are you? 
Where had you been when you came back disoriented?  Who are you?  What are you?

Why are you permitted to freely speak about GWI even though you had admitted you had no independent evidence of GWI, and are telling the "government issue" story, but Peter Kawaja, who had evidence you have been quoted as saying is the key to the entire illness, was raided, his evidence was confiscated, and his records were put under seal, under the War Powers Act?  Included in his evidence is his wire tap evidence taping the government culprits. So whose evidence is really damaging?

107)  How did you, claiming to have no money back in the 90's hire an expensive lawyer?  From the Jackie Patru show, he is the same lawyer you have been threatening Jackie and other radio show hosts with if they dare speak about the Lies of Joyce Riley?

109)  Why are you and your Riley-Recruits suddenly touting the Art Bell-Noory show as truth, when this has never been the case prior to the damage control you are now doing?  Again,
your connection to Art Bell, a well known Mason, has been questioned for years according to the email published on http://www.dswcc.com/JoyceRiley.htm
Jackie Patru with Joyce Riley

110)  Why were you threatening a radio show host with Dave allegedly stating that you both wanted to sue this radio show host, and that you had just been waiting for such evidence so you could sue (pretending that the direct evidence Peter has put forth about you two was not enough, but that Jackie talking about Peter's evidence was enough).  What's with the phony intimidation tactics to silence people?  http://www.dswcc.com/JoyceRiley.htm and see emaiils on this site.   

112) Why did you tell Peter on tape that you would not be bought off, but that anything is possible?  http://www.dswcc.com/JoyceRiley.htm

Why is a different radio show host who was directly threatened by you, refer to some of your hit men as your "handlers?"

What is your involvement with the WACO incident?   Why were you on Art Bell discussing that many years ago.  Why would Art Bell consider you an expert on WACO? 

117)  Why are you saying on the tape to Patru, that you were really dedicated to the truth and that is why you were pursuing a suit against a company (not anything to do with the vets), when you did nothing but talk about all the money you would make if you won?

118)  Why do you say in 1999 on the Patru show, that you put the Southern Poverty Law Center, on your Hall of Shame, but became a member (donated) of the SPLC in 2001?

122)   Why did you admit needing mental "therapy" back in 1995, but never got it?  http://www.dswcc.com/JoyceRiley.htm  Did you think you "healed" all by yourself, just like you tell of your dramatic healing from GWI?  Did you think that having a gun wrestled out of your mouth by Dave was normal? 

125)  Why are other organizations known to the truth seekers as genuine, also raising questions about who you are and what your character is?

128)  Why did you allegedly get the Arizona AG to go after someone allegedly defrauding the GW Vets, when that is what you are doing? 


129)  One person's opinion does not make it true according to you on the Patru interview.  How does that account for your secret, stealth approach against individuals, as you spread fake stories, and rumors about anyone who sees you two for who you are?  I have talked to more Riley-vonKleist "victims" than can be counted on two hands and two feet.  The facts are different, but the story is the same.  So who are you?

137)  On the tape, are you again trying to deceive people by claiming you would take a deposition on the matter?  Excuse me, but are you trying to claim that liars don't lie under oath?  And if you did get caught, and Linda Thompson was correct, that you are a "paid whore," would you again be protected by the courts?  Why was Mike Brown's suit dismissed without a trial, why were the criminal allegations against you dropped in Texas?  Why do you not fear the IRS?

143) Why were you begging the audience to get you an RV when you already have one, and when, if not for your out of control spending, you would have more than enough money to buy another one yourself (if there was not one already sitting right by your warehouse--fully paid for).  Do you just want two of them now?

145)  If you really cared about the Vets, then why are all the coats and clothes you collected from the good listeners, allegedly to help the Vets, still in the upper storage area of the garage, out of site and mind (there is a huge number of items up there)?  Why did we not send one of those items out the entire time I was there?  Why was it not advertised even once?


153)  If you had the "alternate theory" for GWI before you met Kawaja, then why are you on tape after meeting Kawaja saying the whole key to the GWI is through Kawaja who has the only known evidence.  Why did you not tell him you already had an alternate theory just waiting for the right time to replace his?


155)  In 1995, Linda Thompson stated that, "[e]very indication is Joyce Riley is not only a paid whore, I have other information that the people she works with are (1) military intelligence and (2) were involved with some major terrorism in this country."   So, does this explain the call that came into TPH from the FBI Domestic Terrorism Department/Team, who you said you had been on good terms with?  And is this why you and Dave have visited them so regularly?

162)  Would you add me to your "Hall of Shame?" I would be honored.  It appears that anyone who starts seeing you for who you are, gets called a fed, "disappears," dies, or at least gets to enter the hall. 


