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Joyce Riley died on June 25, 2017 and on the same day and now the last 2 days, people I have not heard from for over 10 years (some much longer) started coming out of the closet sending me information with commentary and asking me to make a statement. This post is to answer all of you (friendlys and minions) at the same time.

Some of you thought I would be pleased to know the treasonous whore is dead, NOT SO - it was my long time hope I would be able to see her as one of the Defendants in a War Crimes Trial by the ICC - then jailed for life, not hanged by the neck until dead.
Dying has cheated hundreds of thousands of veterans and the American Public of getting some form of Justice.

I am not sad - I am mad she could not be PUBLICLY brought to Justice for Crimes Against Humanity. 
AND - it gives me no pleasure to create this post and revisit the last 27 YEARS.

It is very important to know History - so one doesn't make the same stupid mistakes and to set the record straight for all those deceased and those veterans alive but sickly . Supporting the Troops is more than waving a flag or placing a Yellow Ribbon sticker in the back window of your SUV.

The information presented here is not newly created and 90% are by other people - I've made untold posts (with this type of information) to the real AGWVA website since 1995, you just haven't been on the real AGWVA website. Thank your enemies/oppressors from keeping you DUMBED DOWN using The Controlled Opposition, your PAYTRIOT (for Profit) Talk Show Idols - and especially The Whore of Babylon - Joyce Riley.


  • Did she file a lawsuit against the government (or anyone else) on behalf of Gulf War Veterans?
    NO - go back to 1995 and all the radio shows and speaking engagements (where she sold what she claims is evidence) for the last 22 years, she claimed the DOD is afraid of her because she had the evidence but she never filed any litigation to help veterans.

  • What has she done for 22 years with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS she has collected from veteran families, selling "evidence" and snake oil products?
    NOTHING significant for veterans but has enriched herself off sickly, suffering and dying veterans, and their families.

  • She claims to run a Veterans Association - but did she? 
    NO  (Linda Kennedy who worked for her and saw a Barn full of Veterans letters UNANSWERED - there's tons more to know about this)

  • Did she create a DBA or Corporation under the name "American Gulf War Veterans Association"?

  • Did she open a specific bank account in the name of AGWVA and keep track of moneys donated to help veterans?

  • What did she do with an estimated $50 MILLION DOLLARS (most likely lots more) over 22 years claiming she was helping veterans?
    NOTHING we can find other than enriching her lifestyle. 

  • Why didn't she register the domain name " but instead registered
    BECAUSE she knew Peter Kawaja formed AGWVA and had published under BraveHeart for AGWVA. She also wanted to run a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS but may have claimed Non-Profit status with IRS

  • Why was her radio shows not AGWVA but instead The Power Hour?
    BECAUSE she was doing business to make money for herself hyping snake oil products

WELL I AM CONFUSED, AREN'T YOU? If you had 50 MILLION DOLLARS could you not have paid a major Law Firm to sue on behalf of Veterans?
Could you not have PROOF of buying land and creating a village of Tiny Homes/Cabins for disabled Veterans?  But instead you bought an RV and big ranch for yourself. YES - I am sure she threw many parties, invited tons of "groupies" and they all had a lot of fun - no different than the elites who have billions. SO there must be I suppose a slew of mindless minion followers who praise her name - sorta like the clinger-oners who surround Rock & Movie Stars as long as the Booze, Drugs, Food, and Sex orgies are flowing, Yeahbaby, PARTY TIME.  What a great Paytriot she was.

There is way too much that can be asked - and PK has been asking her BY CERTIFIED MAIL all these years as the GULLIBLE PUBLIC kept throwing money away because they thought she was really helping Veterans. But don't be too harsh on her - it is all the claimed Alternative Media SHOW HOSTS who all covered for her, Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Years ago after I released the one video about her, she became a featured guest on all the PAY-triot shows, and this is how the ring of whores works, they promote each other on their own shows. If you listen to the Jackie Patru radio show - Joyce Riley in her own voice and words tell how ALL the radio Hosts contacted her to ask her if the information PK put out on her in the video is true - she told them NO, so they did nothing with it.

And for years people like RENSE, ART BELL, NOORY, ALEX JONES all promoted this Miscreant.

Just do a search or shut up and don't write me - see some links below, it is easy to SEE FOR YOURSELF but Google & FaceBook have censored anyone who tried to post even the link to the real AGWVA.  Even 6/26/2017, some veterans have contacted me saying they posted PK's AGWVA domain link to FB and overnight their entire FB presence is missing.  I have been a broken record since 1990, if you want change - YOU need to write to Google, FB, InfoWars, and the others and ask some hard questions, I am not your hero. Save yourself.


Peter Kawaja did file a Law Suit on behalf of all Gulf Veterans.
Peter Kawaja never sold anything called "evidence" but has placed untold informative documents on the web since 1995, so much so that the BBC Journalist was able to use it to write a book which was immediately pulled and no longer available.
Peter Kawaja did register AGWVA as an ORG, both the short abbreviated letters and the long form BECAUSE he is the owner/founder of AGWVA
Peter Kawaja did file AGWVA with the State as a Veterans Group
Peter Kawaja did open an AGWVA Bank account which he used HIS OWN MONEY to send FOOD and pay for health products and shelter for many veterans

My list of PAINFUL QUESTIONS for Joyce Riley is endless - Several Veterans Groups, THE VET CENTER and others called for a debate between Riley & Kawaja but for many years she refused all. The Granada Forum cancelled Peter Kawaja's presentation because Riley refused to get onstage with Kawaja as she knew he would bring up PAINFUL QUESTIONS.

WHY is all this important?  BECAUSE Joyce Riley did more than fraudulently collect money - she took an active role in hiding the real evidence which veterans needed to know - which would have saved many lives, saved many from suffering, and would have forced the government and VA to give ALL Veterans their just Service Connected Rating - COMPENSATION - had veterans known the truth and got behind PK's Lawsuit.

RILEY EVEN ADMITTED THIS ON ONE OF HER OWN PRESENTATIONS IN VIDEO IN 1996 - until I released a video about her in 1997.

Riley also registered the name of Peter Kawaja (dot com) so she could divert Veterans away from the real AGWVA. She also paid heavily for GOOGLE and a webmaster to make sure - even if someone typed in the EXACT words: American Gulf War Veterans Association - they would end up at Gulf War Vets .com

A dead giveaway. Her webmaster has committed treason against Veterans.   YOU need to write to him, not me:
Whore Webmaster: Gary Robinson

Even though Linda Kennedy is not friendly to PK - Kennedy did work inside the Riley Camp for years until she and Joycey Poo had a CAT FIGHT, Kennedy published her ESCAPE FROM CAMP RILEY - did you not read it?  Kennedy has published that the real PK is dead because she also had a spat with Rebecca Carley - who moved to FL and was doing Radio Shows with PK.

Carley authored INOCULATIONS, THE TRUE WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION after spending a year in FL working on Shows. I claim no credit for it - but you already know who "inspired" it and I proof read it for her.  It must be noted that the CDC posted it to their own website (secretly) asking for inner response on how to combat the information. The only way to find that document was by typing in the name Peter Kawaja, not Rebecca Carley. It was because I announced we would be holding ONLINE WAR CRIMES TRIALS 2005.  Ho-Hum, you have missed way too much by being distracted by the likes of used car salesman Alexie et al.

But it doesn't end there - Riley has THREATENED little old ladies, and anyone who challenged her story like Nurse Abbie Bakaric, or Julianne Hamden and many others, goons (terrorists) would Sodomize, Rape, or attempt to kidnap or injure their children. WACO Attorney Linda Thompson was pistol whipped in a Police Station and her son sexually injured because she published on the internet that Joyce Riley is not only a paid whore but involved with persons who committed terrorist acts. 

Julianne Hamden put out that she had proof Riley was being paid by the Feds $1000 per head to identify Gulf Veterans with Evidence (who thought they were sending it to PK but was hijacked by the fake AGWVA - Riley). Julianne challenged Riley to dispute or sue - Riley could not/did not.