164)  You never wanted to talk bad about Mason's b4, even when someone would call in, but all the sudden, that you are being questioned about yours and others relationships to the Art Bell Team, it is reported to me that you and your friends are scrambling for "Masonette" sermons?  Why the sudden damage control?  Again, deception works partially by skewing the time line.  As of this past week 3-15-04, or perhaps the week b4, has anyone heard Joyce or Dave speak out on a regular basis against the Masons?  Even when callers called in, did you hear her address your concerns?  So why now?

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck, IT IS A DUCK!  IN THIS CASE, THESE ARE TWO OF THEM-who do you think they are?

...more to follow.....



Will the Real D & J Please Stand Up!
I caution all who read this story, that Dave himself has said that with any acceptance of truth, first comes denial, then bitter opposition, but then finally, there comes acceptance as if it were a truth all along.  I suggest you read this with that attitude, if you are indeed interested in finding out the truth.

Several radio shows requested I go on air and tell this story.  Interested in warning the truth seekers and documenting the truth against the rumor mill Joyce and Dave had started as damage control, but not wanting this to be sensationalized  by the others, I thought it would be best to write out what happened, as those who do not fear the truth can state in writing, what happened without fearing that the "real truth" will come out and trap them later.  

This is really what I experienced while with Dave and Joyce from June 2003-January 30, 2004 (with a visit at the end of March and into April 2003, and then a "rescue operation" in CT in May).  It is being told not b/c I want to tell secrets, as many of you know I hold your secrets with a tight lip and demeanor.  But the acts of this couple became so bizarre in the last 24 hours of my time there (January 29-30, 2004, a Thursday and Friday), that Joyce and Dave actually told on themselves.  They showed me that there was something much more sinister afoot than anything I could have ever imagined.  Their own actions have caused me to believe that I must write and document what I saw then, and what I have learned since I left their "camp."  
 It is my hope that this site not get into the gossip circles--as it is not posted here for the sensationalists among us, but, my prayer is that every truth seeker, has this in his or her hand and thoroughly reads every last word and listens to every last tape that I have written and have linked to.   I have posted well over 100 questions and counting that need addressing--asking who Dave and Joyce really are?  More will be coming as I deem it necessary.  It is my hope that this site is seen and disbursed far and wide amongst the truth seekers, as deception can only continue in darkness.    Also, I have tried to answer questions of the emailers who have shown a spirit of wanting truth, but have tried to avoid any type of arguing or convincing as truth needs neither of these.  

When I left Dave and Joyce on Friday, January 30, 2004, I left knowing that their last 24 hours of behavior told me that something very wrong was going on.  As I said, their own behavior told on them.  But I did not know what it was telling me.  Why were they so afraid of me getting out of Versailles?  Why did they try to trap me on their property and even try to get me arrested and stuck in Versailles in silence?  

After my escape, and after receiving a telephone call from a radio show host right after my return to Virginia to drop off what was left of my office furniture, I knew I had to post something to document what did and did not happen.  I heard elsewhere that rumors were already flying and they had not come from me, but from Dave and Joyce.  I wish I could share much of the outrageousness here, but am doing my best to keep people's confidential conversations with me confidential as requested.  The stories that were being spread by Dave and Joyce, however, were far from true and were even inconsistent with prior versions they were telling.  So on the evening of Monday, February 2, 2004, I wrote what I understood at that moment.  

My writing was entitled in such a way that only those who were truth seekers would be curious enough to look.
When you get to the end of that story (first post below), you will understand why I had to write the gory details--and believe it or not, I held a lot back.  It is ironic that the last 24 hours, living through the desperate acts of two desperate and immoral people was what actually showed me that there was something far worse wrong with what I had been witnessing, than what I had previously realized.  But I did not know what it was at the time.  I just knew that something really bizarre happened and could not figure out why they felt they had to take such extreme measures against someone who had helped them and then just wanted to leave.

Here is the story of what happened leading up to and including the last 24 hours.

#1 Why Kennedy refused to go on several shows recently, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3  This documents the Great Escape.

Quickly, after writing this, I began to hear more of the "stories" and "fairytales" Joyce and Dave were putting out in their continuous attempts to ruin my reputation and work, just to save their sorry selves.   I found out that this is their usual modus operondii as they have done this to many others they had first victimized as well.  I could not stop thinking about why they felt they had to do such "damage control."  And none of this would have even been necessary, except for their acts that last 24 hours that told me I was not seeing what is really going on there.  That is what tipped me off  that something was very wrong with the situation.  Otherwise I really would have left thinking that they were just two people with a lot of personal problems and unable to keep any close friends for long.  Up until that Thursday, I would have been willing to remain someone who would have been in contact with them and if they needed some long distance consultation, I would have been willing.  The question kept ringing in my ears--why then, why the bizarre acts?