Here is the exact email from WACO Lawyer Linda Thompson - which was published on the net years ago:

WACO Attorney Linda Thompson who reviewed some of Kawaja's documentation stated in writing "his evidence is unimpeachable" - was later pistol whipped in a Police Station, and stated in writing;   (Author of below emails - LindaThompson)

"Military Intelligence has the best whores money can buy.
Most (claimed) patriotic Radio & Internet sites have been bought out and now controlled by your Oppressors".

Email below: from Wes Thomas to Linda Thompson who Joyce Riley "claimed to PK" she knew LT and used LT name to impress PK until I checked with LT direct. Linda Thompson outed Riley publicly:   (so did William Cooper - BEHOLD A PALE HORSE)


You said: in the now well-worn tactic of putting out a phoney "expert" on the information, to lead people astray (Joyce Riley). Whoa, are you saying Joyce Riley is a disinfo op? Can you amplify? This is major news. I wondered about her connection to the Art Bell show. Let me know if your response can be posted. I'd like to get more info on this. I emailed Peter for his documentation. He's a little wordy and hard to follow but his information, especially hard documentation, is excellent.


To: Wes Thomas
From: (Linda Thompson)
Subject: Re: Joyce Riley

You can publish it all day long. Every indication is Joyce Riley is not only a paid whore, I have other information that the people she works with are (1) military intelligence and (2) were involved with some major terrorism in this country.
When Peter Kawaja came out with his information, it was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get it out anywhere. I tried and Kawaja had his house burned down for his troubles. His documentation is unimpeachable.

Kind regards,

Linda Thompson
Dr. Linda Thompson Attorney at Law Chairman, American Justice Federation
Remember Waco. The Murderers are still free (and running YOUR country).
As for Art Bell, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Most of the "patriot" radio stations and programs are GONE. They have been purchased, in EVERY case, by groups with military intelligence backgrounds and connections. What is left is a phoney bunch of whores.
Kind regards, Linda Thompson
Dr. Linda Thompson, Attorney at Law
Chairman, American Justice Federation

THIS IS A TASTE OF WHAT WACO Attorney Linda Thompson stated in writing, Joyce Riley was involved with and covered for, and if you remember reading Peter Kawaja traced the VA Hard Files to Murrah, so now you understand Riley's ties - she is a Treasonous War Criminal, and committed crimes against America & Veterans.

ALSO - read the email Congressman Traficant was investigating and contacted Peter Kawaja for help

-----Original Message-----
From: Boris S. de Korczak []
Sent: Monday, August 5, 1996 3:26 AM
To: Peter Kawaja <>
Subject: Dr. Barbouti

Dear Mr. Kawaja,

Thanks for your kind response. I am assisting Congressman Traficant in his pursuit in finding the truth behind the events that took place on December 21 1988/ Panam 103. I could naturally give you a long introduction but I believe that calling James A. Traficant office and talking with the Chief of Staff Mr. Paul P. Marconi will solve the problem of finding reasons of me contacting you.

I will advise Mr. Marcone about your incomming call and resend your message to him. Mr. Marcone/James Traficant office phone: 202 225-5261. 


B. Korczak

Patrick Briley
May 17, 2005

On May 10, 2005, attorney Jesse Trentadue gave a lengthy interview that was broadcast on KTOK talk radio news in Oklahoma City.

Trentadue made the following allegations and described his proof for the allegations:

McVeigh was trained at Elohim City in far Eastern OK by an FBI informant and operative in how to build the bomb used to blow up the Murrah building that killed 168 people on April 19, 1995.

McVeigh funded the OKC bombing with monies stolen from Midwest bank robberies that were directly aided by an FBI informant and operative, a member of the Midwest Bank robberies, and another individual who operated out of the FBI controlled Elohim City operation.

The FBI was directly complicit in the OKC bombing and the murder of 168 US citizens and was actively covering up the FBI involvement using a US Senator to continue the coverup. US Republican Senator Don Nickles from OK agreed to help the FBI cover up the murder of Jesse Trentadue’s brother, Kenneth Trentadue at the OK Federal prison transfer center in OK in 1996 in order to also help cover up the FBI role in causing the OKC bombing. Trentadue has Freedom of Information Act request documents that reveal Senator Nickels criminal coverup role.

Trentadue cited a Federal judge ruling just announced that ordered the FBI to do a more thorough search of FBI records on the Kenny Trentadue murder, but not of the OKC bombing case which the FBI and DOJ have announced has been closed. The Federal judge gave the FBI until June 15, 2005 to complete its search. The judge excoriated FBI director Mueller. The judge accused the FBI of lying about FBI records in court related to Kenneth Trentadue’s murder and the OKC bombing. The FBI also had filed an appeal with a Federal court trying to limit the requirements of the freedom of information act law to only allow one search of documents even though it was proven that the FBI is intentionally hiding documents in a separate facility, not logging many of these documents in FBI computer databases and misspelling names so they cannot be located in computer searches of FBI documents.

However, Congressman Rohrabacher still has not called for nor taken any significant action against the FBI for FBI gross misconduct in the handling of the Trentadue documents even though Rohrabacher received Jesse Trentadue’s evidence and had promised to do much more than what he has done so far. There are those who have worked with Rohrabacher that now suspect Rohrabacker of betraying Trentadue to the FBI just as his fellow Congressman, US Republican Senator Don Nickles of OK. There are also other indications of Rohrabacker’s betrayals to help the FBI in the OKC case that are described below.

One of the Midwest bank robbers, Richard Guthrie, knew McVeigh and closely resembled Kenneth Trentadue, and like Trentadue, was beaten to death and hung in his prison cell. FBI agents are strongly suspected in both of their murders. Trentadue and Guthrie were of similar weight, height and muscular build. They also had similar tattoos on the same places on their bodies. They both had been involved in bank robberies.

Another Midwest bank robber who operated out of Elohim City and who knew Guthrie and McVeigh was FBI and Secret Service operative/informant Peter Langan who seen with McVeigh’s car and two other FBI informants in OKC at the Travelers Aid on April 18, 1995.

A third Midwest bank robber who worked for the FBI and Langan and Guthrie was a Mr. Linny of Cincinnati Ohio. A document obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request shows memos from FBI director Louis Freeh to a number of FBI field offices concerning FBI operatives Linny and Langan and the use of an FBI informant at Elohim City.

The FBI and CIA and US state Department operative and expert on explosives who trained McVeigh and lived out of Elohim City was German national Andreas Strassmeyer who was part of a joint effort by Louis Freeh and the German government in the US for over 6 years before the OKC bombing.

Jesse Trentadue took his information to California Congressman Rohrabacher who says he wants to investigate the OKC bombing but AVOID a hearing. Rohrabacher is strongly influenced by Rohrabacher’s close Republican associates who were part of the OKC bombing coverup for the FBI- OK Senator Don Nickles, NJ Congressman James Saxton (House Task Force on Terrorism), OK Congressman Ernest Istook (House subcommittee on covert appropriations that would have funded the FBI OKC bombing operation), OK Senator Tom Coburn (close confidant of GW Bush and a Congressman with Istook at the time of the OKC bombing), and OK Senator James Inhofe who has alleged mob ties, ties to the Mena CIA drug operation with GW and HW Bush and who blocked the conviction of Clinton in the Senate trials.

Rohrabacker has asked Chicago attorney David Schippers to formally investigate the OKC bombing for Rohrabacker’s investigations subcommittee on International Relations. Rohrabacker has also invited CIA director James Woolsey to testify before the subcommittee about the OKC bombing. But Woolsey’s testimony is expected to be a limited hangout coverup, whitewash of the CIA role in the OKC bombing because of Woolsey’s direct role in bringing McVeighs Iraqi helper, Al Hussain Husaini to OKC under HW Bush after the Gulf war in 1991. The FBI and CIA have protected Hussaini ever since the OKC bombing until Hussaini disappeared while being a baggage handler at Boston’s Logan airport on 911. Woolsey is a confidant of attorney David Schippers and Woolsey fully vetted and thereby controlled and manipulated the content of Jayna Davis’ flawed book on the OKC bombing, “The Third Terrorist.”

Rohrabacher has pretended to be interested in meeting with OKC bomber Terry Nichols in prison to learn the details of the OKC bombing. But Rohrabacher’s senior aide handling the OKC bombing investigation is Greg McCarthy, who once served with OK Senator James Inhofe when Inhofe was actively involved in covering up his knowledge of the FBI role in the OKC bombing and blocking the efforts of the Pentagon terror advisor, Jesse Clear, to expose this role.

Rohrabacher has claimed that the Federal bureau of prisons will not let Rohrabacher visit Nichols in prison to learn details of the OKC bombing since the prison bureau will only let people who knew Nichols before the bombing visit Nichols in prison. But Rohrabacher has deliberately avoided petitioning the Attorney General or GW Bush to permit even access to Terry Nichols in prison by people who knew Nichols before the OKC bombing, namely Nichols former wife Marife Nichols, son Josh Nichols, Nichols brother James Nichols or close family friend Bob Popovich.

Rohrabacher and his staff are strongly suspected of sabotaging investigators efforts to recover explosives in Terry Nichol’s house last month that had been sold to McVeigh by FBI, CIA, Israeli intelligence operative and provocateur, Roger Moore. It is suspected that Rohrabacher’s office tipped the FBI so that the FBI could recover the explosives before private investigators could recover them for independent verification of Moore’s fingerprints on the explosives.

Roger Moore met and recruited McVeigh in Florida in 1993 while Moore worked with the FBI, CIA and Israeli intelligence monitoring the Islamic Jihad terrorist cells and mosques of AlArian, Jose Padilla (alleged radiation bomber) and Ramadan Sallah at WISE (World Islamic Studies) and the University of Southern Florida for over thirteen years. FBI agent Kerry Myers testified at the McVeigh trial but Myers was also involved in the 13year operation with Israeli Intelligence and the FBI and CIA associated with Roger Moore. The other man involved in the operation was William Northrup, who worked for US intelligence and Israeli intelligence at the same time with the full knowledge of both eh US and Israeli governments. Northrup came to OKC on April 17, 1995 from the Florida operation to warn the FBI in OKC on April 18, 1995 of a bomb attack on the OKC federal complex sometime set for the same week. Northrup has been a 35 year friend of the US Pentagon terror advisor at the time of the OKC bombing, Jesse Clear, who like Northrup, has had ties directly to US and Israeli intelligence for 4 decades. Northrup has been a close confidant of KFORTV reporter Jayna Davis since before the OKC bombing.

Moore was also part of the FBI, DOJ, Freeh and Reno, orchestrated attempt to discredit militias in the mid 1990s. Moore traveled to the Montana Militia in 1994 in his mobile home with his live in girl friend Karen Anderson to try and sell heavy, illegal weapons to the Montana militia. The Montana militia investigated and learned of Moore’s ties to Israeli intelligence, the CIA and FBI in Florida. Moore also built high-speed boats powered by nitromethane for the CIA and HW Bush confidant Don Aronaw. HW Bush purchased one of Moore’s boats. Nitromethane is the ingredient of the binary explosive, Kenepak, that Moore sold to McVeigh for the Murrah bombing. Nitromethane was also included in the Ryder truck bomb transported by McVeigh.

Less than a year after the Nichols Federal trial, Moore recanted his entire testimony in a letter to federal prosecutors but nothing was ever done to Moore for his perjury even though Nichols defense attorney Michael Tigar complained bitterly about it in Nichols appeals hearing in July 1999. Roger Moore frequently used the alias Bob Miller in his letters to McVeigh encouraging McVeigh to attack the “New World Order”. But Bob Miller’s name was on the drivers license found in the Shawnee Mission locker of Midwest bank robber and FBI informant Peter Langan.

Others who live in California and are represented by Rohrabacher have told of Rohrabacher’s previous betrayals of America to protect the illegal business dealings of the Communist Chinese with Rohrabacker’s close Republicans friends like HW Bush, GW Bush and OK Senator Don Nickles, the very man who agreed to help the FBI cover up the OKC bombing and Kenny Trentadue’s murder according to Jesse Trentadue’s documents. The Communist Chinese are the leading backers of terrorists groups and nations such as AlQaeda, Hmas and Hezbollah as well as Iran, Iraq, Syria and North Korea. Yet Rohrabacher, GW Bush and Rohrabacker’s Republican Congressional friends involved in the OKC bombing and Trentadue murder cover up continue intentionally do nothing to address the Communist Chinese helping train, equip, provide, money safe haven and WMD technologies to these terrorist entities, including Bin Laden himself.

In another development, a government employee witness has now come forward to tell of a house rented by and frequented by McVeigh and Nichols in OKC and known about by the OKC FBI. The witness has been threatened by members of the federal government to not talk for over ten years.

To: rubbertramp,Uncle Bill,ratcat,Wallaby,BlueDogDemo,golitely,roughrider,Fred Mertz,Plummz,aristeide
Thanks for the flag for the Timmerman article-a defintie keeper from the past.

There is another company associated with Barbouti's acquisitions for Saddam and Iraq that was right here in OKC and believed to have had a connection to the OKC bombing investigation. The company produced a rocket fuel booster called TK7 and the company was owned by Moshe Tahl (sp?) a prominent real estate developer still active in OKC. Tahl is an Israeli closely connected to the US and Isreal inteligence community as well as William Northrop, a man with the same pedigree who also lived in OKC.

Barbouti met with Tal to acquire the booster additive. Some have even speculated that the booster may have been used in the OKC bombing-I do not know but given McVeigh's ties to Iraq it is very possible. And I know that Tal provided a tour for visiting Isreali experts hosted by the USG who wrote a report stating the OKC bomb was ME in design -this is in Stephen Jones book, "Others Unknown", along with references to Northrop's involvement in the case for Jones and Tahl.

The son of Barbouti, Heider Barbouti, runs a company in Houston (close to Bush Sr) IBI . Heider has been directly linked to the Lockerbie bombing by OKC attorney Mike Johnston who has copies of the actual receipts of the luggage purchased by Heider and which carried the explosives that blew up the plane.



-----Original Message-----
From: spiker []
Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2004 6:57 AM
To: Recipient list suppressed
Subject: 03-25-04 E-mail from Linda Kennedy about Joyce Riley & Dave vonKleist

Sorry I had to break the bad news.  I really did try to give a lot of grace, and up until the last 24 hours I was with them, I just thought they were a couple of people with a lot of problems.  I wanted to keep this from the "community" for obvious reasons.

But that Thursday night when Dave came down to my cottage with the recorder tucked away--and was being intimidating and even worse (It’s a long story, which I did not say much about regarding how bizarre it really was.), I told him then that i was not going to help them anymore because I knew who they were.

I think these were my famous last words, because I suspect what happened at this point is that they thought I REALLY knew.  What I meant is that they were not just a couple of people with personal problems (a whole lot of them), but that they were greedy Kingdom builders.  But, the last 24 hours told on them.  This showed me that there is much more to them than I had thought.  This is what caused me to start looking into them and remember things I tried to give grace on before--and how it fit into what I was discovering once I got the heck out of there.

Normal people--even normal people with a lot of problems---- don't try to trap you on their property, set up alibis on tape machines far away to indicate they haven't seen you for days, then call the police and try to get you arrested on phony charges.  What was their plan for me if they succeeded in trapping me or got me arrested?  I shudder to think about it.

Why have they had a cozy relationship with the FBI?  This is like my saying i have a good relationship with the Virginia State Bar.  It is impossible if I am really fighting them.  Can't have it both ways!  And why is Joyce donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center?  This is huge!

And why are there so many scared victims in their wake who say they are afraid to be in front of windows?  Little old ladies I am talking about.  And why did Joyce come out of nowhere, try to seduce Kawaja and then take his GW-Illness story and hijack it with the government funded Dr. Nicholson and the gov’t issued Reigal Report?   Why did Joyce say the only perspective which makes sense about GW Illness is Kawaja’s and that she saw all his evidence?  Then 4 years later she says she did not see any of it. (when both statements are recorded on tape)?  And now SHE is the person who is the alleged expert on GW Illness.

Why did she not care one ounce for the vets the entire time I was there?  She was taking vet money and putting it in her pocket?  These are very serious things.  I don't think this is a person with just personal problems, and I don't think she is just greedy  either.  Dave is the same way.  If you listen and watch closely, you will see some of it.