Because I had to abandon much of my property and just get the heck out of there, and because one of their fairy tales was that even though they had told people I was volunteering to help them--which was true (even when I was not around to hear it), that they were now claiming that they lied to everyone and I really was making a salary.   So after escaping from them, I tried to get my stuff back and wanted them to actually give me the salary they allegedly gave me in order to try to resolve the matter (see below #3).  Of course, there was no response to this email.  But something kept telling me to start looking into these two.  The question kept nagging me--what caused these two to act in such an extreme manner?  Why did they try to trap me on their property, etc.  That is bizarre in my view.  And Dave's behavior, although I have not gone into it in detail, was really unusual.  These questions just would not go away.

Meanwhile, I had finished telling the story of The Great Escape (#1) above).  I then posted the proposal letter letter that Dave and Joyce requested I write for our Wednesday, January 28, 2004 meeting (#2 below), when they asked me to stay and put a proposal together.  At the time of the proposal, I was still thinking these two just had a lot of personal problems.  So I decided what it would take for me to stay, but under an "arm's-length" agreement--no counseling, no mothering, etc.  After I submitted that for the Wednesday evening meeting, Joyce stated at the meeting that they could not meet the proposal (described in the Great Escape #1).  When that did not work out, I prepared to move my things back to the Virginia office as I was going to be  leaving--so I thought.  But by Thursday, January 29, 2004,  they had already set up fake alibis, trying to show they had not seen or heard from me and did not know how to get in touch with me, and on Friday, they had told the police that this same proposal letter that they requested was actually a blackmail letter--see for yourself what this is (below #2), and ask yourself, why Joyce and Dave had to bait and switch like this.  They knew they had requested the proposal, and then switched the story so that I would be arrested.  Who are they and why was it important that I be trapped on their property or was arrested and silenced?  Were they afraid that I knew too much when I said, I now know who you are on that Thursday night before I left (I just meant I knew they were more than people with personal problems--that they were indeed Kingdom Builders--see my initial write up above.  I thought they were Kingdom Builders still on Monday, February 2, 2004.)?  Did they think I understood more?  Did they need to silence me in some way?  Here is the proposal letter turned blackmail letter according to Dave and Joyce.

#2 Proposal Letter   Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  
Because I had to abandon much of my property and just get the heck out of there, and because one of their fairy tales was that even though they had told people for 9 months that I was volunteering (even when I was not around to hear it), their new story that Friday, January 30, 2004, was that they really did pay me and were just lying for 9 months.   So, after I got back to my office out of state, and unpacked what I could get out of Versailles, I tried to get the rest of my things back from Dave and Joyce (lots of expensive furniture and business equipment, and also wanted the salary they allegedly gave me, in order to try to resolve the matter).  Of course, there was no response to this email and  I would not doubt they are using the very equipment and furniture they forced me to leave behind.  Like a murderer who gets a thrill off wearing the dead man's watch as a token of the killing.  

Anyway, the nagging questions continued as to  why these two had to act in such a bizarre fashion when I really thought they just had personal problems (before Thursday anyway).  Meanwhile people began contacting me about their own stories of what Dave and Joyce did to them.  The stories were almost always of the same variety.   Everything was done in secret, with Dave and Joyce then secretly poisoning everyone else by spreading individual rumors, so that we would never really find out the real story.  On a few of the stories, that they felt nobody would ever find out about at all, they would just leave that entire portion of the story out of it all together even though  there would have been occasions when it was not only relevant, but necessary to get the true meaning of the story.

As an example they would tell me that  Kawaja was a fed, but did not bother to tell me that Joyce not only slept with him, but that she hijacked the entire Gulf War Illness story from him, and replaced it with a government-issued story, complete with government doctor support.  She denied having an affair with this man for many years b/c it exposed part of her scam, but has since been forced to admit it when others b4 me would not let her get away with it (see #6, & #7 below).  Joyce and Dave  would tell me that Kawaja & many others were feds, and put other poisonous thoughts forth so that it would always appear as an "us against them situation."  And I did not even know there was another Gulf War story or who Kawaja was.  Apparently, they wanted it to stay that way.  Joyce never bothered to tell me that she tried to get Kawaja to marry her and that she had told several lies or omitted key information about the Gulf War Illness, and anything else that could show me that she hijacked the entire story from the only guy who had the hard  evidence.  Her government-issue story is the only story that is being put forth today.  Why is that?  And, why was his evidence confiscated by a federal raid and sealed?  You ask yourself this question, truth-seeker.  There are many more questions I have asked below that also need answering.
#3 Offer to settle the matter ignored
Knowing that Joyce and Dave are not the most wise people, it did not surprise me that the fairy tales continued so I had to send another warning and offer to resolve the matter of my furniture and the defamatory stealth operation they had imposed in order so they could destroy the messenger and dodge the message again.  But the more I looked at the two of them, heard the stories, read other people's evidence, listened to tapes, the more I knew I had to know who these two really were.  