But you have to remember how they behaved on their show before I posted my experience and what is happening now on their show.  It is not the same.  Dave is now allowed to speak, and he is going on other programs.  This did not happen before.  They are being forced to do major damage control. This is not a good situation.

Sorry for all the rambling, but I now believe I know who they are.  And it is not good.  This movement needs some real housecleaning. 



"Well, the second most important issue I talk about is Jewish
  Zionist control of the media. It is impossible for people make informed
  decisions about anything when they don't get the facts from those they
  rely upon for information ...."
  "Oh, I don't think we want to get into that much," Riley retorted.
  "We've gotten the word from our network people that they don't want too
  much of that subject."

'Power Hour' blocks Kaminski at last minute

Subject: PETER KAWAJA replies to Kaminski on : 'Power Hour' blocks Kaminski
at last minute. 
  "Dear John" - WELL FINALLY, you got your reality check.


Alternative Media Broadcasters and Spiritual Compromise

God has impressed upon us that we are to warn readers about some alternative media radio broadcasters who claim to be against the satanic New World Order system and yet choose to promote New Age teachers and organizations and profit from the sale of New Age subtle energy products. Because the New Age Movement is the religious arm of the New World Order, this compromise will have spiritually disastrous results if Christians follow their lead.

(NOTE: This list is not complete. Most alternative media radio broadcasters compromise and sell misleading books and DVDs. They also show their true colors by the people they interview. Most of them also knowingly service the New World Order agenda. By their fruits (not their profession or disarming demeanor) you will know them.

Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty has been selling Miracle II products for years and continues to do so. He has promoted Zeph Daniel on his radio program and is selling his book, Lamb. (1) [Notice that Zeph chose to use a runic font on the cover of his book. Zeph used runes on his website as well.] Dr. Monteith interviewed Zeph Daniel  (2) on January 1, 2005 and on December 6, 2005. Dr. Monteith, who surely knows the dangers of New Age/Christian syncretism, encouraged his listeners to explore Zeph Daniel's writings and audio teachings on his website.

Dr. Stan Monteith has also been promoting fellow Miracle II seller, Joyce Riley, on his radio broadcast since 1996.

Dr. Monteith is not only soft on Catholicism, he defends it as being true Christianity! Rather than warn Catholics that their false doctrines will cost them their souls, he  reassures Catholics in their deception by spouting the One World Church line:

Bigots will tell you that Catholics are not really Christians because some of their beliefs differ from ours. I personally believe that the essence of Christianity is a belief in the Divinity, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that is a common tenet of both Protestants and Catholics. (3)

New World Order planners are fond of maligning those who stand firm on the doctrines of the true Christian faith as taught in the Holy Bible. Ecumenists, on the other hand, further the NWO agenda by vilifying those who stand firm for the truth.

Joyce Riley and Dave Von Kleist of the Power Hour got in at the ground level selling Miracle II subtle energy products on the internet, and have not stopped this lucrative endeavor even after the Miracle II Exposé was published.

The Power Hour, which claims to be against the One World Order is nevertheless endorsing the religion of the same by selling the witchcraft-marked Young Living Essential Oils products. (Warning Young Living Essential Oils boldly marks itself with witchcraft symbolism & doctrines!)

The Power Hour promoted Clayton Tedeton on their radio broadcast as recently as October 17, 2005:

CLAYTON of MIRACLE2 Products will detail the various uses for the MIRACLE2 Soap, Neutralizer, Gel and Lotion and will take your calls!  Miracle2 Order Line is 1-877-817-9829 or  (NOTE: You may order the SPECIALS (25% off) on all Miracle II products at We will hand discount all the online orders and you will receive the corrected invoice upon delivery! (Special ENDS Friday Oct. 21 till 4PM CST)!

Joyce Riley and Dave VonKleist chose to promote Stewart Best and his website on their radio broadcast even after I personally phoned Dave Von Kleist in March, 2003 to warn him about Best's New Age occult initiation doctrines. The Power Hour promoted Best on their program in 2003 (5) and 2004. (6)

The Power Hour displays this slogan on their main page:

An informed citizen is freedom's best friend and a controlled citizen is our worst enemy!

This is a slogan that no real Christian will endorse or support. A controlled American citizen is not our enemy! A "controlled" American citizen (one who does not question the mainstream media) is a person to be prayed for and warned regarding the unfolding world government agenda as the opportunity presents itself. Granted, one should exercise discernment when interacting with a person whose thinking is largely molded by the mainstream media, but to consider fellow citizens our ENEMIES simply because they are uninformed about the things that are going on behind the scenes that are impacting our lives is wrong. The government's goal is to turn citizens against each other (in order to make a martial law takeover much easier) and The Power Hour should not aid them in this endeavor by using this slogan.

Speaking of control, The Power Hour's promotion of Clayton Tedeton and his demonically energized Miracle II products is priming many people of the United States (including Christians) to receive what New Agers refer to as  "the Divine Consciousness" which is necessary to spiritually merge with the Age of Aquarius (the New World Order).

Every person who uses the Miracle II/Master's Miracle and other subtle energy products is moving closer to becoming a fit subject of Satan's New World Order government and farther away from being a fit (obedient) servant of the the Lord Jesus Christ.

update: The Power Hour Promotes Scientology Solution for Child Protection Racket

Alex Jones of and promotes individuals who are affiliated with Scientology, a powerful, New World Order organization. There is no reason good enough for Alex Jones, who claims to be a Christian, or any person  opposed to the New World Order to promote Dr. John Breeding, who is connected with Scientology and has the teutonic rune of death (8) in the background of his photograph on his website. Also see:
[UPDATE: Genesis Communications Network is an ABC affiliate and Alex Jones and RSICC]


1988 - There was no Saddam or Iraq in your consciousness, not on TeeVee, there was no Syria, ISIS/ISIL, IS, or Bombings in America.

Things were kinda dull peaceful in the US (compared to now-2017), but not known to any of you, a man named Peter Kawaja who had an extensive Security Background and had been protecting Nuclear Facilities, International Airports, SCIFs, Military Bases,  and performed undercover work for the US xxx - was given the task of Protecting some special people, their Headquarters in Houston TX,  and a Cherry Flavoring Plant in Palm Beach County Florida. .

The History cannot be told here - as stated, these are snippets.......    [ Peter Kawaja hereinafter PK ]

PK was surprised to read in TIME MAGAZINE about Dr. Ishan Barbouti, Pharma-150 Libya WMD. Why? Well - right in the heart of Palm Beach County, this same Dr. Barbouti was the Architect for the Cherry Flavoring Plant (PIT) which started to look just like the pictures of Pharma-150 and PK was working in a Lab where these people were searching for Poisons that kill and which could penetrate Gas Mask Filters.

BUT WAIT - CIA was overseeing this plant, Israeli Intel was there, [ this is the so very very very short version ] and PK went outside the box (kinda like above a pay scale?) and bugged Buildings, tapped Phone Lines, and made Audio and  Video Recordings of all sorts of dignitaries, Congressmen, Intel types and could monitor buildings in TX & OK from Florida using compressed video etc even by a dialup 9600 Baud modem pre Internet. 

Fast Forward - PK had enough evidence that made him very upset and confused, but wanted to understand if this was a rogue <military> operation or did the President know. PK sent a FedEx Package to a CODE NAME contact at NSA with some information and asked if the US was in a joint venture with International Terrorist to develop Chemical & Biological Weapons to be used/tested on American Forces in a war. This was now July 1990.

Let me backup - in March & April 1989 PK contacted ABC News who sent Tim Braun to interview PK.  That Video interview was unfortunately turned over by ABC to CIA. 

PK prepared a Press Release fearing for his wife's life - it was too late.

Snippets does not flow well, this is to simply show in 1989 PK was warning of an upcoming war where US Service Members were going to be placed IN HARMS WAY. Watch-Listen to the entire video ( as documents change - go full screen to read, pause when you care to) Joyce Riley-Whore of Babylon

The US was interested in THE SUPER SOLDIER (see "The Mission" document), testing new IND's & INP's, and modifying DNA and selective kill Vaccines, population control.  This could only happen on real life battlefields, aka OPERATION DESERT STORM, the Crucible <blood sacrifice> of The New World Order.

In 1991 The Financial Times London & ABC NEWS - came to interview PK claiming they wanted to know why so many Veterans are sick and why deformed babies. PK appeared on Nightline with Ted Koppel - but when the entire series was not aired PK asked why - the answer was (caught on tape secretly recorded by me) their reply: "We do not wish to topple the entire United States Government".

Over the years since 1995 PK has introduced many documents - this is a small timeline snippet.

NO ONE has had the smarts to ask: How did PK know back in 1989 and early 1990 BEFORE Saddam moved on Kuwait AUGUST, did PK know there was going to be a war.

In 1990 there was no Garth Nicolson, no Joyce Riley, NO ONE who had real evidence, except Peter Kawaja.

In 1990 the name of PK and the PIT Plant was on the front page of almost EVERY NEWSPAPER WORLDWIDE.

There was no Veteran advocate, no one with any credible evidence or story, there was only Peter Kawaja.

And not known to Veterans: PK was commanded by the US ATTORNEY GENERAL to be in a special room with a direct hotline to CENTCOM and The Joint Chiefs at the commencement of OPERATION DESERT STORM.   Do you wonder why?  Do you even want to Fxxkin know?

No one knew the words Gulf War Syndrome, GoldenHar, PGS, etc.

PK began doing speaking engagements before Militia and Veterans Groups.

Many books have been written on GWS, GWI, Gulf War 1 - none can be used to prosecute WAR CRIMES, all are some sort of research, third party plagiarized material and assumptions.

1994 - PK files a criminal Law Suit against the Bush Administration charging Treason, Crimes against America, War Crimes. US attorneys (on behalf of federal defendants) pled for "Immunity from prosecution under color of law, even if they committed these Misconduct". - Never refuting the 34 counts.

1995 - The VA "hard files" (Veterans medical records- the real paper docs) are traced to THE MURRAH BUILDING, an active duty Military man is executed for helping PK, Murrah was a Repository. A Disgruntled Gulf War Veteran - Tim McVeigh, with a CHIP implant is blamed .

PK had sent some evidence to HILLARY CLINTON who had an office in The White House. The DOD opened a case under PK's Name and sent a notice with the case Number to PK. By what was stated - PK knew the White House did not turn over the entire package to the DOD.

The PAC / Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf Illness was opened and chair Lashoff & Clinton said: No one has claimed there is a conspiracy - BUT PK did.

A message from THE HILL was delivered to PK by Dave McMichaels (who was then stabbed 9 times): Tell Peter Kawaja to chew on it, if he comes forward, we will deny, if he takes it into the court of public opinion, credible people will be brought forward to counter him.

Out of the smoke and ashes of MURRAH came Dr. Garth Nicolson and Joyce Riley - claiming she wanted to help PK expose GWS.

Nicolson told Veterans who did not trust the VA/government to send him their blood samples to the MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER - he had a "story" about his daughter getting sick (yada-yada) but never told the world he was involved in THE US SPECIAL VIRUS (AIDS-EBOLA) CANCER PROGRAM since 1972.

Boyd Graves contacts PK and they begin working together.  [ This is population control culling the herd ].

PK did one speaking engagement with Riley who came to him wearing a wire, she was already a Fed Snitch.
Chuck & Julianne Hamden (ex-NSA) outed Riley as being paid $1,000 per head to identify Veterans with evidence and Militia types. Their daughter was almost shot to death and had to go in hiding.

Nurse Abbie Bakaric called for an open debate between PK & Joyce Riley (well so did many people including The Vet Center and Desert Storm Mom), but Bakaric was threatened (like many other people) and her show was pulled from the air because of Joyce Riley.

HAVE AT IT - these are but a few of the myriad of material you just didn't care to know:

    Joyce Riley, Joyce Ann Riley, Joyce Thompson Riley, Joyce Barfield, Joyce Barfield, and many other alias has a "show" called "the power hour." Joyce Riley is commonly known as "Hanoi Joyce Riley" (see and it will become apparent as to why after you read this and the sites given. Joyce Riley claims to have been a whistleblower in a case long ago involving a single mother of two, Genene Jones. Genene Jones went to jail in the early 80's and, if alive, is still there today in spite of the truth. It turns out that Hanoi Joyce Riley failed to mention that the "witness" and "whistleblower" in that case was actually a co-defendant who turned states evidence to save her own skin. Attorney Linda Kennedy does a great job of explaining how Genene Jones was framed by Hanoi Joyce Riley and her handlers. Hanoi Joyce Riley has been used repeatedly by New World Order minions that she claims to oppose, with even the Department of Justice coming to her aid when she loses lawsuits. Hanoi Joyce Riley allegedly fights the Department of Defense, (DoD), but read below about her husband Dave vonKleist and you will see what a ruse that really is. Hanoi Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist have been using several false identities to file suits, especially class action suits under phony pretenses, and splits large sums of money with her attorney and others. The FBI knows all about this, but fails to even "investigate" against Hanoi Joyce Riley & hubby (allegedly their main nemesis). Hanoi Joyce Riley was sent to silence real whistleblowers like Linda Kennedy and Peter Kawaja. You can see a real interesting story about Peter Kawaja and what Hanoi Joyce Riley did to him at . It is an incredible story, but supported by a whole lot of evidence. You had better hurry because Kennedy's site is always being attacked and taken off the net. Hanoi Joyce Riley used a fake military record to infiltrate Gulf War whislteblower Peter Kawaja (giving her self phony credibility). Her real military record can be seen at . As liars do, Hanoi Joyce used phony evidence to "prove" the lie was allegedly true. This time Hanoi Joyce Riley use pictures of her in military garb from the 70's as she had a two year stint as a weekend warrior, to allegedly "prove" that she was in the Gulf War in the 90's. She claims she aged 10 years when she allegedly returned to the states in 91, due to being sick. Trouble is, there are pictures of her in the 80's that show she had already aged a whole lot from those pics in the 70's. AND MEAN A LOT! So somehow, she got much older in the 80's and then got really young again before allegedly goinG to the Gulf (which she was later caught in that lie . . . NEVER WENT TO THE GULF either). This story is absolutely amazing. And once you read about her husband, the real life Nazi Dave vonKleist, wow! You will see that journalism and radio are truly great ways for spies to control the masses as they play good cop bad cop with the mainstream media and government employers as we all go down their rabbit hole. Spend time on these sites. It will be well worth it.