#4 Another warning to stop spreading rumors

As I started looking at who these two were and what would have caused them to act so bizarre the last 24 hours, I started looking more and more into Dave and Joyce.  While I was looking, I came across such a mass of victims, more numerous for me to count without looking at my notes.  It was as if I had stirred up a hornets nest. Here are the pages of questions I came up with do to what I was learning and putting together from my own investigation this list is growing as we speak.
#5 Questions that have come out of my investigation, page one, twothree

Why won't Joyce and Dave answer these specific questions?  
What do they have to hide?  Will they try to damage control so that they can divert attention from questions they don't dare answer (the answer is yes, see below at the Bob Jones story and above #5 at the questions which show damage control tactics she and her friends are employing)?  Who are these two?  Why did they avoid  answering  Jackie Patru's questions in 1999 (see #7)?  Why not answer Peter Kawaja who has a whole mountain of evidence showing she hijacked the Gulf War illness story to one that is Government-issue? (See #6)

At this point, I just want to know who Joyce and Dave really are?

#6 Here is someone who tells a very telling story!-Kawaja  (also: http://agwva.org )
Why are Joyce and Dave hiding this story from the Gulf War Vets?  

#7 Here is Joyce's interview with Jackie Patru (many excerpts)-be patient and make sure you have heard it all even if you get booted off a few times.   Jackie Patru with Joyce Riley

#8-Have you ever noticed that Joyce will not interview Daniel New?  Why is that?  Now watch and see if she does it next time (that is called damage control).

#9  What Really Happened with Bob Jones and The Power Hour?  Did Joyce and Dave have Bob on the air b/c they wanted to give him a chance to say thanks as they suggested initially, or was it for another purpose, that became evident during the middle and at the end of the interview with Bob.  Why did Joyce immediately go to her own defense as soon as the connection was terminated with Bob?  Why did she try to tie his emotional thank you to her attempt at defending herself, while not answering any of the questions being posed by several people who know her too well?  Deception works b/c innocent people who follow deceivers just can't believe  people would be so deceitful.


-----Original Message-----
From: spiker [mailto:spiker77@intergate.com]
Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2004 6:57 AM
To: Recipient list suppressed
Subject: 03-25-04 E-mail from Linda Kennedy about Joyce Riley & Dave vonKleist

Sorry I had to break the bad news.  I really did try to give a lot of grace, and up until the last 24 hours I was with them, I just thought they were a couple of people with a lot of problems.  I wanted to keep this from the "community" for obvious reasons.

But that Thursday night when Dave came down to my cottage with the recorder tucked away--and was being intimidating and even worse (It’s a long story, which I did not say much about regarding how bizarre it really was.), I told him then that i was not going to help them anymore because I knew who they were.

I think these were my famous last words, because I suspect what happened at this point is that they thought I REALLY knew.  What I meant is that they were not just a couple of people with personal problems (a whole lot of them), but that they were greedy Kingdom builders.  But, the last 24 hours told on them.  This showed me that there is much more to them than I had thought.  This is what caused me to start looking into them and remember things I tried to give grace on before--and how it fit into what I was discovering once I got the heck out of there.

Normal people--even normal people with a lot of problems---- don't try to trap you on their property, set up alibis on tape machines far away to indicate they haven't seen you for days, then call the police and try to get you arrested on phony charges.  What was their plan for me if they succeeded in trapping me or got me arrested?  I shudder to think about it.

Why have they had a cozy relationship with the FBI?  This is like my saying i have a good relationship with the Virginia State Bar.  It is impossible if I am really fighting them.  Can't have it both ways!  And why is Joyce donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center? 
This is huge!

And why are there so many scared victims in their wake who say they are afraid to be in front of windows?  Little old ladies I am talking about.  And why did Joyce come out of nowhere, try to seduce Kawaja and then take his GW-Illness story and hijack it with the government funded Dr. Nicholson and the gov’t issued Reigal Report?   Why did Joyce say the only perspective which makes sense about GW Illness is Kawaja’s and that she saw all his evidence?  Then 4 years later she says she did not see any of it. (when both statements are recorded on tape)?  And now SHE is the person who is the alleged expert on GW Illness.

Why did she not care one ounce for the vets the entire time I was there?  She was taking vet money and putting it in her pocket?  These are very serious things.  I don't think this is a person with just personal problems, and I don't think she is just greedy  either.  Dave is the same way.  If you listen and watch closely, you will see some of it.

But you have to remember how they behaved on their show before I posted my experience and what is happening now on their show.  It is not the same.  Dave is now allowed to speak, and he is going on other programs.  This did not happen before.  They are being forced to do major damage control. This is not a good situation.

Sorry for all the rambling, but I now believe I know who they are.  And it is not good.  This movement needs some real housecleaning. 




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