    Here is more on Hanoi Joyce Riley's husband:
    Dave vonKleist hid his real identity, using the name Dave Riddell for many years. He pretended to be a poor hippy freak from the 70's who suddenly became aware of some problems in America. Then in the 90's he allegedly decided to substitute and then start his own talk radio show with this alleged background. He was exposed as using this fake name but claimed he used it as a stage name. But why would Dave vonKleist need a stage name when his resume states that he has won numerous media awards under the name "Dave vonKleist?" I will get to that in a minute. Dave vonKleist often talked about the New World Order and how it was taking over our world as we know it and he was bad mouthing the NWO leadership. Interestingly, it turns out that he is actually from one of the oldest, richest New World Order families himself, which he failed to mention. Instead of being this poor hippy freak with a revelation in life, he was exposed as Dave vonKleist (actually spelled von Kleist). Dave (Robert David von Kleist) is from an Aristocratic Prussian family having at least 35 generals in his family, including several Nazis, and even a Fieldmarshall who was promoted and was frequently pictured with Hitler himself. Many of these were tried and convicted war criminals in Nuremburg and subsequent proceedings. Dave vonKleist puts out "b.s." on one of his radio shows, "the power hour" and in numerous videos claiming things that are far fetched, that actually discredit any real information that may otherwise be exposed. In one of these films, he claims that pods hit the Pentagon and/or World Trade Center on 911. As he leads people around the world down this rabbit hole, he fails to mention that his own relatives were part of the first ever terrorist attacks on American soil as well as terrorism around the world today. The "Dark Invader, " a von Kleist spy was not only involved in bringing biological warfare into the U.S. before WW1, but also was involved in trying to get Mexico to start a war with the U.S. (see the Zimmerman Document), he infiltrated the unions in order to create discord in the U.S., and blew up factories and ships on the east coast and at sea (along with relative Charles von Kleist). One such site was in Manhattan itself. They were tried and convicted in the United States. Why has Dave vonKleist failed to tell us of his true identity, or give an accurate description as to why he became involved in the "grass roots" movements? As Dave vonKleist allegedly was "exposing" a Nazi shaped building in Washington (something known for years), he failed again to mention his own Nazi ties, he failed to mention that he has been a part of these Nazis and as he continues to try to save his own cover story. As Dave vonKleists claims to oppose Rumsfeld, he failed to tell us about his German born father, Robert Vincent vonKleist, and family friends German born Kissinger, and Rumsfeld himself. They all used to hunt together on some of their land in Alaska. You can see a picture of all these people on none other than the Department of Defenses own website. I thought these people were all on opposite sides??? Opps, again, Dave vonKleist forgot to tell us that didn't he. And as part of his cover, Dave vonKleist seems to always have Prussians come to his aid. . . Ron Paul (a Prussian), Von Bulow (a German who was supporting the stupid pod claim, but opps, he is the head of German Intelligence), and what the heck, even Glen Beck from CNN comes to interview Dave vonKleist when necessary. . . wasn't there a General Beck who was a Nazi who supported Hitler also?). Dave vonKleist's family is old world, New World Order. Dave vonKleist is from a long line of German spies. One of the vonKleist's favorite covers over the years has been in journalism. Dave vonKleist has repeatedly been caught in lies and has purposely side tracked truth. For a story that will really blow your mind, go to "" Also go to and for more on his wife, "Hanoi Joyce Riley, " go to These fools are incredibly connected and even when the disinformation they spew is clear, they still get the support of their handlers. I would think sooner or later these handlers have to cut bait and find someone new to spread the lies, because these two are becoming a comedy act.

Ripoff Report

  • Report: #668149

The Power Hour Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist Hanoi Joyce Riley, NSA, CIA identify and mislead Versailles, Missouri

Dave vonKleist finally left the Power Hour radio show and some people want to know why.  It is simple.  He and his wife Joyce Riley were finally exposed for the government stooges they are.  They could no longer hang on to their ever changing cover story.  Eventually, there are just too many lies and there is no way to save the story.  So what do they do?  They do what is typical with these ops.  They have an apparent "fight" and appear to distance themselves from one another, and then they pick up to deceive a different set of people and try to erase history of who they were and what they previously said. 

You have seen it with the Genesis Network repeatedly as these creeps get exposed, then spin off, name call each other with nothing really to say (usually just about name calling or a bad business situation) and then start all over again to deceive we gullible masses.  You saw it with John Stadtmiller who left Genesis, called the then exposed "Hanoi Joyce Riley" a "B----" and then redirected the lie she had been telling, into a new lie that he could keep telling.  As long as you do not figure out the truth, they don't care which lie you believe.  You see it with Alex Jones, who for years knew who Peter Kawaja was and would not tell the truth about Peter Kawaja's incredible eye-witness account.  Then after years of silence, when Alex Jones was confronted on the air about it, he pretended not to know who Peter Kawaja was.  Then after Linda Kennedy exposed the ridiculous of Alex Jones not knowing who Peter Kawaja was, Alex Jones the next day changed his story to cover that lie (oh yeah, he admitted he did know who Peter Kawaja was the next day too).

Now after the spin off of Hanoi Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist, Alex Jones pretends to not know or like Dave vonKleist or Joyce Riley. . . spin off and distance oneself.  That is how these government ops do it.  If you want to know why Dave vonKleist and Joyce Riley had to spin off from each other, read and and for sure, read   Then once you do that, read (((link redacted)))  You will get a real understanding of who is really running this country.  Linda Kennedy is an American hero and an ICON.   Her tireless work and effort has not gone unnoticed by many.  Peter Kawaja was another American Hero until he was killed for what he knew and reported.  We really need to honor these people and quit giving these governmetn ops our time, attention and money

  • Report: #1154988

    Dave vonKleist humanity is short lived as heartless Joyce Riley buys his changed story in order to character assassinate Linda Lea Kennedy because she knows too much about their scams
    Martin Road Versailles, Missouri USA

I was a friend of Dave vonKleist.  I was in his camp in 1995 when he called himself Dave Riddell and before that when he was vonKleist.  I was there when Dave vonKleist introduced Garth Nicolson to Joyce Riley (which is a block buster of a story actually because she told a different story to the vets when she was first infiltrating but not for now).   Those vet who have exposed Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist know why this is so important.

  • Report: #1155002
    The Power Hour, Joyce Riley and Dave vonKliest No matter what you show now you government spooks the veterans know exactly who you are Thieves, liars, masters of disaster Versailles Missouri

 My mother and me WERE long time listeners, supporters and consumers of the power hour, Joyce Riley and Dave vonKliest.  My mother was sick and we bought into the snake oil miracle 2 crap and other power hour products even though they didn't work. Then in 2007 I started getting all these charges on my credit card and when I found out it was them and spoke to Joyce and Dave personally about it they laughed and threatened my mother.  She then began getting harrassing emails and viruses in our computer making fun and mocking.  I finally  had to drop it because of my mother's health and safety.  She has since passed away and the doctors said that her delay in treatment because she relied on the snake oil was the reason.  It's too late to go after these frauds now but BUYER BEWARE!  If you still haven't seen them for who they are, at least don't give them your credit card information.  From another veteran who was sold out by Joyce Riley and Dave vonKliest. 

  • Hanoi Joyce Riley, Ponzi Ed Berkhof and Mayor Triolo for defaming Linda Lea Kennedy using my name, Dave vonKleist Too many AKA's to list. They are in the body of this complaint. Hanoi Joyce Riley; identity thief; Ponze scam; crooked mayor; Whistleblower Linda Kennedy Lake worth and versailles Florida Missouri

I am going to explain why below and tell you how Ed Berkhof, Mayor Triolo and Joyce Riley are involved. And for those of you who think small, this will be way over your head. There is a whole other world out here. A world for the powerful. Those who are above the law. Those who think in millions and billions rather than dollars and cents. That is my world. That is the world that allows people of means immunity and permits us to travel the world. If you cannot fatham that world, stop reading now. The rest will go way over your head. For those who do, exercise your mind a little and listen up.  CONTINUED HERE

*Author of original report: I agree strongly with this author but heard he is going to change his mind and take the money Joyce Riley is offering

  • Report: #1154389

    My issue is with both Joyce Riley and Ed Berkhof and maybe the good mayor too who are using my name and likeness, Dave vonKleist” to defame Kennedy when it is not me.   They are my issues because I know they are defaming someone who never takes it.  She will never let up.  She will go after every single guilty person no matter what.  So I am telling you it is not me or my daughter.  I will tell you from my perspective what is going on here. You can fake post, use your little toy vpn ip's and your fake voice changer and it will not matter.  You are fools and Joyce you are the biggest one of all because you know all the things we did to her.  You know the high tech and kind of connections we had and here I am in Argentina anyway.

    Why I left Joyce Riley and the U.S. you ask?  My family has a history going back to before the 13th Century and they protect their name.  My ex-wife Joyce Riley and I were involved in operations to keep the public distracted for the good of the United States government.  Too bad for you who are mad.  I don’t really give a s**+-.  You were gullible and that was our job and we did it.  Live with that.  We did this by faking a modest background and claiming we were helping the vets.  Linda Lea Kennedy found out about who we were in part and outed us over the course of several years.  We tried to destroy her several times but she just kept coming.  Our covers were eventually blown.  I left for Argentina and am not looking for any further trouble and just want to be left alone.  My family does not want any more negative exposure and they will hold Joyce, Ed Berkhof and me responsible if it happens.

    She took it around the country and and showed it to people who saw Joyce Riley for who she is.   In combination with late Peter Kawaja’s 4 hour Truth About Joyce Riley and his 12 hour serious on what Joyce Riley had tried to cover up, Joyce Riley was exposed.  We also tried to give her a softball by making statements that were actually true that she could use, but doing it on another show of somebody who could sue her when she played our clips.  But she listened to the show and laughed and never used a thing.  She knew or at least suspected there was a setup.  

    Kennedy found that out with Joyce Riley’s fake American Gulf War Veterans Association which she stole from Peter Kawaja, who by the way is dead.  Joyce resurrects him every time she needs someone to pick on anyone talking about his evidence, which was on the mark.  The U.S. was very concerned with what Peter Kawaja had.  Of course that damned Linda Kennedy started talking about that too.  Joyce Riley claimed she has thousands of veterans in her gulf war organization until finally she was exposed.  When Joyce Riley finally had to admit there were no members in the Gulf War Veterans Association she made up another lie to ride that lie for a while.  Her listeners believe her because she has the fuc-ing government supporting ever lie she tells.




via Certified Mail: 7003 2260 0000 6272 1240


Just One example of how you have been misled all these years
by claimed "
Christian Patriot Radio" - aka Zionist Kristian Radio
which includes
Coast To Coast, Rense, InfoWars, Power Hour

There is untold documentation on the web ref Joyce Riley/Alex Jones
and many more fakes/Controlled Opposition
guarded by search engines so the info gets Ghosted from the public

Do your own due diligence - this is but a mere scratch.



A Lecture By Captain Joyce Riley in Houston, Texas on January 15, 1996   (EXCERPTS)

I wish that I could protect you from what you are going to hear tonight, because it has taken me a year to investigate this story.

I finally came to the conclusion one day that yes, our country had provided the biologicals to Saddam Hussein that were used on our troops.

After that, I returned back to Houston to my job, where I was a heart, lung, kidney and liver transplant nurse in Houston, Texas.

I didn't even go to the Persian Gulf.  The only thing I had in common with those who did go is that I had received the immunizations....

I do believe that the Lord gave me this story to tell, because a nurse from Houston, Texas just doesn't "come across" this information..  

-----Original Message-----
From: Clayton R. Douglas []
Sent: Sunday, February 09, 2003 7:45 PM
To: PeterKawaja-DSWCC
Subject: RE: Michael
Peter, I hear Joyce is threatening anyone who handles your videos and says she is suing you.  Think I need to start carrying your video and I think it’s time to have you on my show again.

In fact Joyce Riley also threatened to sue Jackie Patru in 1999 for even TALKING about the video.  

BUT - Joyce Riley confessed on the air to Jackie Patru that my video was received my most all Radio Hosts in the patriot community - and per Riley, they all decided not to air it AFTER sending Riley a copy of the tape and asking her about it.

HERE IS IRREFUTABLE PROOF - the entire (claimed) Patriot MEDIA has either been THREATENED by Joyce Riley or they have joined in aiding and abetting the enemies of America to deliberately suppress information the public and veterans should have known about all these years.

LISTEN TO THE AUDIO - the voice you will hear is that of Jackie Patru and Joyce Riley.  Joyce Riley-Whore of Babylon

After Peter Kawaja appeared on Sweet Liberty, Jackie Patru's radio show was pulled from the air. Patru was only allowed back on the air if she agreed NOT to have Peter Kawaja back on her show. I told Jackie - stay on the air.

Most recently I made an appearance on The Victor Thorn show - after Clay Douglas notified me that Riley was threatening anyone who handled my tapes. The night I went on the air not only was I blocked (many people wrote to tell me they could not listen), and not only was the audio turned down so I could NOT hear the host/Victor Thorn, but there was an electronic device used to put a special type of noise (one way) so I could not focus nor hear, nor talk. It was meant to disrupt my thought patterns. I did not let this be known until today.

Then I received contact from Jackie Patru who wrote to me through someone else stating she has been trying to reach me but her emails were being blocked and not reaching me.


----- Original Message -----


Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 8:27 PM

Subject: F

Get this over to Peter, will you?  I can't seem to get e-mails to him. They bounce back to me. Tell Peter I get his e-mails.  I just can't seem to send them.  And I'd like to know how to listen to his radio program.  -- Jackie --  

XXXXXXXX (redacted)..... if I brought him on Sweet Liberty. 

  -- Jackie

Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 11:24:31 -0400

From: Dave Kuehne <>

Organization: The Malicious Militia


Subject: GWI


I just saw one of Joyce Riley's video's from Jan. 15, 1996. She discussed your research extensively. [but] A video from 1997 and her presentation I attended in person last July made no mention of you. Dave Riddel even changed the lyrics of his song from "research from Peter Kawaja showed me there's people who cared. " Now the song says "research from Senator Riegle showed me there's people who cared."

If what Riley says about you on the old tape is true, then it's a miracle you're still alive.


--Dave Kuehne


Remember Waco. The Murderers are still free (and running YOUR country).


Dear Sirs/Mmes,

    I write you briefly to ask for help with some research regarding Captain Joyce Riley, who has unwittingly been sending many of us 'red flags' concerning her intentions while speaking on Gulf War Illness.

There are many discrepancies in the documents that we have obtained vs. the speeches and claims she makes.  I have written countless organizations and individuals concerning Riley's integrity and intentions with these veterans and their families.......and have been receiving mostly negative comments about 'the nurse', Ms. Riley.  I need absolute proof, if possible, to solidify what info we already have on her.

    One of our concerns is the amount of $$ she has been collecting from vets and their families while misrepresenting info regarding GWI, the known evidence on war crimes, and a cure for GWI.  American citizens are tired of being lied to and have become very restless.  The time is NOW to expose the truth regarding the tragedies that have resulted from Persian Gulf War(s).  We have also discovered through our investigations that AGWVA is not registered in Texas, nor has it ever received 501(c)3 status.

    Any assistance that you may provide us with would be greatly appreciated.

Captain Joyce Riley and the "Gulf War Syndrome" February 5, 1997 To whom it may concern:

In recent weeks, some subscribers to The New American, including a few members of The John Birch Society, have implored the editors to publish a story about the alleged Gulf War Syndrome, based on information disseminated in speeches, printed materials, and videotapes by Captain Joyce Riley (USAF Reserve, retired), founder of the American Gulf War Veterans Association.

 This memo will attempt to explain why it would be unwise to do so. It will cite a handful of excerpts from four videotapes of speeches delivered by Captain Riley between August 28, 1995 and July 15, 1996. We shall not discuss in any great detail the basic medical, political, and conspiratorial aspects of the incredibly complicated question of what happened to our military forces during and after the Gulf War, or the extent to which the war may have been responsible for the maladies which many veterans are suffering. We continue to investigate those issues.

Our purpose here is merely to indicate why many aspects of Captain Riley's scenario, and the evidence on which it is based, must be taken with a proverbial grain of salt.

To give context to the examples that will be cited, a brief summary of how Captain Riley became interested in the Gulf War illness issue is necessary.

Joyce Riley was an Air Force Reserve flight nurse (she has been a nurse for more than 25 years) in the late 1970s. In her words, she "got out of the Reserve, but then went back in [in 1991] when I heard there was a war, and I heard that many people were going to be injured. And they said we need trained flight nurses. I wanted to be involved. By her account, "I got all ready to go, but then the cease fire came and I was not sent over to Desert Storm. I served instead as C-130 air evacuation flight nurse in the United States. Her unit was stationed at Kelly Air Force base in San Antonio.

Captain Riley readily acknowledges that "I didn't even go to the Persian Gulf", and usually makes that clear at some point early in her speeches. Yet, further along, she tends to describe her role in terms that could mislead those in her audience who might miss (or forget) the disclaimer. Such phrases as: ** "So as I came back from Desert Storm, I didn't get any answers..."; ** "I was unfortunately ill when I returned from Desert Storm, as were many people. I served six months doing active duty missions, and I came back ill..."; ** "... right before I went to Desert Storm..."; and ** "I did not know that I would return six months later very sick..." are examples.

There are many other examples, in addition to those we have catalogued more in self-defense than to pick a fight with Captain Riley, that could be cited. As noted earlier, Captain Riley advised one of her audiences: "All I am saying is that when you read material in the newspaper, check it out. Ask questions. Don't just go, 'Oh, wow. They're telling me the whole story." That is excellent advice. And it should be applied to Captain Riley's own Gulf War illness message.  

We remain skeptical, especially since Captain Riley has stated, "I reserve the right to keep my sources confidential, and I will continue to do that." 

Such is the quality of the "documentation" on which much of Captain Riley's scenario is constructed. Hopefully, these examples will help explain why the editors of The New American have opted to undertake a much deeper_and therefore more time-consuming_look at the issue of alleged Gulf War illness than some of our readers (and a handful of JBS members) who have been impressed by Captain Riley's message would prefer. The top priority is accuracy.

Robert W. Lee / Mr. Lee is a regular contributor to The New American and will be composing a more detailed analysis for an upcoming print edition of The New American.


Please address our concerns and begin a responsive dialogue as we attempt to dismantle the secret, federal virus development program in contradiction to the 1972 Biological Weapons Development treaty. Thus if Dr. Nicolson was working for the secret program in 1973, he was in further violation of international law. We find Dr. Nicolson affiliated with the program from 1972 - 1978 (1975 progress report missing).



The following letter by Peter Kawaja, forwarded with his permission, contains serious accusations against 
Joyce Riley, former Army nurse and leading activist on Gulf War illness. In fairness, I am offering Ms. Riley
an opportunity to post a reply on this list. A reminder: flammers will be immediately un subscribed,
with no warning.  If you must flame, there's always Usenet. - Wes Thomas

--- Forwarded message follows ---

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 13:21:24 -0400
From: Peter Kawaja

The Desert Storm War Crimes Commission/DSWCC 


Mr. John F. McManus, President - Publisher                         [ 13 pages ]
The New American
P.O. Box 8040
Appleton, WI 54913

Dear Mr. McManus : via Certified Mail : P 601 365 489
 I recently came into possession of certain documents bearing the letterhead and logo of the John Birch Society, hereinafter referred to as JBS.
These seem to be inter-office memos, and a document on JBS letterhead entitled ; Captain Joyce Riley and the "Gulf War Syndrome".  These documents are the result of an investigation and reports by JBS into the credibility of Joyce Riley and her claims.  In brief, JBS has proven, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that Joyce Riley is a FRAUD.
 Let me state for the record, that these documents were not sent to me by JBS, nor anyone employed by JBS, I don't think (?) .   However, they are available for your review as to their authenticity.
 I am writing because I am very confused as to why JBS did not print the article (portion which seemed like a planned article) on Joyce Riley ? What made JBS  drop this issue ?
 Several months ago, I heard a rumor, that JBS was going to EXPOSE Joyce Riley, and the article was going to blow her out of the water.  That "leak" came to me, and I waited, but since that time, nothing.
 Now, many months later, I have received a CARE package, once again, NOT from JBS, but through others, who seek to know the truth in this whole Gulf Syndrome issue, and whether Joyce Riley is legitimate or not.
 I believe you have a responsibility to the American public, to Gulf Veterans, to yourself as the FREE press, the JBS - members/supporters, and to Habib Peter., Kawaja.    Your evaluation and the inter-office MEMOS by your staff clearly prove Joyce Riley a total fraud.
 Why is it important to set the record straight ?
 Because, Joyce Riley is sucking the life's blood of sick and dying veterans, and perpetrating a worse fraud upon them, raping them again, after all that they continue to suffer.  In the words of Scott Wheeler, "Joyce Riley is a liar, and I can prove it.  She is enriching herself off the blood of sick and dying veterans ! "
 It is important, because you have allowed her to continue the fraud.  In so doing, she is perceived as THE authority on GWS, and when Joyce Riley calls veterans, people who put on "preparedness shows", Expos, Speaking engagements, Radio Stations etc. - and tell them, Peter Kawaja is a federal agent, a CIA agent, a relative of Barbouti - and NOT to trust Kawaja, not to call him, these people who are in a position to air the truth which would help all veterans, do not contact Kawaja, they help Joyce Riley suppress Kawaja's evidence, and at the same time, they promote Joyce Riley as credible to others.  This situation has compounded itself over the last two years, to the point that everyone "believes" Joyce Riley is THE expert, and cling to her every word.  Again, the point is, that Peter Kawaja HAS evidence that can help clear up this GWS atrocity, but because his evidence is being suppressed and no one knows the real truth, nothing is being done to help veterans.  This is a CRIME, and you are aiding and abetting criminals, and so is everyone else who knows this truth, yet does not expose Joyce Riley for what she is.
 Why then, after JBS went through such an exhaustive process to determine the truth for yourselves in what Joyce Riley claims is "her evidence", and after you dissected her front to back, and showed she HAS NO EVIDENCE (even though she claims to the gullible public she does, and it is the Riegle report), and that she CANNOT BACK UP ANY OF HER CLAIMS,  (that she will not divulge her sources, so the public must believe her every word), and you PROVE in-writing, showing your reasons and sources (which she can't do) for your conclusions, again proving she is a Fraud, her story is unverifiable, ever changing, contradictory from one radio show or speaking engagement to the next, yet JBS fails to tell this very important story to the American public and the veterans who hang on her every word ?
 You are THE PRESS, you are the first line of defense, you are our hope. We, the people - depend on you, to tell us the truth, and when you find the truth, you are not supposed to scrap the project.  I am aware that the Office of the Attorney General, State of Texas, had a CRIMINAL investigation opened against Joyce Riley by request from the Secretary of State, Antonio A. Garza, but that was also scrapped - an order from someone higher squashed this CRIMINAL investigation. Who is behind Joyce Riley, that had the power to do this ?  Did anyone threaten JBS, if you went ahead and printed such a story about her ?
 If you have not kept up with my documents about Joyce Riley, you should know that I have charged her with operating as an enemy agent against the people of the United States of America.
 You have done a great injustice to all Americans, by NOT following up with your story.  I am giving you an opportunity here and now, to resolve this Gulf Syndrome issue.
 JBS conclusions about Joyce Riley are in-line with what Peter Kawaja has been saying about her for a long time. You however, only know just a few of the facts.  But from only what your investigative journalists have been able to compile, you have already done an excellent review of the truth behind Joyce Riley's claims.  But you scrapped this very timely and important subject.
 In so doing, you have allowed Joyce Riley to continue to perpetrate further crimes against Americans.  By not challenging her publicly, like everyone else, you have condoned what she is doing and in my opinion, this is similar to Misprision of a Felony.  Joyce Riley has become THE spokes person and THE authority on Gulf War, not because she has any evidence or credibility, but because newspapers and even so-called patriot media, have all failed to investigate her claims, and if any have done as you have, all of you have swept it under the rug.  By allowing her story to go unchallenged, you have given her "credibility".  As you pointed out, Joyce Riley claims the DOD can't challenge her evidence in court, so they don't stop her from speaking out.  You know that is a DAM lie, and yet you have allowed her to perpetrate these crimes, which have compounded themselves over time.  Each person who goes along with this SHAM, is culpable, and in turn, more people accept her story, and then credible people who pass along her story to others, ensure that she is believed.

 People who read my documents exposing Joyce Riley, think I am attacking her. They feel Peter Kawaja is jealous of her fame. They have no idea why I am doing this, because they don't take the time to read what I write, nor to investigate her.  I am the ONLY voice that has put out anything credible on Gulf War, and on Joyce Riley as a Patriot for Profit, agent provocateur, at the very least.

 I demand you print your story about Joyce Riley - NOW !
 In addition, since I have gone on record as giving JBS a pat on the back for their review and investigation of Joyce Riley, I am caught in my own trap.  Here is what I mean.
 Peter Kawaja challenges JBS to dissect the following statements.  Here you have a first hand opportunity to pick me apart, to get even with me for forcing you to write your story about Riley.  You get to show your readers, that you can prove to them, that Peter Kawaja's claims are also ALL FALSE.
 I challenge you to do a SPECIAL on Gulf War - to print your already completed article about Riley, and print your response to my statements herein also.  You get a double-barreled shot at BOTH OF US.
 So, here is your opportunity to do the exact same type of dissecting of Peter Kawaja, as you did about Joyce Riley, and print it.  Guess what, you also get to make money doing it, and maybe help come to some conclusions about GWS, and perhaps a direction - you, all media, and maybe the Veterans Associations ought to check out.